I know, I know,  you f-tarded bastards, yes I know I can be so mean, or seem like I’m being mean, or like I’m being racist, or…fill in yer negative stereotype.

Look all you cats n kitten I’m the Dysfunctional Unit fer a reason, that doesn’t excuse what I do, but it may explain why you may misunderstand what I am trying to say….

No, really, I think you (many of you) jes do that on purpose…

Here, as an example, is a poem I once wrote n performed occasionally in the coffee houses in the So Cal area…

I wrote this poem about a neighbor that’s why it’s called…


Why My Neighbor Kept a Dog

He kept a dog

‘Cause he wanted a woman

But the dog didn’t complain when he beat it

He didn’t have to give it money to go to the mall or to get it’s hair done

He didn’t have to listen to it complain about his lifestyle choices

And when he left the house

The dog followed three steps behind

Like he believed a good bitch should

And that’s why he kept a dog

I've heard it's best to start their traning early.

I’ve heard it’s best to start their training early.


Okay so whenever I read that poem I was invariably accosted by audience members fer being a sexist….fer suggesting women should be beaten…wha…wha…what ?!?

It was about my nieghbor!

It was one of my first experiences with pc’run a’mokness

So like, when I wrote the post re:Putin n Obama I of course never realized that readers would think I was racist.

I did portray Putin as a arrogant dangerous racist, Obama as an arrogant child/man (and somewhat racist)…(as to the pictures n size of text hopefully that’s fixed-ish)…

But again, me bein a racist, meaning I personally am judging people solely by their skin color.

Sorry not my thing.

I look at what people do and how they behave, what they say and write, and the differences between the two.

Obama in a sea of white 4

Good Racism in action.

Ex: Like white American suburban liberals who were happy to vote for Obama to show that America had moved beyond all that, to prove we were no longer a racist nation, or certainly they themselves were no longer racists.

I have news fer ya, hate to break it to ya…but if you voted fer President  Obama because he was black yer a racist.

You acted based solely on the color of his skin.

Racism. Yea you say, “but it was good racism.

Oh wait, I know, I know ya support his policies n pogroms…whoops Freudian…programs.

Name one…

Health Care, Lowell,  hows that been workin’ out fer ya?

How ’bout the economy?

How ’bout how much it suddenly costs to buy groceries, fill the tank…oh and so on.

I know, I know many of you didn’t really read up on Mr. Obama prior to votin fer him, ya jes listened to the TV news…well really the news is pretty boring, but ya did n do watch John Stewart and Jimmy Fallon.

Late Nite Laughs!

Late Nite Laughs!

Anyway if ya did any homework at all there was plenty to suggest to find. Mr. Obama was not shy about his views regarding America’s wealth n privilage (meaning white America) and told us all ahead of time he believed some of these things needed to happen.

That is because then student and then Senator Obama fully believed two important principles (along with many others, even on the so called conservative side).

1 That white Euro-American success and power came at the expense of the third world nations and peoples, and the field should be leveled utilizing western resources to fuel a resurgence in wealth and transferring of resources  back to the “victim” nations.

2 Big Government can & should be the tool used to level the playing field between rich and poor (peoples and nations both).

Well okay that’s a whole ‘nother can of beans as they say.


No matter what you think, I don’t like our President because I don’t agree with what he professes to believe in.

Don’t like his tendency to support the idea that the Government is a balm to soothe all societies ills…

I don’t think he really believes that it can.

He does wants us to believe it can.

I used to believe those things, used to be a super lefty, think  I made that clear enough…

I jes don’t anymore based on all available evidence and data.

Government  isn’t there to be the Big Mommy n Daddy of us all, nor is it here to be the arbiter of healthy living, nor make people like each other…

Thanks Mommy!

Thanks Mommy!

Not only is in not supposed to be doing these things, it can’t.

No matter how much it promises, no matter how much it takes from one group to give to another, no matter how much it obfuscates and finger points (both damn sides) the (fed) Gov cannot right the wrongs of the past.

It cannot guarantee safety n happiness fer all.

Cannot guarantee fairness…and should be ashamed fer leading people to think it can.

One the few things that the Federal Government is suppose to do…A#1, top o my list anyway, is to protect our country from people, organizations, or other countries that mean to do harm to the ol’ US of A.

Harm not jes to our people, our land or things, but our interests as well, the economic interests of the citizens, of our pretty “good” country…

This is why I switched parties in the 2000. Other logic added into it but this was the key factor.

One of the politial parties was fer American interest, and one was fer the worlds.

Jes some other breaking news fer ya, people in other parts of the world covet what Americans have.

They believe as our President does(see above…)and as so many liberal University/College Professors have been teaching fer years now (that’s why so many good hard working kind n thoughtfully green citizens of America also believe this and support the idea*)that our Country’s dominance is due solely to nefarious criminal activities on America’s part and not due to the hard work and sacrifice of generations of it’s people.


