Okay so it won’t let me embed it fer some reason (paranoia seeps in) so here’s a link to the story but I’m gonna leave what does come up anyway…

A…Uh….Lolololololol…uh…wait….lololol….okay hold on…oh…whoo!…oh okay…olol…wait…oh lolololololol….


Okay, well uh ok..cstm…oh it is to laugh isn’t it Erica? I mean we all make mistakes and we should be able to laugh about them…huh?

Oh and maybe an apology would be in order. But don’t worry, I’ll graciously accept it as long as you promise not to do it again…

I mean I know you won’t and I know that most Americans will still believe exactly as they did before this story(ya know those who think he’s guilty will still and etc…)And most will ferget and in a year or two we can repeat this ride…Whee!

So hang in their Erica you’ll get a chance to convince American’s that we’re racist yet!


Recently there has been a lot in the news about hate crimes. Other bloggers are always posting, responding to the news, writing things like….’I know I’m going to make people mad by saying this…but I don’t think it’s right to judge other people and you people who do it are wrong

Okay so I will skip past the obvious logic issue of your argument(that you yourself have judged) and focus on the ridiculousness of making people angry with yer rainbow wishes and unicorn dreams…I mean it’s cute and its funny but even if ya think it’s a load of left over 60’s self indulgent hullabaloo ya can’t really be angry at it. But the truth is, that at least here on word press, the vast majority of bloggers feel as you do. At least as far as I can tell reading posts, most worders are new age,  multicultural banner wavin’, crystal usin, green believin, super fun time consumin,  forever youth chasin, just like they are so who are they worried about offending?

But if ya wanna be edgy, why don’t we talk about the truth for awhile…

There is this guy, he’s been stalking Lil Mouse for about two and half years, I won’t go into details, however suffice to say that things escalated recently and I felt I had to step in (with Lil’ Mouse’s permission God Bless her)…Anyway, I promised not to go into details (don’t worry we’re doing everything legal[fer now])but the point is, and trust me on this one…I hate this f-er, I mean he has made my woman fear being places, made her…okay well there I go…trust me it’s been rough, as a man, being patient, but I do love her so…okay but the point is see (and again) I hate this f-er. If I were to get a chance (which I say my good boy prayers to Jesus every night for)to accidentally bump into him on the streets (short of him groveling and promising to immediately move out of town) a hate crime would surely be committed.

Which leads me to Dahrun Ravi and of course George Zimmerman

Lets take Ravi first, tell me where the hate is? Are you, then suggesting that Ravi did this out of hatred for all gays? Or does that matter to you at all…does instead “Ravi” represent something larger? Does punishing him send a message, is Ravi, or what you believe Ravi to be (without of course really knowing him or his intentions) represent all the “Ravi’s” out there? Lol enough said…

Now let’s look at the Zimmerman example. I, like everyone else I know or have heard talk about it, was not there so I have no idea what happened, nor am I going to talk about what happened(how can I, I don’t know) I am going to talk about what the media has told me happened, however, according to the media this crazed disheveled white(ish) guy shot this harmless lookin little preteen in a hoodie. Actually it’s worse, according to the media he stalked and killed this poor kid simply because he was an African American, I know this to be true because even our President has told me so…

So lets assume that it is true. That Zimmerman did this as reported. That of course is beyond hatred, cause I mean, really of course it seems to me that some kind of hate is at the root of most crimes, but a person hating an individual based on skin color alone is more akin to my being afraid of using plastics…and that’s irrational. So maybe we should call them “Irrational Hate Crimes” I could go with that……irrational…so yea IHC’s…

Please remember I’m only sayin what I’m sayin. I don’t think what the Ravi kid did was a hate crime, it is simply an extremely sad unfortunate incident, and the kid is screwed no matter what. As fer Zimmerman, hell I don’t know, certainly ay this point it seems like the Zimmerman dude’s a little f-ed up in the head, but I will reserve judgement until the dust has settled and more of the facts come out ( I still remember the Duke Lacrosse scandal a couple years back lol) I am just saying lets reserve judgement before we all go assuming based on limited (and some would say biased[me,I’m one of the say‘ers]) reporting. Of course if it turns out true, well, then we’ll trust Florida to do the right thing and fry the bastard…

