The Earth Day Fairy

April 23, 2014

Well it’s Earth day…

I use to be really into it.

I never talk about it much but I love the outdoors, camping, and even more than simply camping I love orienteering.

Last years campsite in the Badlands

Last years campsite in the Badlands

I love nothin’ better than to wander into the wilderness and have done so on numerous occasions (and will again this summer at some point).

It all stems back to my homeless days when, since I was sleeping outdoors anyway,  I started doing so more n more in the local hills around O.C.; mostly Saddleback Mountain area (Holy Jim Trail, Lost Woman Canyon, some great names).

When you’re sleeping outdoors in the mountains they call it camping.

In the city it’s vagrancy.

Ah but anyway ya see I jes wanna make sure that you understand I really dig (n have since my early twenties) the outdoorsy, minimalist, green-ish lifestyle, before I go typing all the following.

N like usuaal I got nothin ‘gainst people tryin’ to live green or whatever, it’s jes the semantics that bother me, it’s jes the bullshit *logic* employed by the movement’s movers n shakers that’s all.
The same pseudo science propaganda phraseology I get to hear on a daily basis spouted by newscasters n neighbors, some well meaning folks n others flim flam huckster salesmen.

Entry level eco-freak.

Look, long ago when I was a card carryin’ member of Earth First, I bein the Unit that I am and never doin anything half way eventually started exploring the ideas of more extreme green-ies which of curse led me to the book the Monkey Wrench Gang and to other more…determined factions among Earth First members…


Goin hardcore.

I’m not claimin or sayin’ I ever did anything at all but…

Well ya see it’s like this, n I know, I know I talk about this a lot but that’s because all you b-tards with yer constant save the Earth baloney are drivin me to do so…you stop in I’ll stop I promise that’s a deal.
Annyway where the heck was I?
O yea it’s like this, every good n true ecologist knows that there is only one real problem, population growth rate. It doesn’t matter what elsewe do, in fact that’s not necessarily true but we’ll come back to that. That’s why scientists are working so hard fer GMO crops…

The dreaded GMO

The dreaded GMO

We will have issues with other resources but, jeez, look how much trouble the Governments have feeding their populations now.
But this isn’t some fact I somehow alone know. Many, maybe most educated people, know this by now. Certainly as I stated above, the movers n shakers, the powerhouses of the Green Movement know this to be true. More people, more problems.

Our eventual demise?

Our eventual demise?

So one of the key factors you realize, if you are serious about this green buisness, if ya wanna save the Earth, then it would be best to reduce the human population by a huge number of people.

That’s the only thing that is going to “save the planet”
Yet we are sold this idea anyway.
The other thing all of the above mentioned folk know fer sure is that we, meaning (wo)mankind ain’t going to destroy the earth, at the very worst we may make uninhabitable fer all living things (even this is highly doubtful) fer a millennia or so but, heck it’s the damn Earth, it’s been through a lot worse than we can dish out. The ol’ gal would be sure to bounce back.
Yet we are als0 sold this idea, that man is actually on the very brink of destroying the Earth.
They sell us the product though they know it is defective.
Okay now those of you who have read a few of my posts before may have already encountered this conundrum I am again going to try and raise but, yea anyway…
If you are trying to “save” the planet you are going about it wrong…unless yer a smoker…takin a big one fer the team, thanks smokers.

Doin there part to save the planet

Doin there part to save the planet!

If yer doing all that green stuff, yer really tryin to save humans, our way of life, our enjoyment of the world the way it is now (maybe even better fer awhile).
But the thing is, n here we get back to what I mentioned earlier, isn’t it true that the better we do at protecting ourselves and our environment the more of us there will be?
So when I said there is nothing we can do,  I meant only fer the positive, we can affect the Earth by continuing to live and grow as a species. And as I mentioned above unless we all stop procreatin that ain’t gonna happen anyway so…
Logically we can see that all the Green Movement is doing fer the Earth, at least in it’s form now, is prolonging the inevitable, which of course will make things worse not better.
And once again, the movin n shakin folks have to know this is true also…I mean if a little ol Unit like me can figure it out fer sure Al Gore can as well.
Making his "green" the old fashioned way, through intimidation, bullying and snake oil.

Making his “green” the old fashioned way, through intimidation, bullying and snake oil.