Tenured Professor Bilde,        U of AH

So, many people in other countries, as well as a lot of people in this one, feel that the taking of what America has & what Americans have achieved would be more akin to a comeuppance than theft…

And jes a question fer those supporters of this philosophy, what did you think this balancing was going to feel like?*

The dollar losing it’s buying power…how is that goin fer ya?

And as to the various parts of the third world gaining world “player”status ain’t never gonna happen …in yer dreams.

I mean really. did that sound like it was gonna work.

The 3rd world is gonna stay overwhelmingly poor.

Some other powerful country will fill the vacuum when we abandon the post…n I doubt it will be Russia, seriously, though Putin’s makin his move early fer his sizable chunk of the “2nd” world.

If I was layin’ money I’d say China has better odds.

And with America n Americans out of the picture who’s gonna give a flyin f about the 3rd world then…

Of course I’m way off topic…’cause the point is all this…this cultural shifting and it’s full o’ the ol’ crap-ola cheerleaders are laughable at best and the fact that I find myself being the voice of patriotic reason hilarious.

So my posts are always funny to me and wait…what?

Yea full of crap you heard me!

What happens when the fad dies n black goes back to bein the new black?

What happens when the fad dies n black goes back to bein the new black?

I…look if you go around callin’ yerself Green ’cause ya think about the environment a lot and vote democrat, and maybe ya’  changed all the lite bulbs (ha! go look up the new lite bulb fer yerself) in yer four bedroom house…

What’s the real gas mileage on yer new eco-friendly SUV (or compact fer that matter)?

Okay you support alternative energies, how much do you utilize during yer average day to help accomplish yer average day?

Recycling: The Green Movement's Indulgences

Recycling: The Green Movement’s Indulgences.

Oh n of course recyclin, recyclin and buyin, buyin n recyclin…Lowell, we certainly ain’t slowin down in our consumer tendencies…

E-garbage, the new future's dirty little secret.

E-garbage, the tech livin future’s dirty little secret.

How many new, unrecyclable, untrashable, electronic gadgets have you n yer family bought in the past year?

How many have you thrown away?

How much is in yer garage? Can ya still fit the new Wrangler in there?

How many closets do you have that could rival Fibber McGee’s?

Do I have to ask more rhetorical questions?

sun chips

Proof of American consumer’s rhetorical commitments n fickle fads finicky foibles.

Not too long ago one of my favorite brand of chips came out with a new bio-degradable bag…the new bag was quickly scrapped and they were forced to return to the old fashioned ungreen bags.

What was the problem, the big consumer complaint you may wonder?

The bags were noisier. That was it…it bothered consumers that the bags made more noise, and these are the “healthy/green crowd” chips.

Oh…oh…I’m sorry! Oh…hold on!..Oh it is to laugh.

I tell ya what if yer living on a self sustaining farm in a remote part of the country you can talk to me about being green.

Otherwise yer full o the ol’ crap-ola.

Crowning themselves Champion

Winner & Still Champeen!

If you go around sayin it’s a proven fact that women can take more pain than men yer full o the ol crap-ola…

I’m not sayin they can’t, or that they can…

I’m sayin it hasn’t been scientifically proven despite all the news reports that feature studies that say they have “possibly maybe” done just that.

Science is evolving.

Science is evolving.

Even, dare I say it…evolution is only a theory…that’s why it’s called the theory of evolution.

I’m not sayin we didn’t evolve. Hear (or read anyway) what I’m sayin…(though I do believe of course in a mix of both science n God)…

I’m jes sayin ya can’t go around sayin evolution’s a proven fact & there is no God and that people who believe, have faith in a God are stupid, then also talk about human beings innate goodness and talking about karma…wellll…I guess you can but…

I’m sayin if yer claimin to be somethin be it.

If ya say yer tolerant of all view points, ya’ can’t be a pussy when ya hear one ya’ don’t like, other wise yer full of…okay you get it…

Now look how long it’s taken jes to get through that b.s.

But see again I find it hilarious to openly challenge so many and have none willing to respond…that’s funny isn’t it?

I know there are a lot of liberals on WP.

Are you a white middle upper middle income American with a family, house, kids, possibly in college, who having voted fer Obama, views themselves as a good n green modern American liberal with health care n justice fer all (the oppressed)?

I chuckle in the face of yer hypocrisy and l & the fab o l brothers at yer lack of ba…

…sic support of yer own arguments…

And again that’s funny, at least to this Unit.


Hey dee ho cats n kittens so if I haven’t mentioned it before I only get one TV channel.

I know, hard to believe in this day of overly active cable ‘s 500+ choices…but two things.

One cable could have about twenty channels and most people would hardly notice & two cable is not only over rated but over priced.

