Oh…oh it is to laugh cats n kittens…I tell ya’ sometimes…I mean I’m flabbergasted.

I’m watchin my usual NBC (the only channel I get) morning show this morning n fer the fourth day in a row (maybe) one of  the lead news stories is the grilling on

Mary Barra

Mary Barra Bares GM Burdens Under Burgeoning Backlash

Now wait okay, lets get somethin out of the way before we begin…

The design flaw, continued production, lies n cover up by GM are bad. People were injured. People died.  Families still grieve…I get it.

This post is not to make lite of these tragedies.

That being said, the Countries security, this Nations interest were never at stake.

And yet everyone of these Senators and Congresspersons save a couple, are far more visibly upset and grilling fer answers more aggresively than they ever were over Benghazi, an issue were National interests were at stake.

Yes I know, fer them it’s an easy target, a way to look tough fer their constituents, to look concerned fer the “people” and they get to attack a big bad corporation, winner winner chicken dinner.

N again I don’t wanna make lite of the victims of GM’s killing spree, but c’mon politico’s where was the fire in yer belly to get answers over Benghazi.

While these individuals who died in GM involved accidents were important to family, friends, a community, they weren’t busy doing the work of America & our interests abroad, which makes them part of our larger family, the community of Americans, a fact that should have made the deaths at Benghazi (at least as) important to us all.

GM Announces Huge Losses And Another Round Of Buyouts

Headquarters, General Murderers Inc.

And while I do understand the outrage that General Motors (a for profit corporation) got caught lying to consumers and putting many an American driver at risk. at least it wasn’t the very Government that we entrust with all of our safety and well being 24/7 as they say, getting caught lying to it’s…no wait they did get caught bald faced lying to us all, even the media, if’n ya believe it so you’d think they’d be maddest of all…

Annnyway so while yes I do understand the outrage, I wonder at it’s national news power as compared to say Benghazi…

Okay well no, that’s probably not a true statement, I don’t wonder at all.

I already know why or…believe I know why…

It’s ’cause the above mentioned News people choose to make it important.

They talk about it every morning using inflammatory language and suggest many Americans are outraged….n maybe they are. But I think there’s a bit of the chicken and the egg goin on here as well.

NBC savannah guthrie

“Don’t be silly! Of course we don’t tell you what to think! We jes tell you what other Americans are thinking so you know what to think…get it?.”

Anyway, John n Jane Regular hear this as they’re getting ready in the morning n feel that they also should be outraged because they want to be good Americans and of course it is outrageous.

That poor girl died. Someone should be held accountble!

Mr. & Mrs. Regular’s head to their respective jobs n express their outrage to others who also watched their favorite morning show and were also informed that they should be outraged.

And they all agree it’s outrageous. Second of course to the outrage is the “demand to have answers” and to hold “someone accountable”.

Counter that with the lack of outrage n demand fer answers etc from the Morning Shows regarding Benghazi…

Oh wait…that’s right there was outrage at first.

Outrage, we were told, over a video on YouTube…

Oh…I’m sorry…hold on.

Oh really it’s jes so hilarious…it’s hard fer me to take this stuff seriously anymore.

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

I know that I’m jes the ol’ Unit with a lil’ dog spinning round n round in his head, but if I could ask any of the various big name Newsies a question it would be “Do you ever feel embarrassed, ashamed and/or guilty?”

And ya know what else!…

Back when NBC was a tool of the right.

Back when NBC was a tool of the right.

What happened to my supposed generation? (I’m officially a tail end BB’r, but never have identified with that subgroup) weren’t we the group who clamored fer a free press, scolded the media of the day fer being a  propaganda machine, tool of the right wing military industrial complex, lying to us about Vietnam…yea I’m pretty sure that was “us”, the free-spirited, freedom loving left, the same left that now has firm control of our media…our culture…

What happened to us?

Yes of course we should feel…outrage (sorry they said it like a bunch a times this morning) about these General Motor’s Murders and following actions and cover-up by the company…and indeed the families deserve answers.

But how much more then should we the American family be…you know what, over Benghazi, and where is the call, the demand fer answers, or fer someone to be held accountable (except of course from the far fringe kooky right, right Media)?

