Of all the things that make my Lil Dog spin round and round cats and kittens one of the most frustrating is the following…

Study Confirms that Neanderthals and Humans Got It On.

Artwork Confirms Aliens and Cavemen Interacted

Artwork Confirms Aliens and Cavemen Interacted

No it’s not the fact that Humans n Neanderthals (may have) “got it on” as the headline suggests…

No it’s the headline itself that drives me crazy.

It’s one example of perhaps hundreds we’re subjected to every month

This is a common, way too common, annoying me out of my Lil Dog mind common news tactic.

For ratings (or worse) News often features sketchy science stories from scientists or companies with an agenda.

What am I talkin about…well lets look at the story itself.

Now, a pair of European scientists say that they have confirmed the human-Neanderthal reproduction hypothesis using statistical modeling — and these results, the researchers add, should go a long way to change the way we think of other human-like species.

Okay well here we can see that again the writer of the story uses the word “confirmed”, suggesting absolute correctness, but jes a few words later we encounter the troubling phrase “statistical modeling”.  Of course we can’t automatically discount the research, but S.M. research is notoriously easy to “build to order”.

“We did a bunch of math to compute the likelihood of two different scenarios,” says Laurent Frantz, study co-author and evolutionary biologist at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. “Our analysis shows that a model that involves interbreeding is much more likely than a model where there was sustained substructure in Africa.” The scientist cautions that sustained substructure might still have occurred, “but it cannot be used to explain the genetic similarities” all on its own.

And of course here’s where we get to what I want to talk about (and have talked about in numerous other posts).

If the headline had read…Study Suggests it was Much More Likely that Neanderthals and Humans Got It On…I wouldn’t be writing about it right now. But this purposeful misleading is happening more and more often and usually with a specific social agenda involved

Ya see I get to hear people use these Science News Reports where the possible breakthroughs have been reported and now repeated as fact (Women handling more pain than men, Global Warming, Home ownership = Responsible citizenry etc etc) in daily conversations, arguments and blogs.

And have very little luck trying to explain that what was reported is not, or may not be actual scientific fact at this point.

But why yer askin?

Why would scientists lie?

Scientist of course are harmless nerds dedicating their lives to help humanity, selfless and above petty things like politics, social ideology or greed…oh it is to laugh.

Let’s go again to our article and see if there are any clues.

This party needs some Neanderthal Babes!

“Know what this party needs?” ” Yea, some Neanderthal Babes, Bro!”

“Some think that we outcompeted [other hominins](sic)or that they were killed by humans, but now we can see that it’s not that simple.” In all likelihood, some Neanderthals were recruited into certain human populations, he says, and shared in their daily lives. So thinking of humanity solely in terms of a struggle to destroy all that differs from our species is, at least partially, incorrect. ” Frantz says.

Ahh…I see…it all comes clear now…Lolarious.

The first two words I bolded point out the suggestive words. He doesn’t say absolutely beyond all reasonable doubt,  with scientific certainty he use the word likelihood instead. He doesn’t point to specific and documented populations, jes suggests that there must have been certain populations.

The highlighted red sentence of course is where we get to the nut of it. The studies authors and the article writer both have an underlying agenda, something they want to prove and announce to the world, mankind is meant to be universally co-operative and peaceful.

Now I’m not saying this Human/Neanderthal theory is wrong, I personally am a supporter of this theory, it’s jes and again, the headline…

When you read the whole article, it almost always reveals the true story.

But in certain populations, that might be askin too much.




Satan Laughs When Doves Cry

January 28, 2014

Okay well hey cats n’ kittens isn’t life fun.  All the stories that come across my computer screen. So much news to cover, but the ol dysu(possibly) no story holds as much weight for the future of all mankind (maybe) than this: The Opening Salvo in the coming Apocalypse.

It's all good fun.

It’s all good fun.

If you missed the story somehow, The Pope and two random children were releasing doves yesterday to symbolize and call fer peace in the Ukraine.

Till someone loses an eye!

Till someone loses an eye!

Obviously, at the very least, the ol’ trickster himself isn’t onboard this Ukrainian peace call.

But perhaps this is the ominous signs of something

The Feathered Minions of Beelzebub?

