Jes fer fun here’ the 2nd part to that post cats n kittens…hope ya’ll enjoy-DYSU


So the questions I have about and for  God (like #1 what the hells up with my brain chemicals lol) are of course infinite.

I do have an almost equal number of questions for his followers here on earth. I mean help a dysfunctional brother out!!

Narrowing it down though, here’s where it ties into the last post.

So many of the Christians I’ve known (God bless their souls) so many of the churches I’ve attended, seem to focus less on the words of Jesus, and more on the rules of the Paul.

And here I don’t mean the original, one of the twelve, no we’re talking Saul, who became Paul, the guy who penned  “Romans”, “Corinthians” etc

That would make the appropriate term for these individuals “Paulists”.

Now I don’t care if you want to be “Paulists” and get all tied up in the anal details of a persecuting…

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Yes, yes I know cats n kittens it’s the name of a big 80’s hit by the irrepressible Canadian band  Men Without Hats.

But we’re not here to talk about New Wave inspired dance moves we’re here today to talk about our, Americans, incessant craze with safety…being safe, making things safer, the safety dance against injuries, disease, death.

To quote Gob Bluth, I mean c’mon!

So here’ the deal, I was drivin to work yesterday, here where I live in Palace City, and there was a young woman (30’s 40’s) power walking down 5th street with a yellow safety vest on.

Now before we get too far let me assure you that I did indeed make sure she wasn’t…special.

And no, she was a regular lookin mid-west upper middle mom, doing her morning power walk, wearin her safety vest for the heavy Palace City traffic….

That last part was the funny part.

There is very little, if any, traffic in Palace City, I mean there’s Main Street n Havens, but that’s only in comparison to the rest of PC’s streets.

On her way to the mall.

What tomorrow’s fashion conscience housewife will be wearing.

By any real cities traffic standards, even at rush hour, Palace City traffic ranks as near non-existent.

Yet here is this seemingly intelligent lady sportin the canary yellow vest of safety.

(I didn’t stop to ask but I’m sure on one the pastel walls of her lovely home is the phrase Live, Laugh, Love.)

But anyway n again that’s gettin off topic, ’cause I just wanna focus on this safety issue.

Listen ladies, n I’m singling you out here ’cause let’s face it yer the driving force behind this safety craze, we can not…I repeat, can not stop people from getting hurt.

We can’t protect everybody at all times. We can’t all be 100% healthy at any given moment, age comes with pain n other assorted maladies, faces get wrinkly, people die.

I mean when we leave the decision making fer the country up to an army of women who feel the need to strap on a yellow safety vest to walk down and empty street, well no wonder our country is in so much trouble.

“Wha…Wha…What?” Many of you readers are asking right now, others are saying “Oh there he goes again!”

Meaning of course making outlandish sexist statements but look…

I’m not jes pullin some made up idea sh*t out my a**.

I didn’t believe this first n then look fer evidence, this is what the evidence suggests.

Ever since you ladies have gotten involved in politics, as our society has drifted away from evil of “patriarchy”,  the various levels of governments in our fine country  have become more n more like mother…

Ya might want to but ya can’t deny it’s true.

And you might be okay with it, using Government to force us all to wear neon yellow safety vests when ever we are outside of our residence, but not me.

When I was a youngster I rode in the front seat of the car with no seat belt with an adult who was smoking with the windows rolled up sometimes standing up….many of my generation experienced the same.

Amazingly enough, despite these extreme risky behaviors (and much more and worse besides), there are many more American’s alive today than in my day.

So what does that tell you?

It tells me, to jes pick one…fer instance, say Child Safety Seat Laws, are ful of the ol’ crap o’la…

Raising the next generation of daring, brave, independent Americans.

Raising the next generation of daring, brave, independent Americans.

Certainly we don’t need a new design every two to three years.

So why do we have them?

Two reasons one lawmakers need to write laws, besides justifying their existence and also the need to convince you that you need them fer yer…what?  You got it pal, safety.

Two, car seat companies need to sell car seats. Once ya bought one, why do ya need more, you can pass them down child to child…ahh but if they keep changing the regulations then the car seat industry is forever protected.