And that is no wonder…fer the network media has dismissed Benghazi, has told us all, (since after the early outraged YouTube weeks anyway)that this was all too confusing with too many factors fer Mr. & Mrs. Regular to grasp and besides nothing really to see there folks…

In the media portrayal of the world people who want answers to General Motors are lauded as heroes, people who call fer answers to Benghazi are anti-Hilary (against women gettin too big fer their britches) or after President Obama (racist).

…Sigh…you should go read what happened to Ambassador Stevens in his last hour of life…

Yea, I know that’s not funny…

But the fact that hardly any of the people sreamin ’bout GM, few of  any who are demanding accountability, typing their comments into Yahoo news stories or GM’s Facebook page ever bothered, or will ever bother to get very worked up over Benghazi…

"Don't be silly of course we know best!"

“Like I care, I got a sweet gig goin, Baby! Gettin all hard core vestigative journalist ain’t my style & besides goin against this gravy train would jes be pointless careericide.”

The fact that my News people, Matt n you to Savannah, can be so worked up over GM’s betrayal, be so outr…oh you know, and not use yer talents and position to call, demand, dig fer answers over a far bigger betrayal, a far larger cover-up…in Benghazi

And still say yer not biased and or should be taken seriously…now that’s funny…

Oh n it’s not like we don’t know why, after all, the people who died at Benghazi were the military, or close enough anyway, and we know how the left feels about anything involved with the military or other “shady” activities in any country (other than our own as long & as it’s against “righties”).

Oh if’n only there was something to suggest that Ambassador Stevens was killed by a run away GM vehicle, then we’d get answers.





I know, I know,  you f-tarded bastards, yes I know I can be so mean, or seem like I’m being mean, or like I’m being racist, or…fill in yer negative stereotype.

Look all you cats n kitten I’m the Dysfunctional Unit fer a reason, that doesn’t excuse what I do, but it may explain why you may misunderstand what I am trying to say….

No, really, I think you (many of you) jes do that on purpose…

Here, as an example, is a poem I once wrote n performed occasionally in the coffee houses in the So Cal area…

I wrote this poem about a neighbor that’s why it’s called…


Why My Neighbor Kept a Dog

He kept a dog

‘Cause he wanted a woman

But the dog didn’t complain when he beat it

He didn’t have to give it money to go to the mall or to get it’s hair done

He didn’t have to listen to it complain about his lifestyle choices

And when he left the house

The dog followed three steps behind

Like he believed a good bitch should

And that’s why he kept a dog

I've heard it's best to start their traning early.

I’ve heard it’s best to start their training early.


Okay so whenever I read that poem I was invariably accosted by audience members fer being a sexist….fer suggesting women should be beaten…wha…wha…what ?!?

It was about my nieghbor!

It was one of my first experiences with pc’run a’mokness

So like, when I wrote the post re:Putin n Obama I of course never realized that readers would think I was racist.

I did portray Putin as a arrogant dangerous racist, Obama as an arrogant child/man (and somewhat racist)…(as to the pictures n size of text hopefully that’s fixed-ish)…

But again, me bein a racist, meaning I personally am judging people solely by their skin color.

Sorry not my thing.

I look at what people do and how they behave, what they say and write, and the differences between the two.

Obama in a sea of white 4

Good Racism in action.

Ex: Like white American suburban liberals who were happy to vote for Obama to show that America had moved beyond all that, to prove we were no longer a racist nation, or certainly they themselves were no longer racists.

I have news fer ya, hate to break it to ya…but if you voted fer President  Obama because he was black yer a racist.

You acted based solely on the color of his skin.

Racism. Yea you say, “but it was good racism.

Oh wait, I know, I know ya support his policies n pogroms…whoops Freudian…programs.

Name one…

Health Care, Lowell,  hows that been workin’ out fer ya?

How ’bout the economy?

How ’bout how much it suddenly costs to buy groceries, fill the tank…oh and so on.

I know, I know many of you didn’t really read up on Mr. Obama prior to votin fer him, ya jes listened to the TV news…well really the news is pretty boring, but ya did n do watch John Stewart and Jimmy Fallon.