But again oh wise and intelligent (yet limited in number and rarely vocal) followers is what I believe…but then again we all know I’m Dysfunctional…

Okay so hey, Cat’s n’ kittens it’s me the ol’ Dysu and ya’ know I mean I don’t if I’ve ever mentioned it or not but I am huge fan on Dr. Seuss, Or Theodore Geisel. now a few of you may know that I am a poet, and have a number of  poems (including the ever popular “Poem to the car on my Butt”) that I have written in a “Seussian” rhythm.

I was raised on Dr. Seuss. “Mulberry Street” was my favorite as a boy and as I grew older “500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” and “Oobleck”  both ranked high on my reading list. But, don’t get me wrong, I loved all his books, the standards, early childhood, “Hop on Pop”, early readers “Cat in the Hat” “Green Eggs & Ham”, older childhood..”500 Hats…” the “Horton” books…”Yertle the Turtle…Even the PD Eastman books bring back fond memories who can forget  “Go Dog Go” (have a tat based on that book)”Are You My Mother”, “Sammy The Seal”, “Sam & The Firefly” okay well anyway yea, you get the picture…

An here I better stop and admit that I know Mr. Geisel’s politics…well, I know what’s been said I’ve done some reading, (and recent review due to this article)…this isn’t about his politics, because I never had the chance to ask him myself, instead it’s about my interpretation, what, I feel has become of his legacy, and finally ’bout the ol loveable liberal fuzz ball himself the Lorax…

Listen, I’ve read Dr. Seuss and PD Eastman books to all my children, including my little four year old (so that’s happening now [course I mean not right now]see)….okay I mean…

I love Dr. Seuss, but not necessarily his works that have been turned into films…take the Grinch for instance…the common train of thought is that Dr. Seuss meant the Grinch to be a condemnation of materialism and commercialism at Christmas time…but is that what the book is about??

I mean when I was a kid of course, I wasn’t that smart but, I read the book, saw the little cartoon during Holidays (oh the glorious days), and I always knew the Grinch, was evil ( he just was of course[some Grinch’s are like that]) . The Grinch  lacked goodwill toward others, he envied what others had,  not just what they had in material goods,but their good times as well.  To the Grinch the material goods were all just noisy annoying appliances( to the Who’s good naturedness). The Grinch believed it was the “things” that gave the Who’s happiness so he stole what he believed was important to the them…the Who’s didn’t care about material goods, so the Grinch learned his lesson.

The lesson he learned was that good will and the triumph of the Spirit (Christmas Morning) could not only overcome selfishness and evil…but transform it. That is the lesson that both the book and the original cartoon impart. i reviewed both before writing this just in case I have been mistaken in my interpretation…but I am not.

I do not know If Dr. Seuss wanted to send a different message, I never got the chance to talk to him. I have read his bio, and read critiques people have written…they seem to have read a different story than I did. The message of the story as they tell it is much more akin to the movie with Jim Carrey. In the movie, the Grinch is not evil, he has just been misunderstood and bullied by the Who’s who are (now) very greedy in their nature and seem overly preoccupied with shopping and being annoyingly judgmental of each other. In the movie,  it is the  Grinch who teaches the Who’s the true meaning of Christmas…wha..wha…What?? That is not the same story at all. Maybe that’s the story he somehow meant to tell, maybe the people of Hollywood were not trying to rewrite history and Dr. Seuss did mean to pen a tale about how bad materialism and consumerist culture are (while simultaneously merchandising millions of dollars of Christmas time Grinchey product profit lolsidc).