I use to work in a thrift store n we had to throw away seats that were 5 years old or older due to continual changes to safety requirements. I had tried to start a program of giving them to needy families but was unable due to  gov reg.

I mean ya’d figure, I mean if yer a believer in this kind’a thing, a seat is better than no seat yea?

N I know, you can write me all the changes needed, crash science etc…I won’t care it doesn’t change the fact that there are far more people alive today than ten years ago.

Anyway the point is, even if we try we cannot outlaw danger or disease or aging, and secondarily do we really even want to?

It’s just another area where Human’s who once had to live through faith in God, praying to keep their family, friends, community safe, now have transposed that to faith in Government, demanding laws to keep the above mentioned all, equally safe from harm.

Neither entity can achieve this goal.

But when things go wrong only one of those two can claim a mysterious plan which some say, with faith can somehow soften the blow.

Having faith in the government to keep us from harm means finding who’s to blame when the government fails and then suing that someone…suing someone, some people say, softens the blow.

Again in both cases neither of these powers can keep us safe at all times. Most of that depends, in the long run on the individual.

Wait that’s not right…under God it’s pretty much up to the individual. I am free to act safe or not.

Under the Government, and exceedingly more so each year, acting in a way that threatens harm to no one but myself has come under increasing regulation. Seat belt laws, and helmet laws were just the start, now we see all sorts of crazed legislation, including but not limited to the well known Soda Size laws in New York…oh it is to laugh.

Even many of you reading this don’t see the harm in much of this legislation.Safety dance

N so I don’t doubt that some politician somewhere wants to make “Visibility Vests” an everyday part of American life.

After all think of the children.






Of all the things that make my Lil Dog spin round and round cats and kittens one of the most frustrating is the following…

Study Confirms that Neanderthals and Humans Got It On.

Artwork Confirms Aliens and Cavemen Interacted

Artwork Confirms Aliens and Cavemen Interacted

No it’s not the fact that Humans n Neanderthals (may have) “got it on” as the headline suggests…

No it’s the headline itself that drives me crazy.

It’s one example of perhaps hundreds we’re subjected to every month

This is a common, way too common, annoying me out of my Lil Dog mind common news tactic.

For ratings (or worse) News often features sketchy science stories from scientists or companies with an agenda.

What am I talkin about…well lets look at the story itself.

Now, a pair of European scientists say that they have confirmed the human-Neanderthal reproduction hypothesis using statistical modeling — and these results, the researchers add, should go a long way to change the way we think of other human-like species.

Okay well here we can see that again the writer of the story uses the word “confirmed”, suggesting absolute correctness, but jes a few words later we encounter the troubling phrase “statistical modeling”.  Of course we can’t automatically discount the research, but S.M. research is notoriously easy to “build to order”.

“We did a bunch of math to compute the likelihood of two different scenarios,” says Laurent Frantz, study co-author and evolutionary biologist at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. “Our analysis shows that a model that involves interbreeding is much more likely than a model where there was sustained substructure in Africa.” The scientist cautions that sustained substructure might still have occurred, “but it cannot be used to explain the genetic similarities” all on its own.

And of course here’s where we get to what I want to talk about (and have talked about in numerous other posts).

If the headline had read…Study Suggests it was Much More Likely that Neanderthals and Humans Got It On…I wouldn’t be writing about it right now. But this purposeful misleading is happening more and more often and usually with a specific social agenda involved

Ya see I get to hear people use these Science News Reports where the possible breakthroughs have been reported and now repeated as fact (Women handling more pain than men, Global Warming, Home ownership = Responsible citizenry etc etc) in daily conversations, arguments and blogs.

And have very little luck trying to explain that what was reported is not, or may not be actual scientific fact at this point.

But why yer askin?

Why would scientists lie?

Scientist of course are harmless nerds dedicating their lives to help humanity, selfless and above petty things like politics, social ideology or greed…oh it is to laugh.

Let’s go again to our article and see if there are any clues.

This party needs some Neanderthal Babes!

“Know what this party needs?” ” Yea, some Neanderthal Babes, Bro!”