So then what is the point behind the whole charade, well of course it must be money, which gives a whole new meaning to the term “Green Movement”. (n here I mean separate from other agenda items like outlawing fossil fuels)

But if it’s only about sellin us all these new products what is the environmental impact of their creation, distribution, purchase etc?
Lol I could offer a few more hypothetical situational attacks on the hypocrisy of the whole thing but what’s the point, it’s not like I’m gonna derail the green train…
N I guess yer doin yer best with the info yer morning show gives ya, buyin those new light bulbs…that aren’t as good a light source, don’t last as long an…oh yea hilariously enough, are more dangerous fer the environment…Oh I mean…it is to do the proverbial laughing.



6 Responses to “The Earth Day Fairy”

  1. Trent Lewin Says:

    Well, my friend, I must disagree. As a proponent of science and someone who works in the environmental field, the problem is not the number of people. It is the per capita consumption in which we engage, and it is where we are getting that consumption. Green products are not really the answer, to be sure. But pulling old dead dinosaurs out of the ground and burning them to release their fumes into the atmosphere is going to do us in eventually, and that’s as we drive our nice cars to the nice grocery store to buy the nice green products. We have a problem. There is an issue. I am all for anyone who stands up and realizes it now, rather than sitting about and waiting for others to fix it for us. I am dead serious on this. This is my work. I am invested in it, sure, but the scientific evidence is overwhelming. We are changing the climate and environment of our planet, and sure, it can probably rebound, but not before the climate adapts to be unsuitable to us, and perhaps more suitable to other life (such as cockroaches or something else).

  2. Trent,
    Thanks so much fer yer thoughtful response, I always appreciate a good response to my more outlandish sounding posts :).
    I don’t think we’re too far apart in our opinions however it may seem so on first read.

    I think you’ll agree that most studies find that even if we solve many of the numerous environmental issues that face us today our real challenge lies in our eventual inability to produce enough resources to meet rising demands, this is not to discount the issues that we face it is only to point out that by taking many of the steps to create this suitable new green life we are actually exacerbating this problem by increasing life expectancy and higher birth rates.

    This isn’t jes something I made up they been talking about this since I been a wee lad.

    Again, I’m hopefully not saying this is good or bad, or I don’t mean to be at any rate, what I am saying is it’s more of a “Human” movement, than a Earth movement/

    And it’s (as it always is with me) a matter of making yer language usage match yer argument

    As you yerslef stated, the earth will still be here, life will be…different,,, but still here, it may very well be us that is the only victim.

    Secondarily, I certainly spent a big portion of my life with no automobile at all…biking or walking everywhere I went, and still to this day have fantasies of living in a town without cars…so we agree here as well & I understand yer point…

    One of my continual diatribical pressure points is the difference between what we say we are and what we really are.

    So as usual one of my points is in this case simply that the green movement is for the most one of posture (as long as it’s not too much of an inconvenience) and buying some new earth friendly products…it helps people feel better but in the long run also many times (as we have seen with the new e.e. light bulb) exacerbates the problem.

    The one area where we may seem to disagree the most though is this climate change issue…

    I am not saying the climate isn’t changing, the climate changes all the time…

    I’ll even give you that man has changed the climate (how we could exists and not do so baffles me)

    The question then becomes two fold, one 1 what sort of changes and long term outcomes and 2 should we attempt to do anything and if so what?

    When I was a young buck-a-roo one of my first real concerns, global concerns was over planetary cooling, a new ice age was coming, science had proved that the world was getting colder due to all the pollution we had dumped into the atmosphere. Some scientists at the time had even developed a plan to coat the poles with coal dust so that they would absorb more heat and there by warm the planet…

    Jes think today if that had gone through.

    Again you are obviously well versed in these issues, but besides those minor details in the climate issue I don’t see we’re that far apart.

    I agree that if we don’t stop with our way of life there will be some sort of cataclysm for mankind in the (not so distant?) future…

    Now that’s a green movement I can get behind 🙂

    Go Earth!

  3. Dave Says:

    Wow, homeless days? I didn’t know about that. How long were you homeless for?

    • Mmm let’s see…1976-1989…so that’s like 13 years-ish or somethin.

      • Dave Says:

        Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. That must give you tremendous perspective, though.

      • Thanks Dave, but don’t feel too bad…though th first year or so may have been a tad rough, it was…I guess the best way to put it is an alternative lifestyle choice.
        It wasn’t until my late twenties that it really started gettin old n I came to the conclusion that I bet on the wrong pony…oh it is to laugh.
        Of course “I believe” it gives me tremendous perspective but then again my opinions may be biased regarding this matter.

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