Well goodness gracious Cats & Kittens, I mean I’ve posted some poorly edited posts but yesterday’s takes the kace, akec, cake!

I mean I wish I had an excuse.  I jes don’t. I didn’t see (some freakin how) all the mistakes. I’d like to say it was an early draft and that this is a later auto save but that’d be an untruth.

And yea I realize it’s sometimes hard to tell with me ’cause I make up words and write in such a rambling manner but…

I mean it’s bad when I read it and even I can’t decipher what my point was.

Oh it is to laugh.

Okay so anyway here ya go, that is if yer still interested. A cleaner, clearer, version of 1, 2, 3, 4 I Declare a Dumb War

Next up Obamachol!

Next up Obamachol!

Well, okay Cats n’ Kittens here we are fer another continuing round of our longest running, by far most expensive situation Comedy ( I would call the ol dysuit a reality show but far too much is scripted, even by today’s reality show standards) Our Washington Boobs, brought to you by you, the American Taxpayer.

Oh hey hi there it’s jes me the…no wait The One and Only, Original Dysfunctional Unit. I jes wanted to clarify that real quick cause of all the dysfunction comin out of Washington right now.

So jes full and legal notice to all you media types in case your thinking of calling any one, or part of the whole Washington establishment a “Dysfunctional Unit” you will be hearing from our legal dept.

Washington DysfunctionBut of course now back to the business of talking about this business, or more specifically this non-business going on among our representatives in Washington.

Before we get in the meat of this though, let me clear up any misconceptions. I am first and foremost a States Rights Libertarian, not a Republican, I align myself with Republicans for obvious reason, but am not fond of the “Big Gov” agenda much of the Party espouses (neo-con’s like Newt “G-man” Gingrich).

I originally was attracted to the Tea Party but some of their most beloved and endorsed platforms such as building a wall at the US/ Mexico Border or outlawing abortion seem in direct contrast to the idea of liberty…what? Hold on wait.

No, no, I’m not in favor of the Government giving you carte blanche authority to kill your babies or crazy porous borders either….the statements above are not an ipso facto acknowledgement of your (unsupportable) arguments either.

The abortion issue I’ve written about a nauseum, but I have barely touched on the idiocy of building a fear based wall around the land of Women not to be trifled withthe free and the home of the brave…I mean should I have to?

See the bitch about living in a free system that  relies solely on the intelligence and responsibility of it;s citizens is it’s a dangerous and harsh system for people who choose, or are in some other way incapable of participating at a standard level. Before our social safety net probably a lot of Americans simply died off because they couldn’t compete.

A Evolutionary Impossiblity

A Evolutionary Impossiblity

That system is not the system we live in though. We still live in a “free system” that relies on it’s citizens values & judgement. But that system has slowly become corrupted.

Over the years this changing  interpretation of “free” has asked for (forced by law ) more and more of the efforts of the most responsible individuals above in efforts to prop up, support (and sometimes lionize as victims) the laziest, the worst, the most irresponsible members of the system (who to know better of course than one of their own*).

Until now, this society, this once great culture may be on the brink of dissolution and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I, the original Dysu, have no one to blame but myself.

Yea, like a dope I read the book.

Yea, like a dope I read the book.

*The thing is I use to be a raging leftist. I wrote countless poems raging against “the man!” I belonged to Beyond War & Earth First. I believed that my party was the party of Truth, that’s right with a capital T, and liberty.

Truth the truth is the difference Ma'am.

Truth the truth is the difference Ma’am.

Then I got introduced to the Clinton’s. I mean don’t get me wrong I still like Bill, that doesn’t mean I’d buy a used car from him.

Anyway the lies and the b.s made me finally pay attention, really pay attention and I realized that I’d been duped. That was the start of my transformation. 9/11 of course was the next big defining factor and I have voted republican ever since.

The fact that liberals, democrats, media types try to sell me the idea that fanatical Islam, the Muslim world (and now perhaps dare I say portions of our own federal government) are not actively trying to harm America, American allies and interest all over the globe, but are simply reacting to America’s aggressive nature is so ludicrous I am amazed that I even have to write about it.

But I guess when our own President echos this philosophy I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Maybe I guess I am out of touch.