Late Nite Laughs!

Late Nite Laughs!

Anyway if ya did any homework at all there was plenty to suggest to find. Mr. Obama was not shy about his views regarding America’s wealth n privilage (meaning white America) and told us all ahead of time he believed some of these things needed to happen.

That is because then student and then Senator Obama fully believed two important principles (along with many others, even on the so called conservative side).

1 That white Euro-American success and power came at the expense of the third world nations and peoples, and the field should be leveled utilizing western resources to fuel a resurgence in wealth and transferring of resources  back to the “victim” nations.

2 Big Government can & should be the tool used to level the playing field between rich and poor (peoples and nations both).

Well okay that’s a whole ‘nother can of beans as they say.


No matter what you think, I don’t like our President because I don’t agree with what he professes to believe in.

Don’t like his tendency to support the idea that the Government is a balm to soothe all societies ills…

I don’t think he really believes that it can.

He does wants us to believe it can.

I used to believe those things, used to be a super lefty, think  I made that clear enough…

I jes don’t anymore based on all available evidence and data.

Government  isn’t there to be the Big Mommy n Daddy of us all, nor is it here to be the arbiter of healthy living, nor make people like each other…

Thanks Mommy!

Thanks Mommy!

Not only is in not supposed to be doing these things, it can’t.

No matter how much it promises, no matter how much it takes from one group to give to another, no matter how much it obfuscates and finger points (both damn sides) the (fed) Gov cannot right the wrongs of the past.

It cannot guarantee safety n happiness fer all.

Cannot guarantee fairness…and should be ashamed fer leading people to think it can.

One the few things that the Federal Government is suppose to do…A#1, top o my list anyway, is to protect our country from people, organizations, or other countries that mean to do harm to the ol’ US of A.

Harm not jes to our people, our land or things, but our interests as well, the economic interests of the citizens, of our pretty “good” country…

This is why I switched parties in the 2000. Other logic added into it but this was the key factor.

One of the politial parties was fer American interest, and one was fer the worlds.

Jes some other breaking news fer ya, people in other parts of the world covet what Americans have.

They believe as our President does(see above…)and as so many liberal University/College Professors have been teaching fer years now (that’s why so many good hard working kind n thoughtfully green citizens of America also believe this and support the idea*)that our Country’s dominance is due solely to nefarious criminal activities on America’s part and not due to the hard work and sacrifice of generations of it’s people.


Tenured Professor Bilde,        U of AH

So, many people in other countries, as well as a lot of people in this one, feel that the taking of what America has & what Americans have achieved would be more akin to a comeuppance than theft…

And jes a question fer those supporters of this philosophy, what did you think this balancing was going to feel like?*

The dollar losing it’s buying power…how is that goin fer ya?

And as to the various parts of the third world gaining world “player”status ain’t never gonna happen …in yer dreams.

I mean really. did that sound like it was gonna work.

The 3rd world is gonna stay overwhelmingly poor.

Some other powerful country will fill the vacuum when we abandon the post…n I doubt it will be Russia, seriously, though Putin’s makin his move early fer his sizable chunk of the “2nd” world.

If I was layin’ money I’d say China has better odds.

And with America n Americans out of the picture who’s gonna give a flyin f about the 3rd world then…

Of course I’m way off topic…’cause the point is all this…this cultural shifting and it’s full o’ the ol’ crap-ola cheerleaders are laughable at best and the fact that I find myself being the voice of patriotic reason hilarious.

So my posts are always funny to me and wait…what?

Yea full of crap you heard me!

What happens when the fad dies n black goes back to bein the new black?

What happens when the fad dies n black goes back to bein the new black?

I…look if you go around callin’ yerself Green ’cause ya think about the environment a lot and vote democrat, and maybe ya’  changed all the lite bulbs (ha! go look up the new lite bulb fer yerself) in yer four bedroom house…

What’s the real gas mileage on yer new eco-friendly SUV (or compact fer that matter)?

Okay you support alternative energies, how much do you utilize during yer average day to help accomplish yer average day?

Recycling: The Green Movement's Indulgences

Recycling: The Green Movement’s Indulgences.