Of course I’m off the be ate’n path ’cause the point is this.

I spend every morning watching NBC News.

Wait okay that’s not the point but it’s on the path.


Savannah “Gigglebees” Guthrie.

A few mornings ago I was one again watching the “Cast” of the Today show outside the (ugh I’m gonna hate typing this) 30 Rock studios.

I was struck by how they were interacting with the crowd that (every morning) gathers behind the bright orange (room) barriers.


Matt “Bad Boy” Lauer.

2010 Miss Universe Pageant - Arrivals

Natalie “I’m not Savannah” Morales.

Now people do flock from all over the country…heck the world jes to get a glimpse of them, screamin and hollerin, wavin signs , so it’s not hard to see how they come to view themselves as News Stars.

And this news cast, like I’m sure all the other major networks, as well as CNN & Fox, eat this stuff up.

NBC Al Roker

Al “The Joker” Roker.

And what do they do to deserve such accolades, well yes they deliver the news of course, but they also keep us up to date on what’s trending, where we are as a culture, on who is hot and also not, what we should be wearing, eating or not eating,  and even believing.

But wait, yer saying, these people aren’t runnin the country…okay yes I guess in some ways that’s accurate, but they have become part a large part of the entertainment elite in this country…yes that’s right…news anchors as entertainment elite. And what does that say about the process of delivering the day’s (or yesterdays in this case) happenings?

Can we really trust what ever cause de jour they are pushing?

big ed

When the news was the star.

Can we imagine The Cronk having legions of cheering fans? Or ol Ed Murrow…yes, yes they were popular, but this, this fan base fer news casters is something new.

But they are jes the profligate mouth piece of the mighty beast.

They are the light house keepers guiding the flotilla of facts into our mental harbor…

Lets see what other wildly near accurate metaphors can I use.

They are the Bishops of Bull, and in the end, all the other elite must pass muster before getting a time slot with which to ply the plebeian masses.

On the right side of the issues, ya get yer time to promote and publisize, step outside the acceptable culture modifying mode and yer a blasphemer…

The Butter Queen

Butter maybe better, but butter’s made her bitter.

Think of poor ol’ butter queen Paula Dean, one the darling of the morning shows now a social pariah…

But it’s not jes our news heads…

Ever since “The Bill” presidents have been dancing at the crossroads of politics and entertainment.


Educating or entertaining?

Our latest Commander in Chief has taken this to a whole new level, and is himself an new political animal.

Barack's monolouge


If Bill was our first Rock Star President, Barack is a Hollywood heavyweight on a par with Brad Pitt and Will Smith.

How far will the next Prez go to advertise his agenda?

But it’s the whole show I’m interested in talking about here, the full feature of fabulous factotums…

As a matter of course you regularly hear of events where movie stars, politicians (mostly libs, sorry not being bias, jes factual)and the newsies mingle at posh celebrity bashes.

Of course I hear this from the cast of Today who are proud and (next word my interpretation) pompously trumpet these segments as hot off the presses news stories.

These significant to the continuance of the free world accounts are delivered with lots of self grandiosity, confirming the casts imminent importance.

In fact the whole kit n kaboodle of them have become a mutual back patting society.

Deliverers and defenders of the new truths or nuths.

It’s the dawning of a new age cats n kittens.

The age of the Entertainocray.

The Media Elite tell us what to believe and

Of our fame fueled favorites we do sing.

This morning when I got up, gettin the coffee ready standing bleary eyed at the kitchen sink I looked out my kitchen into the the ol dysubackyard.

kitchen windowThe kitchen window is a big window with lots of small square panes. Every pane had a web of sparkling frost in the lower right corner spreading across the glass in fantastic and beautiful patterns.

But there was still more. Outside, beyond the window, it was becoming first light and, as sometimes happens at sunrise, the world was a soft glowing pink, a gentle rose blush colored every surface including the frost on my window.

I filled the coffee pot and started ‘er up. I watched as it the color slowly warmed from rose, to peach to flame orange. Watching this show I thought “Thanks God!” It was a nice little show, a beautiful moment.

I have always been good that way, enjoying these small everyday miracles.

Standing there I also gave thanks to the Lord for my eyes that get to observe, quantify, name and internally interpret the nuances of color He put here, in part, fer my enjoyment.

I also gave thanks fer my ability to smell the coffee brewing.

Then I realized what I needed to write about today.  About giving thanks. What that means to me.

And first I guess I need to acknowledge that there’s gonna be some stuff in here counter to what you probably have been taught and believe (like that’s any news).

And second I am gonna mention God (before ya get yer underthings in a bunch go read what I’ve written in earlier posts bout my belief in God or more specifically about the benefit to a societies culture with a solid belief in God).

But let’s start at the beginning shall we.

Lets get rid of the bull or I guess in this case Turkey-sh*t shall we.

