Hey ho cats n kittens it’s me the ol Dysu ready to give all this dating talk a little break ;cause I got me some hot prognosticatin to pass yer way.

By now if ya been payin attention ya know the way my little dog works.

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

I take everything in, and fer some reason, some nugget of info starts the little guy chasin his tail round and round, and then as often as not, he catches his tail and comes up with some brilliant conclusion to a question I didn’t even know I was asking.

This time it has to do with ex-basketball bad boy, dennis_rodman_56715-1600x1200

turned washed up actor,simonsezs_217049

turned celebrity freak, dennis5

turned nobody, dennis-rodman

and finally turned an emissary of sorts between US &  North Korean Child Leader, Kim Jung Un, Dennis Rodman.

I said ten microphones!

I said ten microphones!

Now I know what everyone thinks.

Bringin the love.

Bringin the love.

It’s jes the old “Worm” (D-man’s nickname) goin off the deep-end again right?

I mean who could take any of this seriously.

It would be ludicrous to imagine there was more to this than jes two oddball individuals finding common ground in being misunderstood wackadoo’s.

Unless of course you were a dysfunctional unit like me,

Dennis Rodman enters alcohol rehab center upon return from N. Korea10005981_H12048267-600x405

If you were a dysfunctional unit like me, you might jes imagine something much sneakier..

No seriously we have like twenty nukes aimed at those stupid "Southies"

No seriously we have like twenty nukes aimed at those stupid “Southies”

I mean if I was a Governement official looking to gain info on the newly minted Wicked Dwarf of the North, and I heard he had a little boy crush on (of all people) Dennis Rodman I would get on that train immediately.

Who would ever suspect this guydennis-rodman-drag is our new secret weapon?

And when he comes back and needs to be debriefed well…what better excuse than treament…

Who would question treatment fer well…this guyDennis-Rodman 4



I mean I would’a never thunk this up….

But that’s what my little dog is for.

Good Boy…good boyboy and his dog

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