Oh it is to laugh cats n kittens I had two different separate past femquaintemces contact me recently and both said basically the sametcf as sadhu thing in regards to this whole what I’m like to live with from the female side, though both unaware of the other.

Okay well only one of them used the specific word Sadhu (she was not being kind mind you, though I took it as a compliment once I went and searched out jes what a Sadhu was).

smokey pete

Did not appear on my career aptitude test.

The other meant it complimentary, though she said somethin more like, yer “like one of those pot smoking holy dudes in India. Only an American Version.

Once I had read what a Sadhu was I realized that the second, God Bless her cute lil soul, had meant the same as the first.

Now I’m not saying specifically that I endorse or support any sort of mind altering substances fer anyone…

In fact I have come to believe that it is not fer everyone, and would advise against much and most to many and all…

Get it , got it, good.

But in a free damn country and home of the brave etc…

Sadhu w/ Savoir Faire


Well, I mean, to each their own thine self be true and all that.

I mean I do like the look.

But more importantly I get to sit on a corner smoking pot and talking religious-socio cultural ranticological tangentitries…I mean Iwould be phoilsophizin the hell outta those topics.

And people bring them fruit n spicy random meats on a stick, n flowers n stuff.

The more I read, the more I understood their, the gals mentioned above, comments n thought, ya know…

I mean not really, it was nice (or nasty depending), I mean but what if n only…

I’ve never been interested (driven) after material gains, serious monetary gain, possessing of things as a n element of the “I AM” security of being by owning.

This is another failure of mine in relationships (and what gal #1 was eluding too.)

I have often tried, but definitely without a reason (woman) to push harder, I am quite content to live jes at sustenance level.

How Sadhus become Happyhus.

How Sadhus become Happyhus.

Gimme a couple small meals a day of spinach leaves, spicy meat, fresh fruit, about half ounce of Orange Chronic or Lemon Kush n time to jes think and talk about stuff n I would definitely be better than good fer the day….

Now specifically, again, I’m not sayin I’m gonna do that…(or possibly live an almost version of that now oh it is to laugh)

But this could’a been my possible lifetime achievement award employment situation (if’n only I was 20 somethin)

Since, I mean at this point I’m sure I’m  far too old & way behind the tangential curve (ya I actually know what it is) on the ol’ wak-a-doo American movin to India to take up career choice #1 fer every half baked hippie to proselytizing poet to suferrin scam-a-tash I thought I saw a pot-ty cat….

I don’t know what that last one means but by Vishnu, Rhama & Krishna you get the picture.

Well, in truth you may not, but don’t let that stop you from sending strawberries or a nice case of peaches my way.

Hey'dya bring my Peaches!

Psst!  Hey’dya bring my peaches man!

Sinner’s Sermon

December 29, 2013

Hey cats n kittens time it’s Sunday (really cold one where I am) so put on that cup of coffee, dish yer self up a helping of tater-tot the ol dysucasserole (regional humor sorry) and get ready for another Sinner’s Sermon.

I guess first, I should touch on why I call this series of posts SS…I mean besides the obvious fact that I am Dysu gettin ready to writea (seemingly unrepentant)  sinner.

But mostly it’s a nod to the fact that most of the Christians I have dialogued with over the years, since I’ve been a precocious child really, have treated my questioning with something akin to abhorrence.

Found this through search on Christian website. Questioning=Heresy source: linked

Found this through search on Christian website. Questioning=Heresy
source: linked

I never understood that, even when I was a kid, why would God make my brain this way if he didn’t want me to ask these questions.

Which leads me to today’s topic which is, as succinctly as I can put it…

I knew you were gonna do that!

I knew you were gonna do that!

Questions regarding God’s plan in the following areas: God’s omnipotent fore-knowledge of events (all that I was, am and will be) and what that means when it comes to the idea of my dysfunction, and the popular cliche “God does not give you more than you can handle.

I once painted the following above the entrance to the warehouse doors where I was working as a job coach.

The Master Carpenter Needs All His Tools To Finish His Works!”

I don’t know why things are the way they are. I just know that they are this way.

