Okay so I swear to bejeebus I’m gonna try to keep this short cats n kittens and yes as always it’s me the ol Dysu.the ol dysu

Here’s the deal…I’m trying to get a bunch of other stuff done, tryin to ignore politics and the assorted cultura-socio drama that makes my little dog spin. I mean, oh it is to laugh, at least temporarily.

But then comes this, and fer you gentle readers who think Fox news is biased well you just don’t watch it enough, cause all day long I have to hear seemingly valid discussions on whether criticisms of President Obama, as Oprah Winfrey suggests, are based on White America’s underlying racist tendencies.

Proof that idiocy knows no racial barriers.

Proof that idiocy knows no racial barriers.

Okay I’m gonna leave that topic alone of course, because I am sure that somewhere, somehow, some white conservative christian* mouthpiece is willing to prove me wrong…That in some east side Jewish borough or L.A. Koreantown grocery mart they openly mock and disrespect our President. That in snooty East Coast Country Clubs (many infested with rich liberal John Kerry types) they secretly snicker at his ghettoization of the White House

No I love Common really!   He's on my iPod playlist!

No I love Common really!
He’s on my iPod playlist.

But to suggest that Middle Americans are somehow outlandishly disrespectful of our currents President(policies) because of his race is  something that I don’t believe even you, first lady of American Truth, can really believe.

Not jes the us being racist part. But the disrespect for the office part.

Miss Winfrey I know you were around during the 8 years President Bush was in office.

During those years there was no hidden or subtle disrespect by many of you on the so called tolerant left.

Attacks on Bush

The most popular attack on Bush.

In fact much of the criticism of Pres Bush often had little to do with the policies and more simply attacks against the man in person. For who he was.

I have suffered in White America!

I have suffered in White America!

The Minister of the church that you attended in these years is a prime example.

Where were your concerns of disrespect for the office then.

Bashin Bush was a popular past time!

Bashin Bush was a popular past time!

Wasn’t some of the vocal criticisms not only personal but racist in nature? That he was a rich christian* conservative white male?

Nazi left "code speak" fer white racist.

Nazi: Left “code speak” fer white racist.

And yet here where very little evidence is available to support your theory (save the same old baseless mantra that inherently America is the most racist nation on earth) Yer’re all over my TV voicing yer opinions.

Not only is there no evidence save the occasional whack job (who white Americans immediately rise en masse to condemn) there is plenty of evidence to argue that most middle class middle Americans wanted President Obama to succeed simply because he

2012: Pres Obama campaigns amid a sea of white faces...(plenty more pics where this came from)

2012: Pres Obama campaigns amid a sea of white faces…(plenty more pics where this came from)

is black.

And I don’t know maybe that is racism of a sort…

But Miss Winfrey, this outcry you are hearing is disappointment in the broken promises of his (doomed to fail) ideology.

Yer Racist Ya'll

Yer Racist Ya’ll

Or perhaps Ma’am, do you feel as Pres Obama does, and has expressed openly, as Reverend Wright does, and has extolled from his pulpit, that it is long past the time that White America had it’s comeuppance?

I humbly and dysfunctionally await yer response?

Do ya know what that is?

It’s the sound of the crickets chirping after I asked any…any body to defend Obamacare…How about one of your friends? C’mon someone out there in wordpress land must know some one who knows someone who at least supports the idea of this idea?

I mean, okay, so I got more likes for my last post than any other, but after visiting some of these sites I am often stunned and wonder what was it about what I wrote that these individuals “liked”. Reading what they and their “followers” are saying I just can’t understand why they aren’t searching for the “hate” button…or

I have possibly a new theory, perhaps if you are following some fifty plus blogs it becomes quite a chore to actually read every post ( I know, I am following (seriously) about ten or so and am always a page (or more lol)behind in my emails, and it does become tempting somedays to just click “like” without actually reading…but ya know what? I like reading these blogs, (and commenting, hopefully not to the host’s annoyance[aww jesus here’s that dysu again lol])and only one of them is written by another cantankerous old curmudgeon bitchin’ ’bout how we’ve lost our way as a country. And though we are obviously very different we share this one thing in common…

Here is an example of fun facts that John has dug up…

  • City officials in San Francisco are seeking to make ex-convicts a “protected class,” joining blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, the disabled and transgendered, and pregnant women. Ex-cons already have the special status when applying for city government jobs, but a council of top city officials wants to extend the protection to make it illegal for landlords and private employers to ask about a person’s criminal record.

I mean…umm…lololol…jumped up Jesus on a pogo stick…I mean…really? Really?

  • The state of Nevada last year denied a request for a vanity license plate that said “GOPALIN” because, in the view of the Department of Motor Vehicles, such a plate was “vulgar or obscene or expressing superiority of political affiliation.” That policy didn’t stop the agency from issuing personalized plates that said “AL GORE,” “GO OBAMA,” “GOGREEN,” “DMOCRAT,” and “KERRY.”