Oh n of course recyclin, recyclin and buyin, buyin n recyclin…Lowell, we certainly ain’t slowin down in our consumer tendencies…

E-garbage, the new future's dirty little secret.

E-garbage, the tech livin future’s dirty little secret.

How many new, unrecyclable, untrashable, electronic gadgets have you n yer family bought in the past year?

How many have you thrown away?

How much is in yer garage? Can ya still fit the new Wrangler in there?

How many closets do you have that could rival Fibber McGee’s?

Do I have to ask more rhetorical questions?

sun chips

Proof of American consumer’s rhetorical commitments n fickle fads finicky foibles.

Not too long ago one of my favorite brand of chips came out with a new bio-degradable bag…the new bag was quickly scrapped and they were forced to return to the old fashioned ungreen bags.

What was the problem, the big consumer complaint you may wonder?

The bags were noisier. That was it…it bothered consumers that the bags made more noise, and these are the “healthy/green crowd” chips.

Oh…oh…I’m sorry! Oh…hold on!..Oh it is to laugh.

I tell ya what if yer living on a self sustaining farm in a remote part of the country you can talk to me about being green.

Otherwise yer full o the ol’ crap-ola.

Crowning themselves Champion

Winner & Still Champeen!

If you go around sayin it’s a proven fact that women can take more pain than men yer full o the ol crap-ola…

I’m not sayin they can’t, or that they can…

I’m sayin it hasn’t been scientifically proven despite all the news reports that feature studies that say they have “possibly maybe” done just that.

Science is evolving.

Science is evolving.

Even, dare I say it…evolution is only a theory…that’s why it’s called the theory of evolution.

I’m not sayin we didn’t evolve. Hear (or read anyway) what I’m sayin…(though I do believe of course in a mix of both science n God)…

I’m jes sayin ya can’t go around sayin evolution’s a proven fact & there is no God and that people who believe, have faith in a God are stupid, then also talk about human beings innate goodness and talking about karma…wellll…I guess you can but…

I’m sayin if yer claimin to be somethin be it.

If ya say yer tolerant of all view points, ya’ can’t be a pussy when ya hear one ya’ don’t like, other wise yer full of…okay you get it…

Now look how long it’s taken jes to get through that b.s.

But see again I find it hilarious to openly challenge so many and have none willing to respond…that’s funny isn’t it?

I know there are a lot of liberals on WP.

Are you a white middle upper middle income American with a family, house, kids, possibly in college, who having voted fer Obama, views themselves as a good n green modern American liberal with health care n justice fer all (the oppressed)?

I chuckle in the face of yer hypocrisy and l & the fab o l brothers at yer lack of ba…

…sic support of yer own arguments…

And again that’s funny, at least to this Unit.


Great Scott America

March 4, 2014

Okay so hey cats n kittens…though I should get a new post out in a day or two…jes thought, since we’re so close to tax time I’d re-post this from last year.
Of course I don’t expect that anyone who read this avoided payin taxes this year.
Also I’m pretty sure most won’t even remember these issues and/or that the IRS is still outta control…
After all the Oscars were jes on and didn’t “The Voice” start up again. Who’s got time to worry bout how the country’s bein run.


Well okay..well..I mean F ‘n A!

I’ve written a lot about the state of our Federal Government, I mean probably only  a little less than I have written about how women are ruining America…

Wait…I’m sorry what?

Look I don’t have time to go back every time and discuss every crazy thing I have ever said…go back here and look it up…today I got bigger fish on my mind…today I’m kind’a pissed off…

Look so by now if you are paying any attention at all you know that the General Services Administration or GSA just spent a whopping $8000,000 (+) on planning and vacation(s) fer 300 employee’s.

That’s the easy breezy cover girl version tryin to review all the different facets, facts in this case, well in the long run it just made me too pissed off to continue.

And then of course my little dog starts spinning and I…

View original post 757 more words

Well goodness gracious Cats & Kittens, I mean I’ve posted some poorly edited posts but yesterday’s takes the kace, akec, cake!