Though democrats and liberals hail Dr. Seuss as one of their own, the democrats of the first half of this century are nothing like modern democrats. If you read all of the early Dr. Seuss books you will see most, if not all, contain positive pro American value based messages. “Horton Hatches an Egg” the “Horton” they ignored features a mother bird abandoning her egg to let Horton care for it while she lazies about on a beach. It is clearly about personal responsibility and accountability and the rewards of sticking with a difficult task.

In “Oobleck” the King, decides he doesn’t like the weather (He wants something new to come down from the sky)so he goes about trying to control it through magic and science….he tries to control the weather through magic and science…hmmm? Anyway of course the King learns that it is folly to think he can control the sky.

Now I don’t know, like I’ve always said I am dysfunctional but those seem to be pretty old fashioned conservative (even dare I say it Christian) values…I mean, nothing wrong with that, that is why they have become American Classics…unlike his later books (or are the internet rumors true and these are not the works of the actual Dr. Seuss). The book we are talking about today, which no matter how it’s being portrayed right now, has never been, comparatively, as popular as say the “Horton” Books, or even say “Yertle…” or even “I Can Lick Thirty Tigers Today”.

Oh it had it’s time, mostly the 80’s and 90’s, and it’s place, mostly in public schools, but a strong dedicated base has kept this book as a core of it’s new religion. Yes, many parents have read this book over and over again to their little sprouts growing up. even now, as young adults, those kids are living among and fighting for the tress, occupying many city parks all across America.

So here he comes, “The Lorax” (in theaters March 2nd) is tailor made for Hollywood with his love “the forest hate the human pro-environmental anti corporation” message I mean the fuzzy guy’s a tree huggers wet dream…Here’s the thing I mean I don’t really care…”the Lorax”(in theaters March 2nd) is by far his worst book, it’s choppy and about as subtle as a boot up the ass. In fact it’s a lot like getting a boot up the ass, over and over again…all right well my bias is showing…it’s not that I’m not in favor of trees…it’s just a bad book…I’ve tried to like it…hell I used to own a copy of “The 5000 fingers of Dr. T” so I’ve given everything the guy has done a fair shake, but I’m sorry “the Lorax”(in theaters March 2nd) it’s just boring…

But that’s not what I wanna talk about though…I wanna talk about hypocrisy, wanna talk about idiocracy. What is the theme, of this film, is it green?

Okay well I don’t even wanna get started the point is…How much energy is wasted making  films, not just this film, but all films in a given year? How much in the way of resources? Films aren’t needed yet Hollywood keeps churning them out. And it’s not just in the making of the films, but the promoting of those shows, the stars hitting the talk show circuit, the marketing, the…bla, bla, bla, Hollywood is the last industry to preach to me about using energy wisely. But people buy it and they buy it in the f-ing millions, maybe billions.

And speaking of buying, what about all the f-ing “Lorax” stuffed dolls that will be sold, how many “Lorax” kids meals with “Scolding Lorax” toy will be consumed all packed in cute little cardboard (made from trees) happy meal boxes…What happened to the anti corporate, anti capitalist message, oh that’s right, the companies you like are just companies, not evil corporations. Hollywood is not corporate, Hollywood is anti-corporate, you know this because it is in their corporate motto…What a load of f-ing…

I mean this is the thing the exact kind of thing that makes me dysfunctional (and I won’t even mention how 80% or more of those f-ing “Lorax” toys are going to end up as landfill). The super consuming, anti-corporate, throw away, Eco-friendly society. My little dog spins round and round.

  • You Can Be Anything You Want to Be

All right so this is the big one, The Lie, and for those of you who think I’m being hyperbolic well…well you’ll probably still think so when I am done but the ol’ dysu doesn’t give a crap baby, the Truth is the truth, ugly or not, and it will beat out a lie every time.

Okay speaking of ugly truths here’s one. I suck at math, I mean I am not math deficient or anything,  I just don’t like it so much that I forget  math soon after I learn specific formats (all right well money and money math, and some construction type math). Like most fractions, ratios and all algebra and don’t even talk about calculus or geometry lol.

