Call Me Irresponsible

March 10, 2014

Hey ho cats and kittens, Dysu here, n happy spring warmin’, shorts wearin Monday.

One of the best (n worst things) bout bein the Unit that I am is how I jes don’t give the ol proverbial flyin’…

Okay well cursin’s not the best way to get us started now is it?

And already I’m gettin’ off track cause I wanted to talk about…oh yea irresponsiblity.

One of the best things about bein the type of Unit that I am is my continual and complete lack of worry bout how I’m gonna get by…(which is also one of the worst things).

Yes I know most people could only dream of bein so carefree, you yerself often talk about it salad dayswistfully, the green, green salad days of childhood n so on.

The things is, you’ll say, ya can’t possibly do it ’cause of that pesky little thing called “stayin alive”…

But I am almost (and here I might be being kind to myself) incapable of being responsible. It is fer all intense and purposes beyond me…

This quality frees me up fer all sorts of mental hijinks and imaginateering but is seriously puts a strain on the payin bills aspect o’ life.

couchingI have spent years of course trying to hack this puzzle, others have spent years trying to either encourage or force me to gain this pertinent particular set of life skills all to no avail.

I have thourghly examined much of this dysfunction looking for clues to it’s origins both with professional help and on my own…

And over the past couple years even began sharing some of those insights with a wider audience.

Umm…yea that’s you all.

The main purpose of this site was two fold in the beginning (’cause in the beginning I didn’t imagine that anyone else was going to read this madness).Mens sana

1. To have a place to express in words all the…crap o’la that would build up in my head regarding God, politics, social issues etc, so that it wouldn’t spill out of my mouth and annoy everyone in my vicinity, the most often of which was my darlin’ Lil Mouse.

2. To allow the fruit of my loins as it were, in future years, to at least try to get a grasp of, not only the above mentioned and other issues, but the lessons I’d learned from them…*

That was the intent anyway, to contain and explain the dysfunction to what extent I could.

The explain posts are pretty self explanatory so jes consider every other post that doesn’t specifically address my dysfunction, containment.

And yea, I’m actually tryin to go somewhere with this…

My Lil' DogYa see what I haven’t really talked about is how much trouble I have had since Lil’ Mouse left.

No need goin into the details, suffice to say that I started seein’ a counselor(psych.) again.

And the most amazing thing has happened…I mean ya wouldn’t think it after all these years, all these diagnosis, but well hmm…

See the thing is it explains every thing, but most importantly my annoying factor, how I can be so annoying (though I never know that I am being such…)Auraphile

*Oh and my odd use of language & syntax.

Oh and how I’m right and you all r wrong

And then there is how my brain works obsessively on a few single issues while ignoring all else, even to the detriment of my survival.

Oh and my jes saying pretty much exactly what I mean all the time and being confused that other people don’t.

So the thing is, and how it pertains here is, I’m starting a new blog were I will now discuss this new information and what it means to me & my dysfunctionality.

As well as connecting with others whom I may possibly meet along the way who share this interesting and intriguing diagnosis.emp nc

Oh I will definitely keep posting here, but the Dysu posts  will only address the by-product of  my specific neural interpretation of this disorder however, politics, religion & socio-cultural issues.

Wait, what?

Yes, yes, I’m gonna say what it is.

I was wondering how many readers might have already started getting an idea of  what this new diagnosis could be?

Now before I do lets all remember that I have had many diagnosis over the years. None of those of course felt right, many were close, I tried many of them on fer at least a year or more.

But years ago I gave up on the idea that I was anything more than a BPD mess.

That’s why I am seemingly excited by this possible answer, the downside is, I cannot un-learn my way out of this issue.

Oh L and his fab o l’s I sure can drag things out eh?

Asperger’s Syndrome...

There ya go. Maybe at least in some ways things make more sense now fer ya’ll.

Annnyway, so it goes I’ll be back soon with more opinionated tom-foolery soon enough.

If yer interested watch fer my 1st post on my new blog, Asblogger’s Syndrome, comin’ to WP soon.