I mean I wish I had an excuse.  I jes don’t. I didn’t see (some freakin how) all the mistakes. I’d like to say it was an early draft and that this is a later auto save but that’d be an untruth.

And yea I realize it’s sometimes hard to tell with me ’cause I make up words and write in such a rambling manner but…

I mean it’s bad when I read it and even I can’t decipher what my point was.

Oh it is to laugh.

Okay so anyway here ya go, that is if yer still interested. A cleaner, clearer, version of 1, 2, 3, 4 I Declare a Dumb War

Next up Obamachol!

Next up Obamachol!

Well, okay Cats n’ Kittens here we are fer another continuing round of our longest running, by far most expensive situation Comedy ( I would call the ol dysuit a reality show but far too much is scripted, even by today’s reality show standards) Our Washington Boobs, brought to you by you, the American Taxpayer.

Oh hey hi there it’s jes me the…no wait The One and Only, Original Dysfunctional Unit. I jes wanted to clarify that real quick cause of all the dysfunction comin out of Washington right now.

So jes full and legal notice to all you media types in case your thinking of calling any one, or part of the whole Washington establishment a “Dysfunctional Unit” you will be hearing from our legal dept.

Washington DysfunctionBut of course now back to the business of talking about this business, or more specifically this non-business going on among our representatives in Washington.

Before we get in the meat of this though, let me clear up any misconceptions. I am first and foremost a States Rights Libertarian, not a Republican, I align myself with Republicans for obvious reason, but am not fond of the “Big Gov” agenda much of the Party espouses (neo-con’s like Newt “G-man” Gingrich).

I originally was attracted to the Tea Party but some of their most beloved and endorsed platforms such as building a wall at the US/ Mexico Border or outlawing abortion seem in direct contrast to the idea of liberty…what? Hold on wait.

No, no, I’m not in favor of the Government giving you carte blanche authority to kill your babies or crazy porous borders either….the statements above are not an ipso facto acknowledgement of your (unsupportable) arguments either.

The abortion issue I’ve written about a nauseum, but I have barely touched on the idiocy of building a fear based wall around the land of Women not to be trifled withthe free and the home of the brave…I mean should I have to?

See the bitch about living in a free system that  relies solely on the intelligence and responsibility of it;s citizens is it’s a dangerous and harsh system for people who choose, or are in some other way incapable of participating at a standard level. Before our social safety net probably a lot of Americans simply died off because they couldn’t compete.

A Evolutionary Impossiblity

A Evolutionary Impossiblity

That system is not the system we live in though. We still live in a “free system” that relies on it’s citizens values & judgement. But that system has slowly become corrupted.

Over the years this changing  interpretation of “free” has asked for (forced by law ) more and more of the efforts of the most responsible individuals above in efforts to prop up, support (and sometimes lionize as victims) the laziest, the worst, the most irresponsible members of the system (who to know better of course than one of their own*).

Until now, this society, this once great culture may be on the brink of dissolution and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I, the original Dysu, have no one to blame but myself.

Yea, like a dope I read the book.

Yea, like a dope I read the book.

*The thing is I use to be a raging leftist. I wrote countless poems raging against “the man!” I belonged to Beyond War & Earth First. I believed that my party was the party of Truth, that’s right with a capital T, and liberty.

Truth the truth is the difference Ma'am.

Truth the truth is the difference Ma’am.

Then I got introduced to the Clinton’s. I mean don’t get me wrong I still like Bill, that doesn’t mean I’d buy a used car from him.

Anyway the lies and the b.s made me finally pay attention, really pay attention and I realized that I’d been duped. That was the start of my transformation. 9/11 of course was the next big defining factor and I have voted republican ever since.

The fact that liberals, democrats, media types try to sell me the idea that fanatical Islam, the Muslim world (and now perhaps dare I say portions of our own federal government) are not actively trying to harm America, American allies and interest all over the globe, but are simply reacting to America’s aggressive nature is so ludicrous I am amazed that I even have to write about it.

But I guess when our own President echos this philosophy I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Maybe I guess I am out of touch.

But ya know how I feel about words, definitions, the power of words and the subtle influence word usage can have on perception (ex: Americans were part of the militant raid protesting western influence in traditionally orthodox Muslim countries.

