Okay here’s the deal, I mean I know  that the few of you who read these posts possibly think I’m some kind’a a-hole, that I’m mean and cranky and just…wrong on so many levels. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve said some outlandish things, not saying I do not believe my points to be supportable by valid arguments, they are just…slightly outside of mainstream thinking…take my stand on abortion as an example.

I don’t support abortion, but I do support a women having the right to kill her fetus if she so chooses. I just want those women to admit that’s what they are doing. It’s not just a tumor, a mass of your own cells gone somehow out of control. It is a new life. I’m sorry but the DNA evidence proves it out. It is not you, that’s all, that’s my argument. What’s yer counter?…

Nothing,…not a peep.

I know there are a lot of women on this site… a lot of women on this site who support reproductive rights, I don’t want ya to think I’m not right there with ya, I just want us to be honest.

Oh and wait while we’re being honest, I also don’t think the Government should be forcing religious institutions to act contrary to their doctrines.

Funny (well you might not think so) but, contrary to what many of you believe, the founding fathers, wanting to avoid a federally designated Religion (separation of church and state for you rtds) had little to do with fear of God in Government (they were religious men themselves) and all to do with the fear of Government meddling in Church affairs. Again if you think I’m full o’ crapola don’t be afraid to say so.

Now all this makes it sound like I’m on the side of the right to lifers, but nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t want the so called “religious right” to restrict your rights any more than I want you to restrict theirs.

And again it’s really the flaw in their main argument that drives me crazy. The God that we both believe in gave us humans free will, why are you so hot to legislate that away?

And all this hate and anger what’s that about? I know I wrote about it before, but every time this issue comes up I am always surprised at the amount of vitriol I read and hear spewed from so called Christians.  I mean call me crazy,(and I’m sure many of you do lol) but I’m pretty sure if God wanted to end abortion he could.

And of course, when I wrote this last time it got my little dog whirling in my brain and I had to wonder, why he hadn’t yet? I mean it seems like something God might concern himself with…all those poor innocent souls…what could be the reason for letting such a thing continue.

Okay I mean I know there are a lot of other horrors in this world, many of them befalling the newly or near newly born, but it is a lot of babies souls, sorry fetus’s souls piling up in heaven. I mean, cause they would be going straight to heaven (unless yer Catholic then it’s Limbo till judgement day[this is being hotly debated between Lil Mouse and I, we will let you know what research bears out]) but either way it’s a hell (excuse the lame pun) of a lot of pure, sin free,  innocent souls?

What, if anything, could God use say, a few million unblemished souls for? Is there any clue? Anything in the Good Book?

Well, I mean hell if I know, I’m not God, but what I do know is that I have been assured that in the long run (that is if I actually believe what I say I believe) it will all work out according to His plan.

I mean call me dysfunctional, but isn’t the apocalypse coming this December?


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