Heres ya go cats n kittens the last part of my Declaration…there is an Addendum to the Articles of Dysfunction I will see if I can get ‘er up tonight but no promises lol…like anyone is going to be to upset if I don’t get it posted for another couple weeks.
Annnyway hope ya’ll enjoy!


And actually I don’t know why the hell I was asking…like I care what you think.

So you see these cast off units were my family.

And among the other good for nothings, among my new family, it turned out I was pretty good at turning on and dropping out.

And you have to remember that by the time we get to this point it’s now the late seventies. The generation of peace and love was making way for the kids of hate and anarchy…that was me, I was one of them.

Tune in, turn on, drop out, disrupt.

That could have been the new motto.

F-em all was easier to say.

Okay so this is what I had become, by seventeen a completely dysfunctional unit.

As much able to support myself as a thread bare bra supports a 60 year old stripper.

I like to think that this was…

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Been a crazy week n though I haven’t been able to sit down with enough time fer a brand new post, I had promised I would get my ol Declaration of Dysfunction:Article 3 Section I & II up fer yer enjoyment so…here ya go


Sso hey cats & kittens it’s me the Dysu and I’m hoping to wrap up this whole theme in this one post so God bless America and yee-haw lets get started shall we.

I think the best place to start however is with a quick look back, a review as it were of where we’ve been…

D.1 was the difficulty of transitioning to my new environment in the land of ‘Oz, the social pressure of my new peer group and my inability to blend in enough to maintain factory settings and become the unit I was originally intended to be.

Hopefully that sentence makes sense to ya’ll.

Okay well maybe  some b.s explanation crap to help further understand all the other convoluted confounding things I’m gonna say.

I am born, a interesting blob of matter. A structure of chemicals and tissues, designed to grow, to replicate, as well as to…

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The 2nd in a 3 part series from the first couple months of my blog where in a lay out the foundation of my dysfunction. Pt 1 I posted about a week ago n you can find it easy so I won’t link to it. Part 3 I & II haven’t been edited (which apparently most of my earlier blogs need some pretty intense editing lol.
Anyway cats n kittens enjoy.


Okay so I promised I’d get back to this, so here we go…

Westmont Elementary and the move to Oz (So Cal.) I believe were the real catalysts, or perhaps my first steps onto the plank over the sea of dysfunction…oh it is to etc.

And I often wonder what I would have been like had we stayed in Vikington, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss…

And before we get to far into it I want to reiterate my earlier statement that I present these facts, this history for informative purposes only, (again and as always mostly fer my children)’cause it’s gonna kinda get sobby real soon and I don’t want you all feelin’ sad this is suppose to be a funny blog.

I mean, I laugh at it so why can’t you?

Wait who am I…why I’m the Dysfunctional Unit, and cats n kittens trust…

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Oh it is to laugh cats n kittens I had two different separate past femquaintemces contact me recently and both said basically the sametcf as sadhu thing in regards to this whole what I’m like to live with from the female side, though both unaware of the other.

Okay well only one of them used the specific word Sadhu (she was not being kind mind you, though I took it as a compliment once I went and searched out jes what a Sadhu was).

smokey pete

Did not appear on my career aptitude test.

The other meant it complimentary, though she said somethin more like, yer “like one of those pot smoking holy dudes in India. Only an American Version.

Once I had read what a Sadhu was I realized that the second, God Bless her cute lil soul, had meant the same as the first.

Now I’m not saying specifically that I endorse or support any sort of mind altering substances fer anyone…

In fact I have come to believe that it is not fer everyone, and would advise against much and most to many and all…

Get it , got it, good.

But in a free damn country and home of the brave etc…

Sadhu w/ Savoir Faire


Well, I mean, to each their own thine self be true and all that.

I mean I do like the look.

But more importantly I get to sit on a corner smoking pot and talking religious-socio cultural ranticological tangentitries…I mean Iwould be phoilsophizin the hell outta those topics.

And people bring them fruit n spicy random meats on a stick, n flowers n stuff.