So what does that have to do with any thing you may ask.  Well given that fact I am never going to be a banker, or an astronaut, or a biologist or an accountant or any of the thousands of other jobs (often times high paying) that require some level of complex math. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much I cry,  it will only be a waste of my time. Better that I define who I am and what I am capable of and then look for a job in that range.

Here’s the thing, and when you really think about it you will realize it makes perfect sense, most people are suited to be burger flippers, broom pushers or box lifters. The vast majority of humans are best designed to do menial tasks. You may want to argue, you may want to deny but the facts are the facts. And that of course is how it should be because there are many more basic tasks that need to be done than complex ones in life.

Now like most of these humanists BS ideas it all started out well meaning enough. The idea was to help kids believe they could be doctors or lawyers or even presidents. But the truth is those jobs are very hard and require a lot of school, and in the long run there’s no guarantee that you’re going to make bank after all that hard work. I mean most kids know pretty early that they’re not interested in science or math, there is sports of course, but most children are only temporarily interested (let alone talented) in sports, there is choir, drama, speech.

When I was a kid any guy interested in any of the above except sports was likely to get his ass kicked on a regular basis. But back then of course, besides sports, boys had shop and auto shop where they learned all sorts of useful practical applicable knowledge, girls of course had Home Ec. Either way by the end of High School, most kids knew what general area they fit into and of course most weren’t going on to higher education and three figure a year income. Most of course are destined to be regular workers. That meant if they were boys they were going of to work in service, factories, agricultural. If they were women, they would being doing those jobs also, unless they got married (which means of course many chose to get married instead of suffer the degradation of menial employment)

Now of course kids have an equal interest in sports as they do in the performing arts and every one of them is destined to be a star, to have unending amounts of money, friends and fame. Or they are going to college where they are studying women’s studies or urban techno musicology and have been guaranteed that for the degree they are sure to get a job in excess of all their needs (needs which include of course a new I-Pad & smart phone). I mean it is ludicrous, and would be even funnier if it weren’t for the end result: a generation of young adults incapable of fulfillin’ the menial job they were genetically destined to perform.

It is easy to find these adults at this point. they have all gathered together to form the Occupy movement.

I’m sorry, I mean it. Here’s the truth; some units are intellectuals, some are artists, some are builders, some are healers, some are dysfunctional, but most, by far most units are simply working units. It’s the sad fact of life. I didn’t design the system, but the system, when we follow it, works.

So instead of having most kids go on from say even middle school and take a lot of useless college prep courses it would be more helpful if we were to teach them how to hand back change properly.

We all have roles…I’m a dysfunctional unit…that’s how I role

  • Every Body has Value

A common mantra among those in the social service fields, we will leave the sub argument that by “value” they mean dollar signs alone for now, and focus on the truth they are trying to sell.

Okay well what they mean by every body has value is that every body has an equal value.  That’s how they justify spending thousands of dollars a year trying to teach reading and writing to an individual who is not only going to never read or write, he is never going to need to read or write; because he can’t talk, can’t walk, can’t control many of his major muscle groups reliably & can’t use the bathroom. We are spending money (lots and lots and lots of money, trust me) on trying to teach basic education and life skills to individuals who regularly shit themselves. I kid you not, I mean really, I’m not kidding.

Supported employment

I know what you’re saying…”You don’t know what it is like to have a child born with Autism, or Downs” Yes that is true, I don’t know what that is like.

But I did work in social services for a number of years and talked with a lot of caseworkers, caretakers, parents of and, yes, even some of the disabled themselves, and so I have some understanding of the myriad of issues facing individuals who have children with autism down or any other sad and crippling lifelong disability.

That being said these kids have no real purpose for being alive, I mean other than making their parents and other well meaning adults around them feel good about themselves. See its really a matter of selfishness, that’s what it boils down too, all the adults are trying to out compassion each other. They will take what is for all intense and purpose a meat tube, strap it in a chair and try to teach it…sorry him/her all about Jack & Jill goin up the f-ing hill. I mean why? There is only one answer. It makes all the normies feel good about themselves. If the G-damn meat tube is thinking anything it is probably more along the lines of “Christ almighty, somebody please shoot me”.

