Big Mac Attack Pt 4

September 23, 2013

Pt 4

It’s my kids I feel sorry for. I’ve tried to teach them from my example. America was, is and can be a great country only

God, Guts n' Glory

God, Guts n’ Glory

if and when we remember that being great isn’t easy, it takes hard work and sacrifice, when her citizens all, each and everyone strive, sacrifice, sweat for personal greatness, America became great.

Once we were great, we kids who were born into “greatness”, and all the succeeding generations of even greater children, have done, accomplished less and less but been assured in newer and more intensely narcissistic ways that they are indeed getting greater.

Absolutely Opposite of true. It is what you do that says who you are.

Absolutely Opposite of true. It is what you do that says who you are.

Until now every child is special no matter if they don’t contribute a thing to the world.

Yer jes special because yer you,,,

What does this all have to do with the attack in Kenya you’re probably asking by now?

Well how about if I  suggest that our liberal left is culpable by not only supporting the enemies of America by lending validity to their false argument theory of victimhood, and through that support give a sense of righteous justification to their cause and entitle them to act in any way they see fit to right these wrongs.

But that through the eventual entitling of the lowest in members American culture to believe that they are equal to the doer’s, the producers and that they deserve the equal mount of resources is only going to expand.

If we add to that a collapsing economy, a loss of the dollar as the worlds currency, a growing sense of blood in the water by our enemies, an impotent legislative branch, and a President presiding over it all promising to do more, saying we still haven’t done enough.

And it doesn’t make sense until you realize he’s talking about pushing America, that ol ‘Amurica, he hates so much all the way over the cliff.

He’s not lying when he says he loves America. He just means his America, Obmerica. Where we all get Obamacare, and use Obamaphones. Drive my Obamacar to the Obamabmart….

Of course the right to free cell phones was in the constitution!

Of course the right to free cell phones was in the constitution!

Big Mac Attack Pt 3

September 23, 2013


Americans, I’m pretty sure even the greedy corporate (white) rich guys who are building the offensive “Long Johns Silvers” in the former downtown open goat market, have no more evil intentions than making money. If the locals don’t want to take advantage of 2 fish & chips with a large soda for $10 no one will make them.

American Propaganda

American Propaganda

As a counter though, the men making these theoretical arguments in Kenya (and Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Somalia etc on and on) do believe in convert or die philosophy. If they were to enter American culture in force there would be beheadings in every downtown across the nation. It would be televised and justified.

Next time you will take the fries.

Next time you will take the fries.

So from a theoretical standpoint their argument as to a threat to their culture, is only in reference to them maintaining a type of control over their rank and file population. The truth is they do not want Mrs Sahib to have a chance to buy a Swiffer, her having more free time can only lead to trouble.Whiff the Swiff

But what about all the screaming rabble whipped into a frenzy demanding the Big Mac go home.

Well once again we can see that the argument is that the introduction of McDonald’s not only ruins the culture, but is a example of the rich west coming in and stealing from the local peoples. And the lowest level denominator comes out to take back what they so rightfully deserve.

8 out of the 10 who show up to protest would most likely not be so antsy to kick McDonald’s out, if they could afford to eat there themselves. But its all those rich western types who get to eat there. It’s no fair, so yea…Yea! What that guy said about the culture! Revolution! Revolution & Free Plasma TV’s!

The theoretical  argument of America’s desire to do evil by Big Mac, while it is a false argument, put forth by people who are afraid of America’s freedom catching on in their population, is understandable given their position.

The support our liberal left, the media industry included, gives to their bogus arguments is not.

The Smug & Smarmy

“I am against rich white guys having power, especially Jewish ones.” says the rich white powerful Jew

How can a rich white corporate type like say Bill Maher, truly support a culture that would fire him at best if they were to somehow seize control over the US.

And what about every liberal woman in any power position, be it news anchor, movie star or politicess, at best you’ll be wearing a burqa. And yet, again and again the language choices you use, the speeches you deliver or movies you make suggest that America (old racist bad Amurica) is the evil actor here and that, like our own American poor (OWS anybody) these Muslims are peaceful innocent victims who only occasionally and with the greatest regret strike out in near useless frustration against the evil western capitalist machine.

Okay well a burka in some cases might not be so bad.

Okay well a burqa in some cases might not be so bad.

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