The more I read, the more I understood their, the gals mentioned above, comments n thought, ya know…

I mean not really, it was nice (or nasty depending), I mean but what if n only…

I’ve never been interested (driven) after material gains, serious monetary gain, possessing of things as a n element of the “I AM” security of being by owning.

This is another failure of mine in relationships (and what gal #1 was eluding too.)

I have often tried, but definitely without a reason (woman) to push harder, I am quite content to live jes at sustenance level.

How Sadhus become Happyhus.

How Sadhus become Happyhus.

Gimme a couple small meals a day of spinach leaves, spicy meat, fresh fruit, about half ounce of Orange Chronic or Lemon Kush n time to jes think and talk about stuff n I would definitely be better than good fer the day….

Now specifically, again, I’m not sayin I’m gonna do that…(or possibly live an almost version of that now oh it is to laugh)

But this could’a been my possible lifetime achievement award employment situation (if’n only I was 20 somethin)

Since, I mean at this point I’m sure I’m  far too old & way behind the tangential curve (ya I actually know what it is) on the ol’ wak-a-doo American movin to India to take up career choice #1 fer every half baked hippie to proselytizing poet to suferrin scam-a-tash I thought I saw a pot-ty cat….

I don’t know what that last one means but by Vishnu, Rhama & Krishna you get the picture.

Well, in truth you may not, but don’t let that stop you from sending strawberries or a nice case of peaches my way.

Hey'dya bring my Peaches!

Psst!  Hey’dya bring my peaches man!

Hey cats & kittens,
Here’s one of my first posts from a few years ago now…
I thought with all my new visitors it might be a good time to re-visit this series of posts which may help shed some light on je how I got started on the road to dysfunction…
I hope ya’ll enjoy.


In the early seventies, my Dad, who worked for a major airline got transferred to the Land of Oz, Orange County, So Cal USA.the 'ol dysu

That’s where the dysfunction really sets in so I thought we’d start there and ignore much of my early almost “Leave it to Beaver” childhood.

Now I’m not sayin’ that the numerous concussion I had when I was little (pre-move) or that I was never ostracized, or beat up , or mocked by my own family prior to this…

What I’m sayin is when I think back, first I don’t remember much about those earliest Unit days, n second my Lil Dog assures me this is the best place to start…oh it is to laugh.

I’m gonna do my best to lay it out chronologically when possible, without too much detail (long) and emotion(boring).

It will take more than one blog so I’m planning to mix…

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The Boy Pirate King 3

January 21, 2014

Okay so yea here I am having this epiphany about this personality quirk, this dysfunction abut rescuing damsels but ya know I’m nothe ol dysu white knight. I’m far too mischievous for that.

No, I got this Babe!

No, I got this Babe!

Of course I’ve always liked the idea of bein a Pirate Captain, ya know a swashbuckler, a rogue, and they still “rescue” women some times don’t they?

I mean the Pirate Captain with the heart of gold type, Erroll Flynn swinging from ship to ship to reach his kidnapped sweetie, that’s what I’m talking about here..Captain Blood

But wait there’s still a problem with that description and this is part of the epiphany, another reason both X2 and Lil’ Mouse moved on, I am still, and always will be a little boy at heart.

Take no prisoners after 8 pm.

Take no prisoners after 8 pm.

Oh sure I’ll swing on the rope, n fight the other pirates to rescue you n’ all. I’ll even get ya back where ya belong or better.

But I’m still gonna be what I am when we get there, the Boy Pirate King, who doesn’t wanna grow up ’cause that would be sooo Boooooring!

My mischievousness is not the mean spirited variety

It’s the twinkle in the eye kind.

I am not really the swarthy, dangerous, take no prisoners kind’a guy I imagine myself to be.


Have you thought of going to school on-line my dear?

I merely play at being that.

But this may be why I still tend to attract younger girls….sorry women, instead of gi…women closer to my own age.

Why even earlier today our new 24 year old (smart, funny good looking..oh crap) co-worker was telling me how cool (weird) I am, and hinting not so subtlety how, once she’s out of treatment she’ll need to find someplace to stay, maybe someone to help her through this new phase of her life. She has secret dreams of managing a business.

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