Yesterday I re-posted an older post where I discussed the curious effects of Nature + Nurture on a humans (specifically mine in this instance oh it is to laugh) psyche.

Now we all know that our Christian forefathers who penned the Good Book weren’t up to date on modern psychology. But if we accept that God (whatever that is) knew, knows all, then he certainly had an idea of what being born with a certain preset batch of chemicals, into a given situation would bring about.

That is if we believe every word of the Bible literally. ( I don’t, but I feel pretty confident* about this God knew/knows all issue in particular).  If you are a person who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible, however, than you cannot argue that even before the beginning of time, before there was even time itself, God knew everything about me.

Which means he knew about my dysfunction (more on that tomorrow). That He knew being born into the time and place I was (nurture) and given my particular stew of (God given) chemicals (nature). I would end my days tap, tap, taping out madness to no apparent purpose.

Was it a mistake? Did he give me more than I could handle?

Or is this my tiny little (but for the time being still continuing) role in His grand scheme?

Well we all know He doesn’t make mistakes, so fer some reason I am, perhaps, suppose to be who I am.

But given that logic that makes Jeffery Dahmer Ted Bundy, and Adolf Hitler also part of God’s Mysterious plan (something I Adolf quotebelieve but most Christians run from).

Okay hopefully I haven’t lost ya already.

I am not saying I am an automaton, I still make all my choices.

I’m just saying God knew them ahead of time.

And given that He is culpable in some ways for all that has happened.

But I think God accepts that as a “Gotta break a few eggs…” situation.

I also believe He will be accountable it will all become clear after we pass on and we’ll be like “Ohh gee golly now I get it.”

My apologies to these (I'm sure) fine folks fer my use as a tool fer light mockery.

My apologies to these (I’m sure) fine folks fer my use as a tool fer light mockery.

Anyway I’m getting off track ’cause what I want to say to you right thinking God Blessed, Good Chemical. Good Nurturing Good Functioning Units Is stop bein so holier than thou and start being humble and thankful.

When people say there but for the grace of God go I this is the meaning of that. Not that you are one paycheck of being an unfortunate. if you are a Good Functioning Unit you just get another job and move on. That’s the way yer chemicals and upbringing have made you. You will always be that way until you die.

Mens sanaUnits like me are blessed in a different way so I’m not complaining, my particular dysfunction has always been a lot of fun, at least fer me, I am a Unit apart and believe I was designed and nurtured to be that way.

I use to be bitter and mad, but now I have faith in the plan.

It’s a hard plan and again I don’t know why or what. I’m jes looking at what is.

I get more nervous about posting these Faith posts than I do about posting any of the other crazy things I say, which is kind’a sad really.

But given all I’ve said above…and in all my posts actually, I think this is why my “nurture” developed the way it did, and why I was blessed with the particular stew of chemicals I was…so I could be here typing these mad thing and posting them fer all to see.

In case I haven’t said it, I don’t know why, but like a good soldier, I’m gonna do and die.

God, Guts n' Glory

God, Guts n’ Glory

Go And Sin Some More

December 20, 2013

Wait that’s not how it goes now is it cats n kittens. It is of course Go and Sin No Morethe ol dysu

Ya know, I know a lot of readers give my blog the once over think I’m some crazy right wing Christian nut job and well…yea. but not in the way they think.

I jes wanna touch base on this subject again real quick though I know I must have done so before in some earlier post but…the issue came up while I was reading another blog I follow and since I still deal with it from time to time in my own life and it’s an issue dear to my heart let’s talk about sin fer a minute.

Table of SinMore particularly, or specifically I wanna talk about sin to my “Christian” brethren.

Here is what Jesus, the guy you claim to follow, says about sin in the Bible, the book you claim to take literally, word for word, end to end (I have and will discuss that again)…he says thinking a sin is the same as doing a sin.

He also insinuates that, in this process, sin, whether it is murder or the fore mentioned lying, is all equal in the eyes of God, the Father Almighty…

You Kids do what you want. No really.

You Kids do what you want. No really go to town.

Now yer not tryin’ to convince me (though so many of you do oh it is to laugh) that you never even think a little white lie are you?