One by one.

Americans: wrong a purposeful inaccuracy to instill a sympathetic attachment.

They were recent immigrants, transplanted in Minneapolis like many others with the help of free flowing taxpayer dollars (Minnesota is a left wing liberal mecca) and with the help and support of good hearted Americans through non-profit agencies such as Lutheran Social Services.

There is no way to truly no how much gratitude and loyalty they felt toward their newly adopted country, but based on available evidence it would be easy to conclude not much. In fact it is quite easy to believe that they never really ever intended to join and contribute in a positive way to the grand American Dream. That they came here with devious intent and under false pretenses, to pretend to want to be Americans…that’s much different than “being Americans.”

Militant: Okay yea well maybe they see themselves that way. Hitler saw himself as the savior of Germany, the Nazi Party as the liberator of the world. So yea okay I understand they believe themselves to be militants. Why are the PTB attempting to sway my opinion in such a way? The people fighting on the other side are my enemy. I don’t see them as militants. They don’t want to free me from anything, they want to cause me terror or worse. Militant..oh it is to laugh.

Protesting western influence in traditionally orthodox Muslim countries: Victims, they’re just poor victims everybody. Just more victims of the evil, white, racist. ultra-christian, aggressively militaristic, morally controlling American Imperialistic Empire (while somehow at the same time being Zionist, decadent, morally bankrupt corrupt money driven society with too much freedom).

Is it any wonder my little dog spins.

And then we get this Affordable care act and I jes wanna ask all you supporters, affordable for who? The poor already had free health care,

Affordable for the uninsured? *Most of them don’t want it and aren’t going to take it, we’ll talk about the remaining part of that group in a minute.

And don’t even try to sell me the idea that this is better for the middle class. The middle class (mostly white, many Christian, but all hard working good Americans, will once again bear the brunt of this do-good philosophy) as rates skyrocket and they’re left with fewer and few options. Land of the free my arse.

I did it Mommy!

I did it Mommy!

We love Obamacare for others!

We love Obamacare for others!

Okay well lets quickly look at the uninsured. The largest portion of those people are young and are uninsured by choice and all experts (of which I am not one) and I agree they will likely remain uninsured choosing instead to pay a small penalty.

Now this is hilarious because, and I have heard no one else mention this, this group is in large part responsible for helping to elect our Most Wise and Benevolent Ruler. I mean that’s a hilarious joke.

Paid for by hard working Americans everywhere.

Paid for by hard working Americans everywhere.

As to the other part of this group, the un’insurable, or the “on the fringers” I’m sorry…I mean can we hold 2 million some odd citizens hostage based on the needs of few hundred thousand (if that).

I of course say no. And it’s not like I’m not part of that group, I am, and I still say no.

But then I can be a real ass sometimes, even to myself.

Lastly I wanna address the Government shut down….

Next up Obamachol!

Next up Obamachol!

I don’t know what all the fuss is about…I mean really isn’t it long past time we shut it down.

I mean I may be The Dysfunctional Unit, but I and all my fellow Americans need the Fed Gov as much as we need to be leeched for a cold.

Wait a minute is that covered under the ACA?

Big Mac Attack Pt 3

September 23, 2013


Americans, I’m pretty sure even the greedy corporate (white) rich guys who are building the offensive “Long Johns Silvers” in the former downtown open goat market, have no more evil intentions than making money. If the locals don’t want to take advantage of 2 fish & chips with a large soda for $10 no one will make them.

American Propaganda

American Propaganda

As a counter though, the men making these theoretical arguments in Kenya (and Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Somalia etc on and on) do believe in convert or die philosophy. If they were to enter American culture in force there would be beheadings in every downtown across the nation. It would be televised and justified.

Next time you will take the fries.

Next time you will take the fries.

So from a theoretical standpoint their argument as to a threat to their culture, is only in reference to them maintaining a type of control over their rank and file population. The truth is they do not want Mrs Sahib to have a chance to buy a Swiffer, her having more free time can only lead to trouble.Whiff the Swiff

But what about all the screaming rabble whipped into a frenzy demanding the Big Mac go home.