But ya know how I feel about words, definitions, the power of words and the subtle influence word usage can have on perception (ex: Americans were part of the militant raid protesting western influence in traditionally orthodox Muslim countries.

One by one.

Americans: wrong a purposeful inaccuracy to instill a sympathetic attachment.

They were recent immigrants, transplanted in Minneapolis like many others with the help of free flowing taxpayer dollars (Minnesota is a left wing liberal mecca) and with the help and support of good hearted Americans through non-profit agencies such as Lutheran Social Services.

There is no way to truly no how much gratitude and loyalty they felt toward their newly adopted country, but based on available evidence it would be easy to conclude not much. In fact it is quite easy to believe that they never really ever intended to join and contribute in a positive way to the grand American Dream. That they came here with devious intent and under false pretenses, to pretend to want to be Americans…that’s much different than “being Americans.”

Militant: Okay yea well maybe they see themselves that way. Hitler saw himself as the savior of Germany, the Nazi Party as the liberator of the world. So yea okay I understand they believe themselves to be militants. Why are the PTB attempting to sway my opinion in such a way? The people fighting on the other side are my enemy. I don’t see them as militants. They don’t want to free me from anything, they want to cause me terror or worse. Militant..oh it is to laugh.

Protesting western influence in traditionally orthodox Muslim countries: Victims, they’re just poor victims everybody. Just more victims of the evil, white, racist. ultra-christian, aggressively militaristic, morally controlling American Imperialistic Empire (while somehow at the same time being Zionist, decadent, morally bankrupt corrupt money driven society with too much freedom).

Is it any wonder my little dog spins.

And then we get this Affordable care act and I jes wanna ask all you supporters, affordable for who? The poor already had free health care,

Affordable for the uninsured? *Most of them don’t want it and aren’t going to take it, we’ll talk about the remaining part of that group in a minute.

And don’t even try to sell me the idea that this is better for the middle class. The middle class (mostly white, many Christian, but all hard working good Americans, will once again bear the brunt of this do-good philosophy) as rates skyrocket and they’re left with fewer and few options. Land of the free my arse.

I did it Mommy!

I did it Mommy!

We love Obamacare for others!

We love Obamacare for others!

Okay well lets quickly look at the uninsured. The largest portion of those people are young and are uninsured by choice and all experts (of which I am not one) and I agree they will likely remain uninsured choosing instead to pay a small penalty.

Now this is hilarious because, and I have heard no one else mention this, this group is in large part responsible for helping to elect our Most Wise and Benevolent Ruler. I mean that’s a hilarious joke.

Paid for by hard working Americans everywhere.

Paid for by hard working Americans everywhere.

As to the other part of this group, the un’insurable, or the “on the fringers” I’m sorry…I mean can we hold 2 million some odd citizens hostage based on the needs of few hundred thousand (if that).

I of course say no. And it’s not like I’m not part of that group, I am, and I still say no.

But then I can be a real ass sometimes, even to myself.

Lastly I wanna address the Government shut down….

Next up Obamachol!

Next up Obamachol!

I don’t know what all the fuss is about…I mean really isn’t it long past time we shut it down.

I mean I may be The Dysfunctional Unit, but I and all my fellow Americans need the Fed Gov as much as we need to be leeched for a cold.

Wait a minute is that covered under the ACA?

Drop yer socks and grab yer(well you know) I finally got Fox again Cats & Kittens and so I can like find out whats really the ol dysuFox-Newshappening in the world…

Oh wait yer one of those “Fox News is biased right wing republican bullshit”  people aren’t ya?  I mean I meet you, read what you write, watch yer obnoxiously biased skits on Saturday Night Live and I jes wanna ask ya have ya ever watched it? Listening, reading, watching, what yer doing I gotta say the answer is no. But at least I pay attention to what I’m criticizing.

It is an Orwellian Hilariousity….the left, the libs claiming that little old Fox news (the one conservative news channel in a sea of Leftist State Run Media) is right wing propaganda at best…Big Brother

Here’s a prime example of how this is Orwellian Double Speak at it’s best: I was watching Natiionalist Broadcasting Company for almost a week regarding the coverage of the Kenya Mall incident. I heard a lot of discussion, a lot of speculation regarding what the driving motive of the militants (re:lib new speak fer Muslim terrorist). I mean I know what they were saying, I wrote about it and picked apart the logic of said argument…

Then on the last day of the stand off I got Fox news. Lo & behold there was another motive, kinda like Hans in Die Hard, yea the whole western culture argument loses steam when it becomes clear yer only targeting Christians.