Or think a nasty thought when that jerk pulls into your parking space at the mall during a blizzard…c’mon I mean even if you can somehow fool me, do ya think ya can fool God?

Do you think by using the Bible as some sort of guidebook in a holier than thou competition you’ll get a better condo in Heaven or what?…Jes what is it?

Do you really believe God needs you as his gatekeeper?

Okay yea, no answer yet, well lets move on shall we…

The next thing I wanna address on this issue is another comment by Jesus, yea that guy again, that “my relationship with God is jes between me n Him” and only God knows whats in my heart…I mean ya can’t get much clearer than that.

Lastly of course that leads me to my politically active Christian faithful friends…if God thought man could be trusted with free will, why are you so anxious to use the government to outlaw it.

Dysu as art 2I mean I’m jes a sin soaked dysfunctional unit so you’ll have to explain that to me…was there a group G-mail I missed or what?

Anyway, I am a believer in that Thing, the Great Mystery…I call it God cause I grew up a Christian as a kid and it shortens the whole process.

I also believe, wait, I know that some of the worst people I have known on the outside, had some of the best and true child like hearts full of faith when you peeled back the cynical world weary layers…and vice versa as well.

The great mystery is that from our limited and foggy eyed perspective good and evil intentions often ’cause opposite effects so the surest course is to simply live our lives the best each of us can and pray to be of use, a good tool for the purpose for which we were created.

He apparently needs wildly naughty sinning tools, and weird questioning dysfunctional tools jes as much as he needs stick up theDysu as art 3 ass holier than thou priggish tools or he wouldn’t have created so many of us.

I mean of course, that’s jes my opinion. But what they hey, I’m a Dysfunctional Unit.

I have Faith in my Doubts

November 21, 2013

Well I’m gonna do somethin I don’t often do in these posts, an some of you will be choking on the idea in a minute…the ol dysu

jesus-doin jointI’m gonna talk about God.

See I mean okay and already. First to those who haven’t ran away already, I know it’s hard to believe given some of the topics I’ve written about and the f-bombs and other horrid language I can occasionally use, but I am in dysfunctional in all sorts of ways my cats and kittens. And I tell ya if there’s anything I like talking more about than politics, it’s  God, meaning and purpose of life, religion etc and what have yous.

I jes don’t do a lot of it here. I have jes not much. You can see some earlier posts by clicking on some of the pics below.

I mean you probably should, but I know ya won’t, and there’s no time to get into my dysfunctional Christian (many Christians would say not Christian) beliefs. So you’ll jes have to roll with it.

But again I don’t have time ’cause I’m here to talk about faith and doubt . More specifically about a conversation I was enjoying with another WP Blogger on a post he had written about free will.

Now it jes so happens that I have been perfecting (lol) a post about jes that topic and so I went to read what he had written when notice of the post arrived in my inbox.

You Kids do what you want. No really.

You Kids do what you want. No really.

Now maybe later I will get to the whole free will post and the complexities of believing (as I do)in a Supernatural Natural Being with a  Plan set in motion at the beginning of time which also incorporates as it’s principal actors (or cogs in the great machine of his plan) units with free will. It boggles my ever loving mind but I love thinking about it…

But I gotta focus or I will never get to the faith vs. doubt issue ’cause this one really (in a fun and intellectual way)gets under my craw.

So here it is I wanna give you the opportunity to read his original post and our replies back and forth. I will give you the opportunity but again I don’t think you’ll avail yerself of it.

Ya should be okay to get a general idea of the whole shebang and the (I believe valid) point I was trying to make.

Understand before you do continue that I think he might have blocked me from replying anymore. I hope it’s due to my long replies and not the subject matter (though I know many bloggers just want people to like their posts or fawn over their wisdom which is not the ol’ Units way). I only comment the way I wish others would comment on mine…(is that too obvious n pathetic)

Annnyway! Here is my reply to his reply to my reply.

Oh and obviously I’ve added the pictures jes for the post here.