Well once again we can see that the argument is that the introduction of McDonald’s not only ruins the culture, but is a example of the rich west coming in and stealing from the local peoples. And the lowest level denominator comes out to take back what they so rightfully deserve.

8 out of the 10 who show up to protest would most likely not be so antsy to kick McDonald’s out, if they could afford to eat there themselves. But its all those rich western types who get to eat there. It’s no fair, so yea…Yea! What that guy said about the culture! Revolution! Revolution & Free Plasma TV’s!

The theoretical  argument of America’s desire to do evil by Big Mac, while it is a false argument, put forth by people who are afraid of America’s freedom catching on in their population, is understandable given their position.

The support our liberal left, the media industry included, gives to their bogus arguments is not.

The Smug & Smarmy

“I am against rich white guys having power, especially Jewish ones.” says the rich white powerful Jew

How can a rich white corporate type like say Bill Maher, truly support a culture that would fire him at best if they were to somehow seize control over the US.

And what about every liberal woman in any power position, be it news anchor, movie star or politicess, at best you’ll be wearing a burqa. And yet, again and again the language choices you use, the speeches you deliver or movies you make suggest that America (old racist bad Amurica) is the evil actor here and that, like our own American poor (OWS anybody) these Muslims are peaceful innocent victims who only occasionally and with the greatest regret strike out in near useless frustration against the evil western capitalist machine.

Okay well a burka in some cases might not be so bad.

Okay well a burqa in some cases might not be so bad.

Oh it is to laugh, have I said that enough through these posts.

Apocalypse On Both Yer Houses

September 9, 2013

Okay well here we go Cats & Kittens the dog & pony show jes gets more interesting and I don’t know about you, but I am certainly sick of a: this continued involvement in the Mired East, I mean really; and b: the laughable attempts bythe ol dysu the Administration to not appear to be once again assisting our enemies.

Good Bye evil America!

So Long evil America!

I trust President Obama to handle the Syria conflict about as well as he handled Benghazi. Oh and wait…who am I, well I’m the Ol’ Dysfunctional Unit of course.

But it’s not jes the Pres now is it?

And then I'll give ya punch so hard...

And then I’ll give ya punch so hard.

We have John Kerry’s French contingent on our..oh wait, John Kerry lost the French backing didn’t he? Now he only has the secret backers that he can’t name. Wait what…Lil Mouse jes yelled that I shouldn’t write that without verifying it’s still true…but it’s all makin my Lil’ Dog spin

Checkin which way the Political winds are blowing.

Checkin which way the Political winds are blowing.

And what about John McCain he signed onto the President’s plan, and backed it then…didn’t…what? But he wasn’t the only republican.

Limited Government that defends our nation?  Now that's a good one...who put you up to this...one of thos Tea Party guys...oh you guys!

Limited Government that defends our nation? Now that’s a good one…who put you up to this…one of thos Tea Party guys…oh you guys!

Eh Tu Boehner?

Listen the last democratic President (who I voted for by the by) and our pals in UN got their ass kicked by Somali Warlords.

Hell you Democrats couldn't beat these twenty-five guy's-What makes you think you can beat the Syrian army

Hell you Democrats couldn’t beat these twenty-five guy’s-What makes you think you can beat the Syrian army

Yea we fought some recent wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. But if they were wars who won, who lost, what was accomplished, are the Iraqies or Afghani’s better off today? Have we beat the threat of terrorism back or what?

During his speeches to be reelected the Pres suggested numerous times that Al Qaeda had been scattered, was on the run, and no longer a threat to America due to his leadership. We see now he was seriously mistaken at best.

And this is the guy we are trusting to build a successful wartime strategy.

Many of his critics suggest he is simply in over his head and that this is incompetence of the highest order.

It's all goin Grrreat!

It’s all goin Grrreat!

I guess it’s either that or the shrewdest con act ever.

I myself would tend to think the latter.

I mean if he is incompetent he is incredibly lucky because what he has dreamed of happening to (white) America since he was an angry young man is taking place.

Long before he ran for office of any kind the young Barak Obama had made it clear that he believed (white) America, like Britain before her. had for too long prospered at the cost of third world nations and their peoples.

