The Fall of Man is Overrated

March 13, 2014

Recently…jeez am I gettin that old cats n kittens…last post I may have made some reference to bein…ummm…right bout all this crap-o’la I have to say, and it had me thinking fer most of today about one of my favorite “I’m right” topics,

Now we all learned in College, (and have continual  cultural reinforcemnet through mediums such as this thing called the internet, End of the worldTelevision, films music etc) that all smart end-of-the-world-2people understand that man is inherently a self destructive being, and that left unchecked (uneducated by the intelligentsia elite in our Universities) mankind will undoubtedly destroy itself in it’s never ending pursuit of prejudice and greed.end-of-the-world-3

Hell I believed it, acted on it, wrote poems and stories featuring this common theme, sometimes I still catch myself talking about it.

And on the surface, given some of what we have seen in the last hundred years or so, it is an end-of-the-world-2easy premise to believe.

But is it The Truth.

As a body interested in truth, the easiest approach of course is to follow the scientific method of  analyzing observable behaviors and quantifying data.

Here is one fact that is indisputable.

There are way more people on the planet today than there were a hundred years ago.

Despite the random ascension to power of many crazed individuals in the past century, in general, over all, people seem to be good.

Not only are we, in general, kind and supportive of one another, but human beings are working togetherawesome at cooperation.

So what is behind the myth, what is the purpose of so may “learned” indivduals preaching this doom and gloom philosophy.

Well, besides the obvious making a buttload of cash, the other reasoning would be so that we hand over the power to make desicions to those who would protect us from ourselves, the smarty pants know betters who will lead us all into a glorius age of reason and get alongery.

But history shows us again and again that it is when we hand over the control of our lives to such individuals that things often get worse, not better.

People are in general good, we tend to work together to promote the whole, as compared to working togethertearing down and destroying each other.

If that was not the case could we have made it this far, could we have such numbers, I think logical examination of the facts says no.

Man has only gotten as far as he has because of our extrodinay ability to cooperate.

The ability to sacrifice my needs as an single unit in favor of meeting the needs of the whole community.

So the next time we want to buy into that myth, ask yerself why? Why do we buy into this idea that we are a doomed species?

I posit that it is simply that so many of us were taught this as truth in our higher education by people who we believe are some of the smartest humans on the planet.

They said it so it must be true.

But truth is a tricky thing. there are many truths, but only one Truth.

In this case The Truth is (wo)mankind is probably here fer a good long while, even if a select few of us long to see it fall, the rest of us our too busy helping one another to spare the time to contribute to our “fated” destiny.




2 Responses to “The Fall of Man is Overrated”

  1. thycriticman Says:

    Intelligent post as usual. I agree for the most part! I do not think people are as evil as they claim, but I do think a lot of corruption is running about. No where near doomed though…

  2. Yup I’d agree also with the majority of what you say and that it is the few who carry out the negative actions that represent all of us.

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