As a follow up to Earth Day’s post I thought I’d re-post of the first wrote on the subject.
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Well okay, I mean all right so hello again. Little Mouse was worried bout my blood pressure after reading the last post. She said she can always tell how my days gone by how many f bombs I drop in my posts. She keeps after me to be a kinder gentler unit but the weather outside just started turning nasty, God bless America, I think that means that we’re (or more precisely you re: my crankiness) are pretty much screwed until March.

Anyway it put me in kind of funk this morning right off the bat and I realized the last thing I wanna go do is blog some long diatriblical rant about any of my usual topics this.

Which left me of course with the dilemma of what I was going to write about…? I should just post one of the back-ups I have ready, I know I still…

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Oh It is to Laugh

October 21, 2013

I don’t know Cats & Kittens. I just don’t know anymore. I mean I often come across as some super Republican. But the truth is so much morethe ol dysu complicated, as it is with many people, than that simple label implies.

I have said this many times, (though often near the bottom of my post, so today it’s gettin bumped up) I used to be a revolutionary screamin leftist liberal, right up until the end of the second Clinton era. Ten years ago or so, that’s pretty recent fer an old guy like me.

See here’s the deal like most of my generation I grew up believing that the democrats were the party of liberty and freedom.

I was told, and believed, that Republicans were all rich, white old men.

I was told that, and believed even worse, that many were Klu Klux Klan style crazy Christians seeking to turn us back into some 50’s bible belt Nazi Nation (funny how the song hasn’t changed huh?).

Get in the kitchen and bake me a baby!

Get in the kitchen and bake me a baby!

I tried to find the creator of theis funny piece that is all over the net...but I only have so many years left

I tried to find the creator of theis funny piece that is all over the net…but I only have so many years left.

Republicans were fer beating women, enslaving minorities, wrecking the environment, and worst of all, worst of all, restricting my liberties as an American.

Of course the only Republican I knew, I mean really knew was my Dad, and I’m not sure now if I only imagined he was. He was an authoritarian though. And wore power suits. And wanted to restrict my liberties.

I'll give ya somethin to cry about!!

I’ll give ya somethin to cry about!!

So anyway yea I became a democrat. Not just a democrat, I mean I was on the extreme left. Hated republicans and conservatives irrationally, (of course that’s in hindsight). When the 80’s came and Reagan got elected my friends and I were so sure he was gonna start WW III that we began to practice for the ultimate coming Armageddon by spending weeks in our local hills survival camping.

Okay so yea and then it didn’t happen. But they were still evil. I was a conscience American, read the paper, watched the news. I was a member of Beyond War and Earth First. I wrote poetry. All through the first Bush presidency railed as a homeless  radical left wing performance artist about the right wing fascist, about the CIA-South America-Cocaine-Bush connection,  about the Moral Majority and Christian right like any good radical socialist would do.

From Vietnam & the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam war-To South America and the Cocaine Kingpins of the late 70's-80's the CIA was involved(?) in all. And who was intrinsic player and even led the CIA during these some of these years? Yea Baby none other than Neo Conserv GWB 1 !

From Vietnam & the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam war-To South America and the Cocaine Kingpins of the late 70’s-80’s the CIA was involved(?) in all. And who was intrinsic player and even led the CIA during these some of these years? Yea Baby none other than Neo Conserv GWB 1 !

After all I was fighting for the party of truth, justice and the American way. The party of true American liberty.

Then came the Clinton’s, hooray we had won and the world was gonna be free free from the evil Republicans. The party of tolerance and liberty, free speech and fun times, the party of my hero HST had seized power.

Does anyone really think that HST and Mrs C. would have gotten along.

Does anyone really think that HST and Mrs C. would have gotten along.

No Fan of Liberty

No Fan of Liberty

Did I say, then came the Clinton’s, I guess more specifically Mrs. Clinton, and maybe I was maturing, maybe the Democrats, the liberals had always been this way and I just hadn’t noticed.  Either way by the time the Clinton’s were done I had to accept that neither party was for liberty, neither party was really for average Americans,.

Old Glory

Old Glory

But there was a difference I could see; one party was for conservative money corporations, military strength, had a realistic world view, solid core American cultural values, the other (my old party) was for liberal money projects and non-profit corporations, world view based on theories of universal love and humanism, for increasing the pace of disassembling our military, creating a European style of socialism in America, a continued pop culture assault on traditional America as the most Evil racist nation on earth, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Follow Me to a Brave New World

Follow Me to a Brave New World

Looking at these two philosophies, ideologies, it’s not hard to decide which one to roll with, I mean as an American citizen, and not a citizen of the world.

One cheated and lied for American interest, one did like wise but against the interest of the country they call home, in favor of the world.

All my friends at the time mercilessly mocked me, outright called me racist, my own brother has called me a racist, called me a brain washed goon and worse.

When I dared to suggest that it was really the democrats who were the party of restricting liberties. I was kicked out of the poetry pals club. Took my leftist pin and stripped me of my groovy guy rating.