Thank you for you thoughtful reply. I will try to be a tad more succinct than my earlier ramble.
First let me say that if I hear you correctly you have complete faith that you’re going to heaven, simply questions (doubts) about the process.
Hopefully I’ve gotten that right.
Now as to faith vs doubt, light vs dark etc 🙂
While I believe your argument is sound from philosophical view. That I can understand the concept of light without knowing the concept of darkness. I believe in practical application I can only truly understand light, if I have known darkness.
Can I begin to comprehend lights importance to my life, it’s warmth, glory and all that it brings if I have not experienced it’s absence?

As to faith with out doubt, I find one of your comments particularly applicable. You state “If I have faith I am going to Heaven, then I am not doubting I am going to Heaven.” (isn’t possible to have both?)

This tells me two things (or I’m ass u me ing 🙂 two things.

1: When you say you have faith you are going to Heaven, you mean to say you are “100 % sure” you are going to Heaven.
2: This Surety leaves no doubts about your afterlife.

But surety is not faith. They are polar opposites. (as compared to doubt and faith which are related opposites)

I either am sure something is true, I know it to be true, or I believe it to be true, have faith that it is true.

Once I know something to be true I no longer have need of faith.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI ask, if I have assumed the above correctly and the faith you have is so strong you have no doubts whatsoever about your place in Heaven (and I have known many Christians who profess the same so I am not judging your belief and acknowledge that I may indeed be wrong) I must as always respectfully disagree.

I believe that no Christian should feel 100 % assured of their spot in Heaven…(that becomes a different discussion on sin we can satan1save for later).

Now I must admit that this might  just be a personal problem.

I, for my part at least (and granted not only did I spend much of my youth celebrating and promoting sin, but that stain and those years have left me a little…more colorful than many Christians I know) am fearful and respectful of God’s wrath and am concerned about my afterlife. Yes I have been baptized confirmed, baptized a second time, (and then a third when I wouldn’t stop misbehaving in my 20’s lol).

Now of course I’m older and make better choices, but I still live with that/those demon(s) in my head.

Will I get into Heaven. I have faith that I will, but I do not know.

I personally don’t even know there’s a heaven, but I believe in one, do have faith in an afterlife.

Jesus As MeThis is when I guess that I must bother many other Christians.  They will begin to discuss with me the countless thousand ways I can be more sure. Most of them revolve around my music and movie choices…now of course they don’t read this blog.

As far as I can tell from all I could understand it boils down to having faith in Jesus as the Son(representative), and what God see when he looks into my heart on judgement day. The rest is kind of a mish mash of guidelines more than absolutes.

You may see this different than I do, many Christians do.

I did once and spent a lot of time trying to dissect this passage or that law to determine what it means to walk in faith. It was driving me crazy….lol crazier

I felt, for me anyway I had to let go and trust that God knows his stuff. Things I’m never going to be able to puzzle out I don’t need too (though I still do fer fun).


I was okay.

Having faith wanting to do good, to be open and receptive to the Holy Spirit inside me(us). To allow God to use that spirit to fufill his plan using me. That’s all I had to do.

That doesn’t mean I never have doubts. It means that despite my doubts I have faith in His plan.

I pray daily that I am or becoming a good actor in that plan but also am comfortable in the knowledge that  His Will is in action and until I get to Heaven I cannot “know” anything.

Jeez I’m so sorry I haven’t even gotten to free will and this has turned into a usual seemingly unending ramble. I hope you will be open to further discussions but either way…
These are the kind’a opinions I’m booted from Bible studies for so I thank you for the opportunity to discuss this/these issues in such an in depth, fun and open way. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

God Bless ya


Sinners Sermon

July 29, 2013

So yea anyway, I  know some of you will struggle with this idea, having read some of my other posts, that I call myself a christian and strongly desire to use this space to among other controversial things and taboo topics, have a conversation ’bout Godthe ol dysu. But that’s jes another way, I guess oh my most faithful Cat’s & Kittens, that I the old Dysu is dysfunctional.

See the thing is reading these blog posts is jes like hangin out with the Unit fer a day. Ya never know what yer gonna hear, but much of it is gonna be jes wrong on many levels. I don’t know why, well I mean, I do have my theories  many of which I have written ’bout already in earlier posts.