Amazingly enough I hadn’t really heard how bad this has become. I was amazed that more American’s aren’t outraged as Churches go up in flames and Christians are dragged into the street and killed. This is happening all through the

Arab Spring=Christian Fall?

Arab Spring=Christian Fall?

Middle East. And like with our Ambassador Stevens, our administration, our politicians and their partners in the SRM are happy to ignore, obfuscate, redirect and if push comes to shove outright lie.

Having learned this I was interested in watching President Obama’s speech Thursday night….(Que crickets chirping)…nothing not a word about it…

I of course couldn’t help wondering what he would have said if Christians were sweeping across the Middle East killing Muslims, burning Mosques, or sweeping across the Mid-West fer all of that. Do we believe he would not have railed against the intolerance? He would have demanded action.

Hell jes after the murders and destruction of our consulate in Benghazi he was certainly springing into action demanding, vowing to find the poor fool with the YouTube video. Yes a week later he promised to find the terrorists, but I mean to date video guy is the only person “brought to justice” regarding the terr..oops sorry militant action.

President Obama's Big Victory

President Obama’s Big Victory


And that is bad but do you know whats worse…know one seems to really care…I mean Americans, and that makes me a sad Unit.

Even people who follow and are interested in politics can barely keep up and stay focused. There is so much news it’s like an Infornado and it really makes my little dog spin when almost everything I hear is spin. See I’m not saying Fox News isn’t spun. What I’m saying is

Oh it is to laugh

Oh it is to laugh

it’s ore often spun from a Pro-American Viewpoint, and since I am an American first I like that more than what the SMR has to offer me.

I’m not saying Republican’s are all great, (conservatives are better but not all Repub’s are actually conservative). There are by far more Big Centralized Government Republicans (Newt Gingrich, the Bushes) than there are Limited Government Con’s.

Tea Party’ers well, I mean, as far as I can tell most I met are a mish mash of gun rights people, constitutionalists, small government advocates, and all mostly people who jes believe that the government should live with in it’s means. They believe that the Federal Government should be two things above and before all, fiscally responsible and a protector of America, Americans and American interests abroad. And yes like any group they have their fringe nut element, I’d be part of that sub part group, if I still thought of myself as a Tea Party Member.

Extremist in Action!

Extremist in Action!

That’s it. I mean that’s what the SMR dubs extreme right wing views. If the belief that the Government should, like a responsible citizen (not like me I said a responsible citizen) live



with-in it’s means is reported as being an extremist viewpoint what does that say about our country.

But I know the truth here (I mean not jes me, others know too, but not enough to matter, no longer enough to matter).

See here the deal. Eventually, if we continue on this path free goodies fer all, the Government will go broke. It is inevitable. And at the pace we’re going it going to happen sooner than later. And all those who have been fed off the Govt Boob what do you think is

Gimme My Obama Xbox

Gimme My Obama Xbox

going to happen when they are told…”Whoops all gone”. They will tear it down in a bitter vengeful child tantrum when the tit dries up and feel justified doing it.

This is inevitable. That’s jes the way it goes, I’m sorry I’d like it too be different too. And of course that fits into the Lefts philosophy also.

I’m not saying it has to be that way. I used to be one of those people who did. Who believed that, like Rome, America too must fall. I learned that in 70’s HS social studies. The same place I learned that America was secretly evil, after all slavery, Vietnam, MLK, Watergate. I left HS a anarchistic socialist.  Well in my head anyway. I really was a narcissistic socialist. You have to be pretty self involved if you believe you deserve someone else’s candy.

See this does all connect up. On SMR you have hours of pro Affordable Care Act coverage. Oh they’ll give a few minutes per hour for the opposing argument per segment so they can claim equal coverage. But it is clear that the Matt Lauer’s of the world are scoffing at the those who oppose any of the facts, legislation or programs no matter how ridiculous or ludicrous put forward by this administration.

