Happy St Paddy’s Day

March 17, 2014

9 Responses to “Happy St Paddy’s Day”

  1. Trent Lewin Says:

    Awesome! Hope you had a good one.

    • Thanks Trent-Sorry didn’t get time to reply on yer interview-Like everyone else I didn’t really notice the ya’ knows at all-It was a good interview (I’ve had a few myself and ya sounded like a pro)…It also was nice that the interviewer seemed to have read yer story (somehow maybe I haven’t yet (?)read that particular one will have to double check and rectify if that’s the case.) great to hear about the agents interest…oh and Engineer I’m impressed…glad I didn’t take ya up on that job offer…though I am well known fer engineering disasters

      • Whoops fergot the rest o’ the reply ya’ I had a good one…I’m of Irish descent so always enjoy it.i
        Was my usual St. Paddy’s day (minus the alcohol these last few years or so) rockin out to the Pouges.and usin the accent every chance I got lol!

      • Trent Lewin Says:

        No worries man. What kind of interviews have you had? And tell me of your engineering disasters.

      • Oh, a half a doz or so Poetry related interviews o’er the years in Cali & here in So Dak…
        And unless you count building (or attempting to build) club/tree houses when I was a kid no “engineering disasters”.
        However if we’re talking “disasters I have engineered” I mean sheesh…umm…what haven’t…when aren’t…umm…even this blog might be representative…oh it is…n you know the rest. 🙂

      • Trent Lewin Says:

        I like your blog, man. Far from a disaster.

  2. I’m looking for a good post about the missing Malaysia plane or Putin’s newest plot to take over the world. C’mon, Dysu….don’t disappoint!

    • Yes…been workin on a couple one about Putin (have you read Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle) and one about 1st Lady’s call fer cooking at home, (didn’t the lib’s reject that as old fashioned some years back now) as well as one featuring my newly coined term (at least I hope I’m the first to use it) Entertainocracy: Governance by the Entertainment Elite…
      Been crazy busy tryin to survive, n my written posts take so long to put together though, I may jes start uploading “talkies” instead.
      Thanks fer yer continued support Mrs HowsYer

  3. thycriticman Says:

    Jealous! Canada was freezing yesterday! Walking to the bar was a downer due to it, but I cannot say the green beer did not make up for it!

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