“Some think that we outcompeted [other hominins](sic)or that they were killed by humans, but now we can see that it’s not that simple.” In all likelihood, some Neanderthals were recruited into certain human populations, he says, and shared in their daily lives. So thinking of humanity solely in terms of a struggle to destroy all that differs from our species is, at least partially, incorrect. ” Frantz says.

Ahh…I see…it all comes clear now…Lolarious.

The first two words I bolded point out the suggestive words. He doesn’t say absolutely beyond all reasonable doubt,  with scientific certainty he use the word likelihood instead. He doesn’t point to specific and documented populations, jes suggests that there must have been certain populations.

The highlighted red sentence of course is where we get to the nut of it. The studies authors and the article writer both have an underlying agenda, something they want to prove and announce to the world, mankind is meant to be universally co-operative and peaceful.

Now I’m not saying this Human/Neanderthal theory is wrong, I personally am a supporter of this theory, it’s jes and again, the headline…

When you read the whole article, it almost always reveals the true story.

But in certain populations, that might be askin too much.




Happy St Paddy’s Day

March 17, 2014

Recently…jeez am I gettin that old cats n kittens…last post I may have made some reference to bein…ummm…right bout all this crap-o’la I have to say, and it had me thinking fer most of today about one of my favorite “I’m right” topics,

Now we all learned in College, (and have continual  cultural reinforcemnet through mediums such as this thing called the internet, End of the worldTelevision, films music etc) that all smart end-of-the-world-2people understand that man is inherently a self destructive being, and that left unchecked (uneducated by the intelligentsia elite in our Universities) mankind will undoubtedly destroy itself in it’s never ending pursuit of prejudice and greed.end-of-the-world-3

Hell I believed it, acted on it, wrote poems and stories featuring this common theme, sometimes I still catch myself talking about it.

And on the surface, given some of what we have seen in the last hundred years or so, it is an end-of-the-world-2easy premise to believe.

But is it The Truth.

As a body interested in truth, the easiest approach of course is to follow the scientific method of  analyzing observable behaviors and quantifying data.

Here is one fact that is indisputable.

There are way more people on the planet today than there were a hundred years ago.

Despite the random ascension to power of many crazed individuals in the past century, in general, over all, people seem to be good.

Not only are we, in general, kind and supportive of one another, but human beings are working togetherawesome at cooperation.

So what is behind the myth, what is the purpose of so may “learned” indivduals preaching this doom and gloom philosophy.

Well, besides the obvious making a buttload of cash, the other reasoning would be so that we hand over the power to make desicions to those who would protect us from ourselves, the smarty pants know betters who will lead us all into a glorius age of reason and get alongery.

But history shows us again and again that it is when we hand over the control of our lives to such individuals that things often get worse, not better.

People are in general good, we tend to work together to promote the whole, as compared to working togethertearing down and destroying each other.

If that was not the case could we have made it this far, could we have such numbers, I think logical examination of the facts says no.

Man has only gotten as far as he has because of our extrodinay ability to cooperate.

The ability to sacrifice my needs as an single unit in favor of meeting the needs of the whole community.

So the next time we want to buy into that myth, ask yerself why? Why do we buy into this idea that we are a doomed species?

I posit that it is simply that so many of us were taught this as truth in our higher education by people who we believe are some of the smartest humans on the planet.

They said it so it must be true.

But truth is a tricky thing. there are many truths, but only one Truth.

In this case The Truth is (wo)mankind is probably here fer a good long while, even if a select few of us long to see it fall, the rest of us our too busy helping one another to spare the time to contribute to our “fated” destiny.




Call Me Irresponsible

March 10, 2014

Hey ho cats and kittens, Dysu here, n happy spring warmin’, shorts wearin Monday.

One of the best (n worst things) bout bein the Unit that I am is how I jes don’t give the ol proverbial flyin’…

Okay well cursin’s not the best way to get us started now is it?

And already I’m gettin’ off track cause I wanted to talk about…oh yea irresponsiblity.

One of the best things about bein the type of Unit that I am is my continual and complete lack of worry bout how I’m gonna get by…(which is also one of the worst things).

Yes I know most people could only dream of bein so carefree, you yerself often talk about it salad dayswistfully, the green, green salad days of childhood n so on.