But if yer an Every Word of the Bible is Literal person or, (fer the convenience of this post) an EWBL’r, then God knew ahead of time what I was gonna be like and the exact reason why.

Now I believe and accept the premise that I have free will, this is not that old Calvinistic debate, but to God the question of my free will is moot.

Okay and so before we begin, lets jes agree on some basics can we?.  I already knew/know that these concepts are Biblically accurate. I spent the winter in a bible study here in Palace city and while they did not like the conclusions they could not argue with the following

G21 At the beginning of everything there is God and His plan.

2 The plan is set in motion at the beginning of time.

3This plan, set in action eons before I was born, already included me and every decision I would make, action I would take and/or etc etc etc(or are you suggesting I could act in a way that would surprise God[the guy who knows everything])

If all the above are true then (and if you are an EWLB’r you must agree that they are true) then my having free will means nothing to God. I am going to do what I have always been going to do according to God set in motion at the beginning of time. Now against all that, what choice do I have.


But my point isn’t to excuse my, our actions, or to blame God, because I still do believe they’re my choices, (I know, I know it gets really complicated here meta-physically)and I have faith that it’s all working out and I believe that God will also be accountable and when I get there I will say ohhhh…I get it now, but…and again that’s not the point I’m tryin to make here.

god as builderLemme see if it works better if I use an allegory…What I am tryin to say is that if I’m a Master Builder and I  plan to build a house, and about a quarter of my materials are bad, but these are the materials I have tstone-masonryo work with, and I know that I can build an f-in great house even with these materials, I go ahead and build the house. But the bad materials gotta go in, they are now part of the plan.

So when it says in the Bible that  “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (* there are a number of differing interpretations of this verse depending on the version of the Bible yer quoting) but this is the passage from my old stand by and we can see two things from this passageholyfamily-thumb

1 All things are working for the good of God, not me, not you, not the bestest Christians among us, but for God. But of course, in the end, what is good for God is good for me. So this first part means that the plan works for the good of God, which in turn will be good for me (even though many Christians like to read it the opposite way.) And that this call, to make, assist with the “all things” is “to those who are called according to his purpose”. Who is this then?  **Many Christians define this passage as meaning themselves, only Christians, brothers in Christ. But is that what the original intent was?But let’s go back and pay attention to our conversation above.

If we agreed that everyone has to be part of the plan or there can be no plan, then everyone is in on this deal or no one is.

If you are an EWLB’r you have believe this to be true. Because this is what the good book says….

The Bible very clearly over and over asserts that points 1,2 & 3 from above are true…there is no disputing that

“Now hold on,” Says you, the ever vigilant bible scholar “my Bible says somethin different bout this called to purpose…

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.NIV (*, **)

Okay well lets look at that (this is a common reinterpretation of this passage in newer versions of the Bible, though the interps of course are many and varied).

Are you sayin that God (& by default then God’s plan) is busy working for the good of me? Or even more specifically those who have been called according to his purpose which has a pre-qualifier of those who love Him.Buddy Jesus

So reading this passage we can now see it reads that God’s plan is working for me if I love him, because then I’m included in His plans’ which are busy working for my good. And also I guess ergo and or ipso facto I cannot be called according to His purpose if I do not love him,  and conversley He will not be working for my good. (the re-interpreter does not claim whether God will actively work against me, jes that he won;t work for me)

Wha, wha, wha, what?!?…

Okay so here’s where I get into trouble ’cause that’s jes the kind’a logic that’s sets me off.

If you are a true believer, and EWLB’r this interpretation does not mesh well with points 1, 2 & 3, I’m sorry (not really) but are you trying to tell me as did one agitated Bible Study member, instantly regretting the words as they spewed from his angry lips…

“Maybe not everyone is part of God’s plan!”

I had never heard a Christian say these words a loud, I knew he didn’t believe them I had jes backed them all in a corner and he had panicked.

i of course responded “Are you saying there are some people jes doing there own thing, not part of God’s paln. free and independent agents as it were?”

And here I am asking the same question of you if you an EWLB’r who believes as this gentlemen jesus-doin jointdid.