Another fine example of free speech and tolerance in action

  • The Omaha, Neb., public school district spent $130,000 in federal stimulus money to buy manuals to instruct teachers and school administrators on how to be culturally sensitive. The book, The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change, says that teachers need to work for social justice in order to overcome a white-privileged society. The book says racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism are forces of oppression in schools, and that institutions in America “channel wealth and power to white people.”

    Doin my homework!

This is the killer one…this has been the silent killer of America, the NEA, I know, I know sounds paranoid…okay they have been one of New America’s best propagandists…still you think that’s over the top? Consider that not only have public schools, since the late sixties (remember blue eyed/brown eyed experiment) have been teaching (white) America(boys) how evil it(they) has been(are), it has also managed to figure out how to instill a sense of self esteem and entitlement to a generation of kids who are completely incapable of the type of accomplishment such self esteem would normally spring from…

Wait what you don’t understand the last half of that sentence, okay go back and read it again I will wait…

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Do Whiggers Eat Oreo’s?

October 28, 2011

Okay so what cemented the whole idea for this Dysu blog was a small event that took place when I recently took a pilgrimage home to see my family.

During a lovely So Cal patio brunch thrown by my sister and brother in law, my oldest brother El Revolutio, started to throw out the big R word…

”Racist” El started ranting “My little brother’s a racist”

I tried to gently correct him.  “You can call me a culturalist if you..”

“Racist” He squawked in his drug addled “Larry Flynt” voice again” Racist! Racist!”

Alright so I jumped right into it with-out much intro.

And already most of you are probably thinking (and may very well still be thinking after reading this post) that my brother was right and that I am indeed a racist. But I’m not.

I’m the Dysu, and this cats & kittens is my blog and let me say this as gently as possible…I just don’t give a fantastic flying squirrel what you think of me.

Puffin  N' Ponderin

Puffin N’ Ponderin

If after reading this you don’t see the logic of my argument you may not wanna come back and visit this blog again.

You may not be smart enough to understand the things I’m going to say.

Or maybe not crazy enough.

I mean what the hell do I know– I’m a dysfunctional unit.

Anyway let me just git to it.

So see, oh and we’re back to the family brunch here, someone had asked me what I like about living in the frozen north as compared to the Land of Oz (So Cal).

Among the pleasantries I extolled about my new city and state was the old timey-ness…4433407844_8eb623334f_z

Okay so my exact words were that “I enjoyed living in an area that is more mono cultural.”

What I meant of course is that SoDak is still, in general, like the America I grew up with.

What I meant was in my home town, in my neighborhood (the multiracial “sf ghetto”) children’s bikes still lay out on the neighbors lawn all night long and no one steals them.

Okay so I’m getting off track. ‘Cause I wanna make sure I address this key issue from a larger stand point then my need to recreate Norman Rockwell America…whoa there I go again see, my brother is right…or is he?

What I mean is that how we act, how we behave is not the result of the color of our skin.

Or did I miss something in my behavioral science class?

Claiming that our social or cultural behavior is linked specifically, genetically to our race seems to be the most racist statement of all.

I mean I’m pretty sure we dispelled that myth back in the 1940’s.

But often when we talk about race we are confusing it with learned cultural behaviors.

If this weren’t true then white people would have no trouble with young boys walking around in backward hats and baggy pants sayin “yo, yo, yo”.

If it was solely a matter of skin color then why do so many blacks hate successful conservative black Americans.

Whiggers”  are still white.

Oreos”  are still black.

Yet their respective races despise them. If it were about race, or the color of our skin, this would not be the case.

However, consistently when a person of any race begins behaving outside of their culturally accepted patterns, their brothers and sisters in color reject them.

Culture trumps race.

As another example, lets look at how many blacks view Herman Cain.

Mr. Cain is definitely an African-American…racially speaking.

A proud and successful member of his race who should be exemplified by his community, instead he is vilified.

I love Herman Cain, like most of his supporters that I’ve talked to, not because or despite the color of his skin, but because he is a proud supporter of, and a shining example of the American Culture.

So am I saying there’s no such thing as racism…nothing could be further from what I have said here. Make sure you remember that.

What I am saying is that many times when we talk (debate, argue, fight) as a country we use the word race when we mean culture.

We cannot work to solve a problem without first addressing it from a true perspective.

We will never fix a problem that we can’t discuss honestly.

This is what drives me crazy about most of our social discussions here in America.

Am I a racist? Again you’re going to believe whatever you want, but, if you want to label me truthfully label me a culturalist?

Truth Matters... I didn't look very hard for whoever created this masterpiece. But I'm gonna use it anyway...And that's the truth.

Truth Matters…
I didn’t look very hard for whoever created this masterpiece. But I’m gonna use it anyway…And that’s the truth.

There are some after reading this that will still want to say that I don’t understand what I am talking about.

And I admit that I am certainly not very sensitive to other’s cry baby problems.

Like slavery, did I mention somewhere above that American Blacks should be thankful for slavery…

Now why did I say that…now I’m going to have to explain that statement in my next blog.

Don’t get too upset. There is logic to my statement.

Or at least I think there is.

But then again what the hell do I know…

I’m a dysfunctional unit.

dysu October 28th 2011 8 pm

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