All right I know, I am a cold and heartless bastard. That’s the way you look at it. I of course, would say I was a man. But  then again both of those statements are the same, to me; I am a man: ergo I am a cold and heartless bastard. At least I believe men are suppose to be that way. Most still are ladies, even if they pretend right now that they’re not, they just want pu..okay well again I’m gettin’ off track all that is for the man blog (comin’ soon [well certainly with-in the next year])

The point is this not every body has value, not to society certainly, in fact some are the opposite of value to society, some are a drain on society (and understand that I am not just talking retards here [and am also equally aware that some of you believe the dysu himself might fall into this “drain” category] and that a wide variety of social misfits fall into this group). Now if you wanna argue that dumping all of this American taxpayer money, as well as the countless millions given by well meaning folk through charities such as United Way, to help us all feel good about ourselves is the “value“, and that “value” is worth all the time money and societal resources we divert toward purposeless units, now that’s a truth that we can debate.

I mean it should be obvious by now that I don’t believe it is. Unlike the the first lie in this tri-fecta, this one is not harmless, or well intentioned.

But no matter how harmful to society it is to waste so many resources on individuals who will never contribute a thing in return, it is still better than the next lie in our holy humanist trinity; which takes one of the most important foundations of our society, one of the largest segments of our American population and turns them into useless, spoiled, egotistical, self-entitled, coreless, souless…okay well maybe you think I’m getting carried away, but okay well we’ll see…

Of all the f-ing modern lies that drive the dysu (oh hi, by the way, cats & kittens that’s me) mad as the proverbial Hatter, of all the b.s.-iest, bull shit (yea that’s right doubly full of crap) lies that we have been sold over the last twenty years or so, the dysu (me again) was confronted with what he might consider the top three this last Thanksgiving weekend.

Honestly I don’t know if they are specifically the top three, I mean so much annoys the crap outta me…but they are, if not the top three, right up near the top. All three of these lies are sold first to the “chilren“. They are a mantra provided by a new social order, determined to replace the original mantra that made this country the greatest in the world (both propaganda– one just made the country stronger). And trust me I know that sounds completely hyperbolic and smacks just a little of over the top conspiratorial paranoism, but…what? Wait…

Okay well all right, here’s where you all are going to want a lot of documentation and citations to back up and support my outrageous claims but, like I give an f about that you bastards.

So enough draggin it out I’m just going to bullet point them in no particular order, but I am going to split the topic into three separate blogs because I know attention spans are limited in this IM world and again i am tryin to keep these blogs at about 500 words per

  • No Child is Born with Hate in Their Heart

Okay well, it’s a good place to start. Nice sentiment, totally untrue. Almost all children (remember I always talk in generalities) are born with hate in their hearts and we have to beat it out of them. Children must be taught to share, to co-exist. I mean, we all understand right from wrong when we are born, (some would say this moral DNA coding is proof of God) but kids must be gently (I was joking about the beatin’ stuff above) guided towards behaving in the right manner. Now of course through out history there have been great examples of kids who just wouldn’t get it. Those are the kids that used to get beat (here not joking about the beating stuff) into shape (here I am reminded of South Park’s hilarious ADD episode) When I was a boy growing up…

Okay wait I’m gettin’ carried away here. That’s fer another blog. The thing to remember here is that the statement above is a lie. We all know its a lie yet we repeat it and give it societal weight. That is the most interesting thing about all three of these. In one on one conversation I don’t know anyone, even the most diehard social servin’, educatin’ left leanin’ liberal, who won’t laugh and agree. It’s just when we start the dialogue as a society where the focus on truth breaks down.