Liberal's  hate Columbus. The original "racist".

Liberal’s hate Columbus. The original “racist”.

Long before he was running for President he was learning from and associating with individuals who think like wise; that America is the “bad actor” in the world theater and has been long due her comeuppance. This is a very common liberal philosophy and one I was fond of spouting in the 70’s while railing against the man.

Why are we all so amazed when he subtly is manufacturing the “comeuppance” and personally bringing it right to our doorstep (don’t even get me started on losing the dollar as the world’s currency, jes wait fer that America.)

Well that's jes mean,of course he didn't...

Well that’s jes mean,of course he didn’t…

He was a big supporter of Arab spring, that new age of democracy sweeping the middle east back in the early 2010’s. We were told by Himself personally, as well as state run media on many occasions that it was a good thing for the people of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia etc. We were assured it would open new relations for us, and not just because they loved Obama, but because this was going to be true democracy and they would like America once again.

Little to no attention from state run media.

Little to no attention from state run media.

Tell me now, in hind sight, do you think the President was just wrong on that one, had the wrong info on the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions? Or is it possible, just possible that he knew what the end game of the “rebels” was and backed them anyway? And if that’s so, If our President knew the Muslim Brotherhood had no intention of turning Egypt into anything other than a fanatical religious state (with, some would argue, serious desire to do harm to the US) where does that put us?

But perhaps it is as some pundits suggest. Perhaps Himself is just out of His league.

Funny & Terrifying

Funny & Terrifying

Like when we were told flat out that the murder of one of our diplomats was due to outrage over a “racist” video. The President was quite clear, it was (white)America’s own deeply rooted racism that was causing us these troubles in Libya.  He sang us that tune until he couldn’t sell it anymore. But as we can see it didn’t matter. Nothing has been done. No one will be brought to account. And it would seem untoward of me to speculate that perhaps  an open attack on American citizens and an embassy that goes not only unanswered and uninvestigated seems a little suspicious.

But maybe it’s as some pundits suggest. Perhaps Himself is just out of His league.  I mean I hope so, but am too crazily paranoid and suspicious to jes let it go at that.

And so now here we are in Syria.

Here is our Commander in Chief making threats. Getting backing for those threats. Backing down. Announcing plans, changing plans. Saying I never made a threat, it was the worlds threat, it was congress’s threat. It was your threat, Himself said, the American peoples threat.

It was anyone of course but Him.

And the cries of outrage in Washington are…

Very limited and confined to the fringe of both parties. Are you all that Ballless wait I made that one word. Are you all that Ball-less?

Incompetent or (calculatingly)shrewd this President is overseeing the weakifying of America and while  I hear lots of bluster coming from my Sunday News folks, pundits and politicians alike, we get no action.

You can’t fix our economy, you can’t fix our taxes, you can’t invigorate the job market, can’t pass a budget or even a single piece of legislation that will get America moving forward, and now you prove again that yer most important and simple task, to protect the people of the United States of America is also beyond your abilities…

We do see that you can fly around in jets, can eat at fancy restaurants, hang with celebrities and sports stars at all the cool spots. We do see you can laugh, yucking it up in on our TV’s with the news reporters, that is after you have expressed grave concern over the issue at hand. We’ve seen that you can cheat and lie and deceive even those closet to you without remorse until yer caught. Then we see you become even more of a celebrity for cheating.

Apocalypse on Both Yer House

Apocalypse on Both Yer House

We see you at $10,000 dollar a plate fund raisers as we eat our Macaroni & Cheese with sliced hot dogs and know that you say you can understand our issues.

I tell ya what, jes do this one thing right. Get out there and make our country safe from those who don’t like Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s (White America’s weapon of choice). That’s all we really want from ya anyway

If not…oh wait, what am I saying…Americans won’t do a thing.

I’m betting very few people even read this blog based on it’s tags, if they do, certainly not to the end. To boring and way to many words.  And not one mention of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus.

Who America Wants Answers About.(?)

Who America Wants Answers About.(?)

Who I, as an American want answers about.

Who I, as an American want answers about.

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