Yes, yes I know cats n kittens it’s the name of a big 80’s hit by the irrepressible Canadian band  Men Without Hats.

But we’re not here to talk about New Wave inspired dance moves we’re here today to talk about our, Americans, incessant craze with safety…being safe, making things safer, the safety dance against injuries, disease, death.

To quote Gob Bluth, I mean c’mon!

So here’ the deal, I was drivin to work yesterday, here where I live in Palace City, and there was a young woman (30’s 40’s) power walking down 5th street with a yellow safety vest on.

Now before we get too far let me assure you that I did indeed make sure she wasn’t…special.

And no, she was a regular lookin mid-west upper middle mom, doing her morning power walk, wearin her safety vest for the heavy Palace City traffic….

That last part was the funny part.

There is very little, if any, traffic in Palace City, I mean there’s Main Street n Havens, but that’s only in comparison to the rest of PC’s streets.

On her way to the mall.

What tomorrow’s fashion conscience housewife will be wearing.

By any real cities traffic standards, even at rush hour, Palace City traffic ranks as near non-existent.

Yet here is this seemingly intelligent lady sportin the canary yellow vest of safety.

(I didn’t stop to ask but I’m sure on one the pastel walls of her lovely home is the phrase Live, Laugh, Love.)

But anyway n again that’s gettin off topic, ’cause I just wanna focus on this safety issue.

Listen ladies, n I’m singling you out here ’cause let’s face it yer the driving force behind this safety craze, we can not…I repeat, can not stop people from getting hurt.

We can’t protect everybody at all times. We can’t all be 100% healthy at any given moment, age comes with pain n other assorted maladies, faces get wrinkly, people die.

I mean when we leave the decision making fer the country up to an army of women who feel the need to strap on a yellow safety vest to walk down and empty street, well no wonder our country is in so much trouble.

“Wha…Wha…What?” Many of you readers are asking right now, others are saying “Oh there he goes again!”

Meaning of course making outlandish sexist statements but look…

I’m not jes pullin some made up idea sh*t out my a**.

I didn’t believe this first n then look fer evidence, this is what the evidence suggests.

Ever since you ladies have gotten involved in politics, as our society has drifted away from evil of “patriarchy”,  the various levels of governments in our fine country  have become more n more like mother…

Ya might want to but ya can’t deny it’s true.

And you might be okay with it, using Government to force us all to wear neon yellow safety vests when ever we are outside of our residence, but not me.

When I was a youngster I rode in the front seat of the car with no seat belt with an adult who was smoking with the windows rolled up sometimes standing up….many of my generation experienced the same.

Amazingly enough, despite these extreme risky behaviors (and much more and worse besides), there are many more American’s alive today than in my day.

So what does that tell you?

It tells me, to jes pick one…fer instance, say Child Safety Seat Laws, are ful of the ol’ crap o’la…

Raising the next generation of daring, brave, independent Americans.

Raising the next generation of daring, brave, independent Americans.

Certainly we don’t need a new design every two to three years.

So why do we have them?

Two reasons one lawmakers need to write laws, besides justifying their existence and also the need to convince you that you need them fer yer…what?  You got it pal, safety.

Two, car seat companies need to sell car seats. Once ya bought one, why do ya need more, you can pass them down child to child…ahh but if they keep changing the regulations then the car seat industry is forever protected.

I use to work in a thrift store n we had to throw away seats that were 5 years old or older due to continual changes to safety requirements. I had tried to start a program of giving them to needy families but was unable due to  gov reg.

I mean ya’d figure, I mean if yer a believer in this kind’a thing, a seat is better than no seat yea?

N I know, you can write me all the changes needed, crash science etc…I won’t care it doesn’t change the fact that there are far more people alive today than ten years ago.

Anyway the point is, even if we try we cannot outlaw danger or disease or aging, and secondarily do we really even want to?

It’s just another area where Human’s who once had to live through faith in God, praying to keep their family, friends, community safe, now have transposed that to faith in Government, demanding laws to keep the above mentioned all, equally safe from harm.

Neither entity can achieve this goal.

But when things go wrong only one of those two can claim a mysterious plan which some say, with faith can somehow soften the blow.

Having faith in the government to keep us from harm means finding who’s to blame when the government fails and then suing that someone…suing someone, some people say, softens the blow.

Again in both cases neither of these powers can keep us safe at all times. Most of that depends, in the long run on the individual.

Wait that’s not right…under God it’s pretty much up to the individual. I am free to act safe or not.

Under the Government, and exceedingly more so each year, acting in a way that threatens harm to no one but myself has come under increasing regulation. Seat belt laws, and helmet laws were just the start, now we see all sorts of crazed legislation, including but not limited to the well known Soda Size laws in New York…oh it is to laugh.

Even many of you reading this don’t see the harm in much of this legislation.Safety dance

N so I don’t doubt that some politician somewhere wants to make “Visibility Vests” an everyday part of American life.

After all think of the children.






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