Listen, the truth is that when those groups make comments like “No child…” they are making a comment about racism (really it is a comment directed toward white people to remind them that even off handed comments can help prejudice a child’s mind). If I am a white man making statements like “Those damn darkies” my children are more than likely going to grow up not trusting African Americans. Just as if am an African American male and I am always bitchin about how “Whitey’s keeping us down” my kids will probably not really even try to get ahead. So the concept of getting parents to watch what they say around kids is a wonderful idea (of course it’s never gonna happen because people are, in general ,not good) and I don’t have a problem with it.

It is of course the B.S. statement they try to sell it with that pisses me off. I don’t know how many times I gotta say it, ya can’t fix a problem with a lie, though the Humanists keep the hell tryin’…like in these next two “truths” I wanna talk about. Along with the “No child…” they may represent the holy trinity of new humanists truths.

Okay wow, so it’s been awhile, that’s because Little Mouse was completely p.o.’d about my last post. We have plunged the depths of argumentative religious philosophy. I knew she had been a good Catholic for a period of time, but I had no idea, I mean, geez Louise really?

The end result is that Little Mouse wanted me to promise that I wouldn’t right such outlandish things in the future (especially if I don’t really believe what i am saying and just havin fun with a little intellectual exercise) …wait…what?

Why did I say those things If I don’t believe them? That’s just what Little Mouse kept asking and hell if i wanna discuss that topic anymore.

Look if you wanna believe things exactly as they are written in the bible, I mean 100% literal, (and ignore blindly those areas of crazy contradiction) okay well that’s your deal, I don’t hold that against you. But I gotta question, thats the brain God gave me, I tired to explain to Little Mouse that the Catholic Church has a long and wonderful tradition of exploratory theology, tried to explain that nowhere in the last part of that post did I say I believed what I was writing.

I guess, if I was doing anything it was exploring an area of the theological premise of the Crucifixion that has always given me trouble. Ya see if ya take what is written literally then Jesus(God) sacrificing himself on the cross set into motion a complex series of events. The actual physical world was affected by his death (again taking things literally), and yes the spiritual world as well. In fact many Christians, many Christian religious leaders will use the phrase “by his blood we are saved”, suggesting that it was the act of spilling this God/man’s blood that put this whole  plan into action. Again this is only if you take the event literally, as it is written in the Good Book.

Now I wanna make it clear here, for the purpose of full disclosure that I do not. I believe (in my own [which we will get too soon cats and kittens]dysfunctional way ), but I do not take every word of the the bible literally. Understanding the concepts presented in it, however, have been a real obsession of mine.

Now I  know, and Little Mouse confirmed, that most other people do not really think about this too much. If they believe, they believe blindly, too question God is equal to heresy, blasphemy, a first class ticket straight to hell.

Look, I mean, here’s the way I see it.

I got a TV in my house, it works real well, but from my perspective it works like magic. I push a button and pictures and sounds appear to inform and entertain me.

I know there is a science behind it, and…yes, yes, I know waves and beams and satellites and blah, blah , blah…I know but I don’t wanna know see.

Or how ’bout the human eye, I mean there’s a real piece of work eh? The way the human eye works is mind boggling. Have you ever studied the way…okay well I could just keep going. The examples are endless but the point is the same.

Many things seem like miracles, like magic, until we understand the science of them. If God (taking things literally)created everything, then he created natural laws (hell it could even be argued that God is natural law). If God set this world to function on this/these systems of natural law, then everything He does must be bound by these laws, even when we don’t understand them. It may seem to us at the moment that he is breaking all the rules, (raising the dead etc…) but it is (perhaps) that we just cannot comprehend the mechanisms by which it was accomplished.

It’s not like I believe I will ever discover the science behind this act (I don’t take the thing literally[I know there was an actual dude named Jesus crucified I’m talking ’bout the “by his blood” part]). I just find the whole conversation fascinating.

Is Little Mouse right? Will this kind of thing send me straight to hell?

Well, I guess, if ya’ ask me, I believe I’m already there…but that’s fer the next blog cats & kittens

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