The Feathered Minions of Beelzebub?

far more sinister…

The end of the world as we know it.

If you know any orthodox Christians keep yer eye on them. If any of them disappear in the next couple weeks or so, simply vanish leaving unexplained questions well…

Now I of course am not saying that the apocalypse is beginning, jes that as far as signs and portents go this is an awesome one.

So lets keep our eyes open shall we.

And any seven headed beast shows up or a news story featuring four horsemen I’ll let ya know.

The Fab Four

The Fab Four

Hey ho cats n kittens it’s me the ol Dysu ready to give all this dating talk a little break ;cause I got me some hot prognosticatin to pass yer way.

By now if ya been payin attention ya know the way my little dog works.

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

I take everything in, and fer some reason, some nugget of info starts the little guy chasin his tail round and round, and then as often as not, he catches his tail and comes up with some brilliant conclusion to a question I didn’t even know I was asking.

This time it has to do with ex-basketball bad boy, dennis_rodman_56715-1600x1200

turned washed up actor,simonsezs_217049

turned celebrity freak, dennis5

turned nobody, dennis-rodman

and finally turned an emissary of sorts between US &  North Korean Child Leader, Kim Jung Un, Dennis Rodman.

I said ten microphones!

I said ten microphones!

Now I know what everyone thinks.

Bringin the love.

Bringin the love.

It’s jes the old “Worm” (D-man’s nickname) goin off the deep-end again right?

I mean who could take any of this seriously.

It would be ludicrous to imagine there was more to this than jes two oddball individuals finding common ground in being misunderstood wackadoo’s.

Unless of course you were a dysfunctional unit like me,

Dennis Rodman enters alcohol rehab center upon return from N. Korea10005981_H12048267-600x405

If you were a dysfunctional unit like me, you might jes imagine something much sneakier..

No seriously we have like twenty nukes aimed at those stupid "Southies"

No seriously we have like twenty nukes aimed at those stupid “Southies”

I mean if I was a Governement official looking to gain info on the newly minted Wicked Dwarf of the North, and I heard he had a little boy crush on (of all people) Dennis Rodman I would get on that train immediately.

Who would ever suspect this guydennis-rodman-drag is our new secret weapon?

And when he comes back and needs to be debriefed well…what better excuse than treament…

Who would question treatment fer well…this guyDennis-Rodman 4



I mean I would’a never thunk this up….

But that’s what my little dog is for.

Good Boy…good boyboy and his dog

So two big news items came to my attention recently and I’ve just so busy that I’m only now gettin to write about them.the ol dysu

I had another post the next “adventures in Dysfunctional Datin’ near ready to go, but these stories kept my little dog whirling round n round and seeing as they’re so topical n hot I thought I jes slip ‘er in real quick and post ADD later today.

bigfoot_zps2fbda403So anyway the first big piece of news is that a guy in Texas claims to have shot a Bigfoot…sometime in 2012.

It’s like a dessicated mummified “ape” under glass now…But he assures us it was a real live Bigfoot when he shot it…in 2012…using a slab of BBQ ribs he nailed to the side of his barn/shed/outbuiding what have you I ferget that part now ’cause who cares? I mean he shot Bigfoot…in 2012…and I mean that could be, right?

It could be his seemingly fool errand of a plan worked.

And heck, I’m not the only one who was convinced by his authentic evidence, impassioned words and inspired to try bold new envisioning to bring this kind of reach fer the stars opportunity to all Americans.

President Obama is one such man. He has announced a New “New Deal”.

Promise Zones are a brilliant and daring plan to bring the elusive and mysterious creatures to areas of the country in dire need of courageous and daring initiatives to inspire…well initiative.

As far as I understand it the plan revolves around releasing Bigfoots in impoverished urban areas. Rumors on the internet are bigfoot 4swirling that a pilot program  has quietly been underway in select areas of Pittsburgh since…2012. However despite this photo I received in an unmarked manilla evnelope, the Ol’ Unit has been able to confirm this.

Since his announcement excitement has been building not only in suggested bigfoot 2communities getting ready to receive said Promise, but across the nation as well.