The things is, you’ll say, ya can’t possibly do it ’cause of that pesky little thing called “stayin alive”…

But I am almost (and here I might be being kind to myself) incapable of being responsible. It is fer all intense and purposes beyond me…

This quality frees me up fer all sorts of mental hijinks and imaginateering but is seriously puts a strain on the payin bills aspect o’ life.

couchingI have spent years of course trying to hack this puzzle, others have spent years trying to either encourage or force me to gain this pertinent particular set of life skills all to no avail.

I have thourghly examined much of this dysfunction looking for clues to it’s origins both with professional help and on my own…

And over the past couple years even began sharing some of those insights with a wider audience.

Umm…yea that’s you all.

The main purpose of this site was two fold in the beginning (’cause in the beginning I didn’t imagine that anyone else was going to read this madness).Mens sana

1. To have a place to express in words all the…crap o’la that would build up in my head regarding God, politics, social issues etc, so that it wouldn’t spill out of my mouth and annoy everyone in my vicinity, the most often of which was my darlin’ Lil Mouse.

2. To allow the fruit of my loins as it were, in future years, to at least try to get a grasp of, not only the above mentioned and other issues, but the lessons I’d learned from them…*

That was the intent anyway, to contain and explain the dysfunction to what extent I could.

The explain posts are pretty self explanatory so jes consider every other post that doesn’t specifically address my dysfunction, containment.

And yea, I’m actually tryin to go somewhere with this…

My Lil' DogYa see what I haven’t really talked about is how much trouble I have had since Lil’ Mouse left.

No need goin into the details, suffice to say that I started seein’ a counselor(psych.) again.

And the most amazing thing has happened…I mean ya wouldn’t think it after all these years, all these diagnosis, but well hmm…

See the thing is it explains every thing, but most importantly my annoying factor, how I can be so annoying (though I never know that I am being such…)Auraphile

*Oh and my odd use of language & syntax.

Oh and how I’m right and you all r wrong

And then there is how my brain works obsessively on a few single issues while ignoring all else, even to the detriment of my survival.

Oh and my jes saying pretty much exactly what I mean all the time and being confused that other people don’t.

So the thing is, and how it pertains here is, I’m starting a new blog were I will now discuss this new information and what it means to me & my dysfunctionality.

As well as connecting with others whom I may possibly meet along the way who share this interesting and intriguing diagnosis.emp nc

Oh I will definitely keep posting here, but the Dysu posts  will only address the by-product of  my specific neural interpretation of this disorder however, politics, religion & socio-cultural issues.

Wait, what?

Yes, yes, I’m gonna say what it is.

I was wondering how many readers might have already started getting an idea of  what this new diagnosis could be?

Now before I do lets all remember that I have had many diagnosis over the years. None of those of course felt right, many were close, I tried many of them on fer at least a year or more.

But years ago I gave up on the idea that I was anything more than a BPD mess.

That’s why I am seemingly excited by this possible answer, the downside is, I cannot un-learn my way out of this issue.

Oh L and his fab o l’s I sure can drag things out eh?

Asperger’s Syndrome...

There ya go. Maybe at least in some ways things make more sense now fer ya’ll.

Annnyway, so it goes I’ll be back soon with more opinionated tom-foolery soon enough.

If yer interested watch fer my 1st post on my new blog, Asblogger’s Syndrome, comin’ to WP soon.

Okay n so hopefully cats and kittens the ol Unit won’t have to do any moving for awhile.

That’s right yes I moved again.

Fer those of you who have followed my various blogs over the past few years’ll know that I have moved now 3 times in the what…2 years?

That is in part the reason fer my as of late, semi absence from a lot of WP activity, yes I know…yes… some didn’t miss me and a few are sad to see me back…L and his fabulous o l brothers.

Anyway moves #1 & 2 of course were from 409 N in Soo Foo to Trippland (1) and then on to Palace City (2) some six months later.

Who put the Falls in the bop-shoo-bop Sioux Falls!

Who put the Falls in the bop-shoo-bop Shoo Falls!


Don’t let the sign fool ya…there was, at the time, 639 People living in and round Tripp.