Left Right Map

I didn’t make this, just liberated it from the web. Click for link 🙂

Ya see by then I had met some conservatives, some republicans. Eighty percent of them were jes regular, freedom loving, by God Americans (a far better percentage than the other side).

About half were for repealing Roe vs Wade and half weren’t (many conservatives like myself, are possibly for more abortions, I mean why should we pay fer yer baby if you don’t want it).

A couple Republicans I’ve met were gay, Many are of different races or cultures of origin. Republicans are, in regards to variety, not much different than liberals.

See the saddest thing of all is that it won’t matter what I say. It won’t matter if you go and look at the evidence. If you are honest you’d see the truth about conservatives regarding this idea that they are white racist. but you won’t look, won’t let yerself see it even if you look.

Just like you can’t admit the war on poverty has failed. It doesn’t matter to you. Seeing the truth won’t matter to you.

If you believe in this ideology, this religion of man, you will jes believe we haven’t yet gone far enough.

Because reality based results don’t matter, good intentions matter.

Liberals hate conservatives over this rejection of the ideology of good intentions, ideology of second place, of failure, where intentions overrule results.

It doesn’t matter if Obamacare doesn’t work it’s intentions were pure…

I mean, super libs blast Christians as ignorant backwards intolerant believers in a archaic superstition.

Yet they believe in the power of rainbow wishes (humanist idealism) despite the harsh reality of concrete examples of this humanist ideology, the countless failed and broken systems, that it has left in it’s historical wake. (well you get the meaning hopefully I’m sick of reworking that sentence)

Oh t is to laugh

Oh t is to laugh.

While Christian cultures continue to flourish using a foundational system of self reliance attached to community responsibility as moral obligation with eternal accountability as it’s guarantor.

Humanism has no such guarantor. It assumes people are born good and need no moral guidance. But that all humans naturally know how to treat one another. In fact they have argued for at least the last fifty years (and often successfully considering today’s pop culture)that it is by trying to mold a child to the good (most times by Christians) that we turn out the worst societal monsters. They believe indeed that children can teach adults instead of vice versa.

Humanists ridicule Christians for believing God created the world.

Humanists ridicule Christians for believing “God created the world…

Humanists and the left have dismissed and ridiculed believers in God. Belittled them as intolerant and hypocritical. They have over the years converted the masses who turned once turned to God for their needs. They (the masses) have now have been schooled (literally) and conditioned, turning from God and the Church for assistance to receiving aid from and dependence on the Government.

..When everyone knows it was aliens."

When everyone knows it was aliens.

The Government doesn’t care about your adherence to a moral code in order to give you what you need (and more besides).

So liberalism is jes a new religion (freeing it’s followers from the moral restraints of previously socially “backwards” ideas and responsibilities) and it’s adherents are true believers, as unwilling to consider an alternative viewpoint, as a group of Bible studiers are to consider that maybe the Bible’s not meant to be taken literally.

It has to fail before we know if it will work.

It has to fail before we know if it will work.

They are rabid, raging unhinged and unreachable.

We shall rule you, and you shall be grateful!

We shall rule you, and you shall be grateful!

Whatever they once were. The democrats are certainly no longer the party of liberty.

Perhaps they never were and i was just naive.

Today, one of the people that was instrumental in my own personal pursuit of liberty and truth Rush Limbaugh had a great example of this irrationality of his show. I’m gonna share his sharing.

He was talking about a listener who had called in with the following story (paraphrasing in my words as Rush related it):

I know, I know. I hated him too, until I listened to him. He's really funny, uplifting and loveable fluffball.

I know, I know. I hated him too, until I listened to him. He’s really funny, uplifting and just an all around harmless loveable fluffball.

This listener had a big family Thanksgiving , 50 people.

Many in the family were liberals.

To have fun with them this gentleman, as Rush told it, decided to hold a little blind taste test of bottled ice tea using Rush’s “Two if by Tea”.

All labels were removed,  The tea was served in unmarked cups.

This tea tastes great!

This tea tastes like hate!

27 out of 28 liberals preferred the “Two if by Tea”.

And okay so that’s a pretty funny joke, and ya’d think they would blushingly admit something a long the lines of say “well at least the guy can make tea!”

I mean that’s honest. But instead they freaked out. The family members said they’d been tricked and a near riot broke out.

I won’t describe the rest. And I understand you might believe Rush is full of the old crap-o-la. Ya know I used to as well. But I have experienced this irrational hatred myself on many occasion since switching sides. Try reading pro American poetry at a University poetry reading.

Their hate is so irrational that they cannot be reached, cannot be reasoned with. And I fear can no longer be defeated.

The monster I helped build is now lose among us. Maybe too big to kill. Maybe the only thing to do now is to wait.

It will continue to feed until it’s so bloated it implodes on itself.

Yer tax payer dollars at work.

Yer tax payer dollars at work.

For awhile following the death of this Fedgovstien America will be like a Walmart when the EBT service goes kaput.

But if we hang in there, keep faith and work hard it’s just possible that maybe our children’s children will have some relief.

If they don’t speak Chinese by then.



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