“Maybe I am” He wasn’t of course. He did not believe what he said.

“Show me yer Biblical support” A common challenge at Bible Study

“I asked you to show me yours first”…

Oh yea I fergot to mention that see…I have a habit of saying “ahh well His will be done” or “His will be done”, have it tattooed on my back to remind me-


And I guess really gotten under this guy’s skin, a minister, missionary, theologian who knew both the Latin and Greek interpretation of every biblical passage, a super liberal, beardy, intellectual, who also knew far more than me about all things Bible, Biblical, Bibliography (okay jes added that one fer fun). As we were finishing up I said my little saying…something having to do with a terrible thing like slavery or maybe a Native American issue….

So of course I said here Ahh well God’s will be done (or the like) and he said,

“What do you mean by that?! You’re always saying that?! God isn’t to blame for everything you know!? Not everything is God’s will!”

5067546_f520I said of course I respectfully disagreed and though I didn’t believe like he did, that every word of the bible is true, I did believe the part where it says God knows all, known all since the beginning, and that “all” includes me and “all” about me from my deepest thoughts to my most outrageous and spontaneous actions. He, they had all agreed on this earlier so he was stuck here.

“Yes, yes!” He said even more frustrated having to rehash this earlier debate that he/they had lost “but I asked you to support your claim that everything that happens is God’s will.”

I repeated my claim that it was not my words but the Bibles, repeated that I no longer obsessed (as I did for a year or so in my twenties) with memorizing verses (it made me too crazy) but (and again I was repeating) “the one that says “that all things work to the good of God, for those who are called to his purpose” I mean I know I am paraphrasing”…

Finally one of the others spoke up. “He means Romans 28.”

They all went to their Bible’s and starting throwing out the various versions of Romans 28.

Earlier in the day they had upbraided me for saying, suggesting really that the Bible was a complicated book.

They had all assured me the Bible was easy to understand for those who were ready to submit to God’s authority.

I stood, interrupting the erupting debate.

“I believe” I began still smiling, “Just like I said I did. ”

You talking NIV or NIV(nr)?

You talking NIV or NIV(nr)?


They stared at me as if I was crazy.




With nothing more to add I left the McDonalds and they went back to their debate over the NIV version the NIV(nr), NAS, NCV, LEB, HCS, TMB, etc etc etc ad infinitum, ad naseum


nas ncvlebhcsb


Alright so hey some friends ( I do have a couple) were wondering why this page didn’t show up on Facebook like my other pages do, I mean this is my main page bearing the ol dysu logo and yet, only the other blogs ( 409 N.  etc and Random Writes & Rongs and it’s accompanying posts) make it to Facebook, make it out to the greater public at large.

Well there’s a very good reason and her name is Lil’ Mouse….see it goes like this. I’m this cantankerous half crazed (or wholly crazed depending on who you ask) opinionated (puttin it mildly) old curmudgeon. Lil’ Mouse my woman is this beautiful vivacious young liberal Catholic artist librarian (I know…What she sees in me…?) the thing is I would drive her crazy all day & night talking about politics, social issues, religion and a big helping of how women(of which Lil’ Mouse is a shining example[of womanhood not the following]) have been ruining things since the Garden of Eden

Now She’s whip cracker smart and so we will have some pretty intense debates but…it eventually wears her down and I understand why. I mean I can be relentless in a debate, if you haven’t noticed yet,  and hyperboliclly mocking and cruel…I never mean anything by it, I’m simply in the moment having fun and of course think I’m being funny…and that’s how the original idea for this blog came about…I’m not sayin’ Lil Mouse suggested it as a way to get herself some peace & quiet…but now that I look back…

But really I had planned to write all this down anyway eventually, I mean my life’s been too weird (did I ever mention staring in a short movie for After School Specials in the late 70’s)to not try and write it all down, if nothing else it will give my many children something to mock and laugh at  years after I’m gone.