The one n only Palace of Corn!

The one n only Palace of Corn!

Movin to Palace City and into the Capital St. house, was I had hoped, a last move fer me…fer ever.

Ah well the proverbial best laid plans as they say…

So while still unpacking I thought I’d share some recent thoughts…

I had enough of these clowns!

I had enough of these clowns!

Moving from a quite large house to smaller place I had sold, what could almost be considered, the last of the best of my collection o “junk”.

One of the kept things.  Jes on the off chance another future Ex-Mrs. Unit comes in the along.

One of the kept things. Jes on the off chance another future Ex-Mrs. Unit comes in the along.

I invited the local antique store into the house n told em to pick whatever (save a couple key items) n gimme one price fer it all.

They took pretty much everything God bless ’em…

The Ol Bikes in the ol days.

The Ol Bikes in the ol days.

Now I thought it would take some time fer them to clean n catalog such a haul but no, they had most of it out the next day, including my old 1967
“his n her” Montgomery Ward Hawthornes prominently displayed in front of their store on Main St.

The thing is Lil’ Mouse did not take my selling these items very well. Keep in mind that certainly the vast majority (including the bikes) I had owned prior to the advent of our couplehood (and the rest of course had been mine to sell as well). The Mouse wasn’t mad, jes upset that I would sell it all.

I still can’t figure women out.

Ages ago now

Ages ago now

As part of this, this minimalization I went through my boxes o writings n stuff etc. Some of this I hadn’t probably looked at fer over 15 years.

May post some of the poetry that’s never seen the glow o the computer screen yet.

Illustrations fer an early book self made on a Mac 512k. summer of '91

Illustrations fer an early book self made on a Mac 512k. summer of ’91

Once I get all settled in.

Fer those who haven’t read some of my earlier stuff I used to be a performance poet.

Read up and down the So Cal coast all through the late 80’s to the mid 90’s.

Rockin' good time!

Rockin’ good time!

409 N.

409 N.

Some of the poems will be from that period, some from when I first moved to the frozen north.

A few from when I first met x2.

And even a couple from the Lil’ Mouse, 409 N days that somehow I never got posted.



Lastly since I didn’t have a lot of time lately I had been choosing to re-post some of my earlier stuff, n try to stay up on my reading instead of writing anything new which of course takes me (with my 1,000 word posts) an inordinate amount of time.

But I really enjoy getting to read such a wide variety of writers.

All the blogs I read bring something fun and unique and or even quirky to the blog-o-sphere.

Sometimes its new opinions, sometimes it’s  simple uncomplicated humor, some are of the more cerebral nerd humor or from the young more digitally tech savvy crowd, the YouTube generation if you will…

I read some works by extraordinary poets and writers of short fiction.

Art, artists, photos…

Sometimes it’s simply getting a glimpse of places I’ll never get to go and interesting people I’ll never get to meet.

Some of those individuals are now or may regret that they once followed my blogs (the only way I find blogs to follow due to dysfunction not snobbery sorry all!) oh it is to laugh.

tcf as art 4

E Me

But if I comment or stop by yer page n you’d rather I didn’t (as some have let me know in the past as you will have to if this is the position you find yerself in.) please be aware that I am coming to be aware that I may be as inept and unaware in my social interactions on-line as I am in real life….oh it is to…and you know the rest.

I of course think that’s funny.

You might not. and again that’s okay.

Please be aware that ya don’t have to like my stuff back…it’s okay n I understand I know I am an opinionated ol’ unit, a dysfunctional cantankerous s.o.b.

You are certainly free to think I’m full o’ the ol crap-ola (I only wish you’d say so in the comments section) r believe that I’m stupid, you’d be wrong, crazy yes but stupid never …r fer instance you may not even think I’m funny…I don’t let it bother me…you shouldn’t feel bad about it either.

What'dya mean am I compensating?

What’dya mean am I compensating?

My ego is unwarrantedly  huge.

I also think that’s hilarious

I don’t write to make anyone else happy but me.

I of course like it when others do, but would never change jes to be popular.

We are all, what we are…it’s the differences that make us interesting and exciting.


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