Though some critics in the Republican party have claimed this move is only to counter his sagging poll numbers, and there has been blowback from the extreme left of his own party, President Obama has continued to push for this program and has  promised executive action if any members of Congress attempt to override what he hopes becomes the savior of his legacy after the failure of the Affordable Care Act, formerly known as Obama-care…in 2012.

In fact none other than the Pres himself has promised to participate in one of the inaugural hunts somewhere across the nation.bigfoot 6

There have been some scoffers, some cynical diehard clinger-on’ers to the old way of not believing, in things like Bigfoot & Promise Zones.

bf 4But Thank God our President and other powerful forward thinking individuals are here to force them to believe in them anyway.

Happy Hunting cats & kittens, from yer little ol’ Dysfunctional Unit, me.

Drop yer socks and grab yer(well you know) I finally got Fox again Cats & Kittens and so I can like find out whats really the ol dysuFox-Newshappening in the world…

Oh wait yer one of those “Fox News is biased right wing republican bullshit”  people aren’t ya?  I mean I meet you, read what you write, watch yer obnoxiously biased skits on Saturday Night Live and I jes wanna ask ya have ya ever watched it? Listening, reading, watching, what yer doing I gotta say the answer is no. But at least I pay attention to what I’m criticizing.

It is an Orwellian Hilariousity….the left, the libs claiming that little old Fox news (the one conservative news channel in a sea of Leftist State Run Media) is right wing propaganda at best…Big Brother

Here’s a prime example of how this is Orwellian Double Speak at it’s best: I was watching Natiionalist Broadcasting Company for almost a week regarding the coverage of the Kenya Mall incident. I heard a lot of discussion, a lot of speculation regarding what the driving motive of the militants (re:lib new speak fer Muslim terrorist). I mean I know what they were saying, I wrote about it and picked apart the logic of said argument…

Then on the last day of the stand off I got Fox news. Lo & behold there was another motive, kinda like Hans in Die Hard, yea the whole western culture argument loses steam when it becomes clear yer only targeting Christians.

Amazingly enough I hadn’t really heard how bad this has become. I was amazed that more American’s aren’t outraged as Churches go up in flames and Christians are dragged into the street and killed. This is happening all through the

Arab Spring=Christian Fall?

Arab Spring=Christian Fall?

Middle East. And like with our Ambassador Stevens, our administration, our politicians and their partners in the SRM are happy to ignore, obfuscate, redirect and if push comes to shove outright lie.

Having learned this I was interested in watching President Obama’s speech Thursday night….(Que crickets chirping)…nothing not a word about it…

I of course couldn’t help wondering what he would have said if Christians were sweeping across the Middle East killing Muslims, burning Mosques, or sweeping across the Mid-West fer all of that. Do we believe he would not have railed against the intolerance? He would have demanded action.

Hell jes after the murders and destruction of our consulate in Benghazi he was certainly springing into action demanding, vowing to find the poor fool with the YouTube video. Yes a week later he promised to find the terrorists, but I mean to date video guy is the only person “brought to justice” regarding the terr..oops sorry militant action.

President Obama's Big Victory

President Obama’s Big Victory


And that is bad but do you know whats worse…know one seems to really care…I mean Americans, and that makes me a sad Unit.

Even people who follow and are interested in politics can barely keep up and stay focused. There is so much news it’s like an Infornado and it really makes my little dog spin when almost everything I hear is spin. See I’m not saying Fox News isn’t spun. What I’m saying is

Oh it is to laugh

Oh it is to laugh

it’s ore often spun from a Pro-American Viewpoint, and since I am an American first I like that more than what the SMR has to offer me.

I’m not saying Republican’s are all great, (conservatives are better but not all Repub’s are actually conservative). There are by far more Big Centralized Government Republicans (Newt Gingrich, the Bushes) than there are Limited Government Con’s.

Tea Party’ers well, I mean, as far as I can tell most I met are a mish mash of gun rights people, constitutionalists, small government advocates, and all mostly people who jes believe that the government should live with in it’s means. They believe that the Federal Government should be two things above and before all, fiscally responsible and a protector of America, Americans and American interests abroad. And yes like any group they have their fringe nut element, I’d be part of that sub part group, if I still thought of myself as a Tea Party Member.