So God bless ya Fox News, even with yer Neo-Con ways, yer still America’s best cable news source.

Great Scott America

April 17, 2012

Well okay..well..I mean F ‘n A!

I’ve written a lot about the state of our Federal Government, I mean probably only  a little less than I have written about how women are ruining America…

Wait…I’m sorry what?

Look I don’t have time to go back every time and discuss every crazy thing I have ever said…go back here and look it up…today I got bigger fish on my mind…today I’m kind’a pissed off…

Look so by now if you are paying any attention at all you know that the General Services Administration or GSA just spent a whopping $8000,000 (+) on planning and vacation(s) fer 300 employee’s.

That’s the easy breezy cover girl version tryin to review all the different facets, facts in this case, well in the long run it just made me too pissed off to continue.

And then of course my little dog starts spinning and I start looking up all this info on the fed.gov websites and I read all the new age hoo doo ass bullshit and my little dog spins round and round.

Here’s where Lil’ Mouse usually tells me “to just stop lookin'” and ya know maybe she’s right

Cause I know nothin’s gonna change.

Oh some of us will get mad and blog about it, most  who do of course will do so much more professionally than the ol Dysu cats & kittens.

There will be investigations many of which will top the 800,000 price tag of the GSA Vegas Vacation.

Some individuals may lose their jobs, careers cut short, some will simply be transferred to other agencies.

The system itself however, the great and mighty machine will keep rollin along…

See ’cause ya know what else I know is that we got just a small glimpse, a peek behind the curtain as it were but thank God we did.

And  in this instance thank God fer Social Media, keep Facebook’n it up, yer shenanigans are harder to pull off when you keep posting gloating pictures of how you fleeced the marks

But of course I digress ’cause my real point is so the F what?

So what if they did?

And I’m sure ol’ smiley in the tub here is thinkin’ the same thing.

I mean it wasn’t but six months or so that we were hearin’ this story

Washington —

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is the subject of a report on the stock investments of members of Congress that is to air Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”…

I know, I know old news, the worlds movin’ to fast, to fast to keep up.

Heck there’s so only so much time in a given week and there’s all those other important things like living, and laughing and loving and I mean after all there’s all those HBO programs to keep up with, and isn’t Charlie Sheen gettin a new sitcom…

That’s what I mean by nothin’s gonna change.

And there was a brief moment a year or two back when I first heard about the Tea Party…

(now I know what many of my “new follow’rs are thinking right now but a: that’s ’cause you have prejudiced yer judgements without doing your actual due diligence  & b: the original intent of the Tea Party was that  FedGov simply balance the budget & reformed the tax code…what is wrong or so un-American about that???)

I thought, at first it was going to go somewhere but it, and here I mean the “movement” quickly was hi-jacked.

Go to their website and all you see is talk about working with-in the system to change it…oh ho ho…oh it is to laugh!

I think the idea started good, but it was co-opted by politicios.

What do I mean…Go look at their site…lot’s of talk, lot’s of calls for money for this or for that, little action…okay again I guess clarification…

Better yet…

Here’s what I propose, tax revolt, we all go into our boss, or accountant(s) and claim all the dependents we can, then when tax

Live a little! I did!

Live a little! I did!

time comes next year don’t fill out one document, let April 15th come and go without feelin’ bad or worryin. Every time you do start to feel a twang of guilt  just picture this guy again

I mean if enough of us say “Ya know what we ain’t paying anymore till you get yer crap together” well what are they gonna do, jail a million people, jail ten million people?

Now that’s a Tea Party Movement I can get behind.

Wait  I’m sorry what…What about the roads?What about old people? What about the poor?

Well what I believe is we’re Americans, we can figure it out without the help of the money wasters in Washington ( I mean not me but one of you out there, ya don’t want me in charge, I’m no better at making important decision than obviously most of our government officials).

I mean it’s coming my fellow Americans the pace of growth by our federal government is fiscally unsustainable.

I may not be good at practical application of these concepts, but I understand them quite well…and well ya know I know, and I hope I’m not throwin off yer good mood fer later when you sit down to watch “Two Broke Girls” or whatever…I mean I hate ta bring this up…

Oh no…that’s right…I love to bring this shit up

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