Anyway the point of this post, what point there is, is that Lil Mouse worries about the stuff I write here, so let me offer this disclaimer: *The “DYSU” posts are where all my craziest most offensive, most politically incorrect ideas, writings, rants can be found (though 2nd disclaimer with-in the disclaimer I feel I’m just tellin the truth, in my own inimitable dysfunctional way). If you happen by this blog, which is of course my first (due to the desire of Lil’ Mouse for me to “get that blog going “) and main page so it’s quite likely this is where you will start , and yer just horribly offended (which may happen if you have an abundance of estrogen in your blood stream). You may wanna check out the blog we write together Random Writes & Rongs, it’s a little more warm and fuzzy, not so politically incorrect or…um…paranoidically unhinged. Cause we all have more than one side, more than one facet that makes us, us. This is the side that after an hour of watching the CBS morning show Lil’ Mouse tells to stop pacing, turn off the TV and turn on the computer…

No matter what else I say, it’s good for every man to have a smart woman by his side, and to let her know he feels that way…once in awhile…don’t wanna get to carried away, might ruin my image

Okay wow, so it’s been awhile, that’s because Little Mouse was completely p.o.’d about my last post. We have plunged the depths of argumentative religious philosophy. I knew she had been a good Catholic for a period of time, but I had no idea, I mean, geez Louise really?

The end result is that Little Mouse wanted me to promise that I wouldn’t right such outlandish things in the future (especially if I don’t really believe what i am saying and just havin fun with a little intellectual exercise) …wait…what?

Why did I say those things If I don’t believe them? That’s just what Little Mouse kept asking and hell if i wanna discuss that topic anymore.

Look if you wanna believe things exactly as they are written in the bible, I mean 100% literal, (and ignore blindly those areas of crazy contradiction) okay well that’s your deal, I don’t hold that against you. But I gotta question, thats the brain God gave me, I tired to explain to Little Mouse that the Catholic Church has a long and wonderful tradition of exploratory theology, tried to explain that nowhere in the last part of that post did I say I believed what I was writing.

I guess, if I was doing anything it was exploring an area of the theological premise of the Crucifixion that has always given me trouble. Ya see if ya take what is written literally then Jesus(God) sacrificing himself on the cross set into motion a complex series of events. The actual physical world was affected by his death (again taking things literally), and yes the spiritual world as well. In fact many Christians, many Christian religious leaders will use the phrase “by his blood we are saved”, suggesting that it was the act of spilling this God/man’s blood that put this whole  plan into action. Again this is only if you take the event literally, as it is written in the Good Book.

Now I wanna make it clear here, for the purpose of full disclosure that I do not. I believe (in my own [which we will get too soon cats and kittens]dysfunctional way ), but I do not take every word of the the bible literally. Understanding the concepts presented in it, however, have been a real obsession of mine.

Now I  know, and Little Mouse confirmed, that most other people do not really think about this too much. If they believe, they believe blindly, too question God is equal to heresy, blasphemy, a first class ticket straight to hell.

Look, I mean, here’s the way I see it.

I got a TV in my house, it works real well, but from my perspective it works like magic. I push a button and pictures and sounds appear to inform and entertain me.

I know there is a science behind it, and…yes, yes, I know waves and beams and satellites and blah, blah , blah…I know but I don’t wanna know see.

Or how ’bout the human eye, I mean there’s a real piece of work eh? The way the human eye works is mind boggling. Have you ever studied the way…okay well I could just keep going. The examples are endless but the point is the same.

Many things seem like miracles, like magic, until we understand the science of them. If God (taking things literally)created everything, then he created natural laws (hell it could even be argued that God is natural law). If God set this world to function on this/these systems of natural law, then everything He does must be bound by these laws, even when we don’t understand them. It may seem to us at the moment that he is breaking all the rules, (raising the dead etc…) but it is (perhaps) that we just cannot comprehend the mechanisms by which it was accomplished.

It’s not like I believe I will ever discover the science behind this act (I don’t take the thing literally[I know there was an actual dude named Jesus crucified I’m talking ’bout the “by his blood” part]). I just find the whole conversation fascinating.

Is Little Mouse right? Will this kind of thing send me straight to hell?

Well, I guess, if ya’ ask me, I believe I’m already there…but that’s fer the next blog cats & kittens

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