Extremist in Action!

Extremist in Action!

That’s it. I mean that’s what the SMR dubs extreme right wing views. If the belief that the Government should, like a responsible citizen (not like me I said a responsible citizen) live



with-in it’s means is reported as being an extremist viewpoint what does that say about our country.

But I know the truth here (I mean not jes me, others know too, but not enough to matter, no longer enough to matter).

See here the deal. Eventually, if we continue on this path free goodies fer all, the Government will go broke. It is inevitable. And at the pace we’re going it going to happen sooner than later. And all those who have been fed off the Govt Boob what do you think is

Gimme My Obama Xbox

Gimme My Obama Xbox

going to happen when they are told…”Whoops all gone”. They will tear it down in a bitter vengeful child tantrum when the tit dries up and feel justified doing it.

This is inevitable. That’s jes the way it goes, I’m sorry I’d like it too be different too. And of course that fits into the Lefts philosophy also.

I’m not saying it has to be that way. I used to be one of those people who did. Who believed that, like Rome, America too must fall. I learned that in 70’s HS social studies. The same place I learned that America was secretly evil, after all slavery, Vietnam, MLK, Watergate. I left HS a anarchistic socialist.  Well in my head anyway. I really was a narcissistic socialist. You have to be pretty self involved if you believe you deserve someone else’s candy.

See this does all connect up. On SMR you have hours of pro Affordable Care Act coverage. Oh they’ll give a few minutes per hour for the opposing argument per segment so they can claim equal coverage. But it is clear that the Matt Lauer’s of the world are scoffing at the those who oppose any of the facts, legislation or programs no matter how ridiculous or ludicrous put forward by this administration.

So God bless ya Fox News, even with yer Neo-Con ways, yer still America’s best cable news source.

Big Mac Attack Pt 3

September 23, 2013


Americans, I’m pretty sure even the greedy corporate (white) rich guys who are building the offensive “Long Johns Silvers” in the former downtown open goat market, have no more evil intentions than making money. If the locals don’t want to take advantage of 2 fish & chips with a large soda for $10 no one will make them.

American Propaganda

American Propaganda

As a counter though, the men making these theoretical arguments in Kenya (and Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Somalia etc on and on) do believe in convert or die philosophy. If they were to enter American culture in force there would be beheadings in every downtown across the nation. It would be televised and justified.

Next time you will take the fries.

Next time you will take the fries.

So from a theoretical standpoint their argument as to a threat to their culture, is only in reference to them maintaining a type of control over their rank and file population. The truth is they do not want Mrs Sahib to have a chance to buy a Swiffer, her having more free time can only lead to trouble.Whiff the Swiff

But what about all the screaming rabble whipped into a frenzy demanding the Big Mac go home.

Well once again we can see that the argument is that the introduction of McDonald’s not only ruins the culture, but is a example of the rich west coming in and stealing from the local peoples. And the lowest level denominator comes out to take back what they so rightfully deserve.

8 out of the 10 who show up to protest would most likely not be so antsy to kick McDonald’s out, if they could afford to eat there themselves. But its all those rich western types who get to eat there. It’s no fair, so yea…Yea! What that guy said about the culture! Revolution! Revolution & Free Plasma TV’s!

The theoretical  argument of America’s desire to do evil by Big Mac, while it is a false argument, put forth by people who are afraid of America’s freedom catching on in their population, is understandable given their position.

The support our liberal left, the media industry included, gives to their bogus arguments is not.

The Smug & Smarmy

“I am against rich white guys having power, especially Jewish ones.” says the rich white powerful Jew

How can a rich white corporate type like say Bill Maher, truly support a culture that would fire him at best if they were to somehow seize control over the US.

And what about every liberal woman in any power position, be it news anchor, movie star or politicess, at best you’ll be wearing a burqa. And yet, again and again the language choices you use, the speeches you deliver or movies you make suggest that America (old racist bad Amurica) is the evil actor here and that, like our own American poor (OWS anybody) these Muslims are peaceful innocent victims who only occasionally and with the greatest regret strike out in near useless frustration against the evil western capitalist machine.

Okay well a burka in some cases might not be so bad.

Okay well a burqa in some cases might not be so bad.

Oh it is to laugh, have I said that enough through these posts.

Okay well you all know I am one opinionated bastard, but again I make no claims otherwise. If you have come here for the first time, lemme jes set ya straight right now. Though at times I address current events or cultural social issuesthe ol dysu of the day I am in no way acting or suggesting I am a journalist, or attempting to bring you the “news”. I am a Dysfunctional Unit, the Ol’ Dysu, and as always I am here to set ya straight.

Now I know that the term “left-wing” media gets bandied about a lot and though there are a lot of raised voices and mountains of evidence, the public at large does not see this claim as valid. The vast majority of various Journalism media reporters/writers certainly do not see themselves as “biased”…but the question can be asked how do you see yourselves?

All the news that's fit to print.

All the news that’s fit to print.


[jur-nl-ist] Show IPA



a person who practices the occupation or profession of journalism.

a person who keeps a journal, diary, or other record of daily events. (hey maybe I am a Journalist.
The Cronk

The Cronk


The Wa

The Wa

[jur-nl-iz-uhm] Show IPA



the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news or of conducting any news organization as a business.
Well okay that’s the official definition.
But I would posit this,  Journalists, at least many of them today, see themselves not as left wing mouth pieces but as saviors of humanity. The flame bearers of new progressive thinking to a reluctant and unthankful public.
Ya see the main issue here is perspective of course.
Most Journalists both print and media today, certainly all of our major network anchors, attended Universities.
At these Universities, bastions of higher learning and progressive intellectualism they learned some general facts that are, in the world of Western Academia, defacto operating truths.
Faceless Face of War

Faceless Face of War

#1 Man(kind) has an overwhelming destructive nature, an inherent destructive streak that if left unchecked will destroy all it touches. That man cannot learn to work together without a controlling force & is bound to destroy itself in the long run without guidance from an authoritarian intellectual elite.

1a The counter to this “truth” is the obvious fact that mankind’s positive qualities of  cooperation, personal sacrifice for group gain and inner desire to bond with others far outweighs it’s destructive nature can be seen
Community at it's finest.

Community at it’s finest.

in our success as a living species and our ability to colonize nearly every region of our globe.

1a.1 As a side effect of this theoretical belief that man is doomed is the belief that, not only is someone responsible for this upcoming doom, but that someone may be able to protect or even better yet, help us avert such catastrophe.
#2 That this dooming destructive nature is most exemplified in the (last 1000 yrs or so) history of Western European Imperialist cultures, and more recently the American Puritan/Capitalist culture, there by making these countries, and America most specifically, the most culpable in this eventual doom.
2a The argument is moot as we have agreed the theoretical “doom” position is hyperbole at best. Given the success of the Human race, cooperation and kindness must be the norm and that the horrific acts of malice that occur occasionally and
Americans being Americans, humans being human

Americans being Americans, humans being human

shock our communal sensibilities do so because they are rare and indeed shocking to the vast majority of us. But if I was forced to address this as a real argument, I would say that Western Culture and most specifically American culture, has given by far, by ten fold more, positive contributions to the modern day populations of all cultures across the globe than they have negative dooming consequences.

2a.1 Please note that I did not claim Western cultures have never contributed to destruction.
You are getting sleepy.

You are getting sleepy.


#3 The only path to curb this destructive nature and counter this only by the very slimmest chances can it be avoided doom is to turn the operation of the planet over to an Progressive Intellectual Elite who will start by removing all past notions of country of origin or racial identity, personal wealth or property, all will be equal, all will have equal. Doom will be averted.


3a. Again the “Doom” argument is without merit and therefore does not need a PIE to solve.
3a.1 In fact if we wanted, we could find historical examples of again and again the exact opposite occurring.
So this is what I have termed Journihilism(hopefully I am the first to coin this phrase) : reporting the news as a litany of mans inhumanity to man in order to facilitate the spread of this  “Doom” philosophy.
And stay tuned for our next exciting segment Jounarcissism, where we exam whether this trend in Reporting spells the end for life as we know it.

Like Shakespeare but with more profanity

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