When I was a wee lad, I was taught how great the Pilgrims were an that we came here and struggled at first but with some assistancefirst_thanksgiving from the Native peoples, who we had begun trading with. Eventually the country that was to become America began to flourish and take hold in this great land. After this first truly bountiful harvest the pilgrims sat down with their new native brethren and broke bread and gave thanks to God for their plentiful bounty. (This of course was an oversimplified version, leaving out much of the uglier truths, and focusing on a simple message of pride of country for young citizens of said country).

Fast forward just a couple of years. I was now being taught a new version of Thanksgiving. The pilgrims actually were not going to survive without the help of the native peoples. On the verge of starvation the native peoples took pity on The First Thanksgivingthem and rescued them and that during this gifted feast they gave “thanks” to their native friends for their donated food. (this was one of the earliest salvos in this war on American culture.) This nueth (remember new truth=nueth) was, we were told, a more realistic interpretation of the facts of the first thanksgiving, stripped of the evil propaganda filled lies of the early pro American education system. Bringing a true understanding that Thanksgiving had nothing to do with God.

Fast forward a few more years and we learn that not only did the native’s save our a** in those first couple years, but that many white pilgrim settlers never did truly give thanks to the natives, but that were secretly duplicitous and held ne’er do well intentions pequot_war1637-1_247fer the peaceful and ecological sensitive Native Peoples. And that our Thanksgiving meal was only a sham, a pretense to give us the God given right to destroy all that was good and right in this untouched Eden.

I know I used to believe that also. The problem is that, like much of what the new left taught us is in no way, wait…IN NO WAY…related to the truth.

The earliest lessons I learned, which while not 100% true were far closer to the truth than the last.

I’m not going to get into the whole story here, others have already done it fer me, better than me & that’s probably a benefit to us both cause I’m already closin in on a thousand words. ( I don’t know how you two hundred word people do it…oh probably by not RushThanksgiving2011typing that thought out as part of the post would be a start)…

See this is, this theme of today’s post, is in direct relation to everything I wanna say.

These nueths that I latched onto, that we all (almost) have embraced, that Pilgrims were evil religious zealots who re payed native American’s life saving assistance with betrayal death and disease (on purpose some would argue) are no more real than the idea that women can handle more pain than men, or that the new and improved Swiffer Mop is gonna make yer house stay cleaner.

I’m sorry. But the facts, the evidence of this first Thanksgiving are available, numerous, and undeniably steeped in an open and honest Thanksgiving to the Creator of Everything. To God.

If you scoff, if yer a scoffer, go look it up fer yerself.

I bet ya won’t though, that’s the thing about bein a lefty. Most of ya are jes doin it ’cause ya don’t like the boring old churchy ways of old time America. Most of ya’ don’t like the idea of a God makin ya feel guilty ’bout the weird selfish things ya wanna do. The last thing ya’ wanna do is go look up boring ol’ facts. (As fer the ret of you on the left, you already know yer lyin’, ya jes don’t care ’cause the ends justify the means. That’s why I stopped being a democrat. The reason yer lyin doesn’t excuse yer lyin.)Metal heads

Look I’m not sayin I’m better than you, hell I often say the opposite and it’s probably true. I lived most of my life flaunting my free will doin whatever the heck-a-rooni I felt like and damn the consequences, and am living the consequences and am in some ways damned…oh it is to laugh

So what the heck am I tryin to say.

Jes that this Thanksgiving I wanna ferget all the things, all the turkey sh*t, the overwhelming and often times maddening things I am unthankful for (which seems to be my way oh cats n kittens).

And remember God’s small gifts, His instant messages as it were.thanksgiving-family-dinner

Looking out the window this morning was one of those small pleasures.

Chasin the crazy life, living wild n free, living rich n large,  doin what I wanted when I wanted brought me lots of pleasures to be sure but, pleasures which when over felt hollow and  unfufilling, often leave left me bitter n disappointed. It is black-fridaynever enough to fill that hole. But…

Picture from web. Not actual photo of my window.

Picture from web. Not actual photo of my window.

The smile and laughter of my kids, the taste of bacon, the smell of coffee brewing, the sight of early morning frost on my window momentarily glowing a heavenly pink. Just typing the words here fill me with a peaceful warmth.

Whatever that feeling is, whatever it is that instills in us with the love of the quiet blessing of ordinary moments. I give thanks to God fer it. It makes me feel better.

I give thanks to God (whatever that may be) fer those things which in the midst of what often seems like hell, remind me that there is also Heaven.

Do Whiggers Eat Oreo’s?

October 28, 2013

Hey C & K it’s me n here’s one of my personal favorites, a real blast from the past. I wrote this during the early 2012 Pres campaign.
I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


Okay so what cemented the whole idea for this Dysu blog was a small event that took place when I recently took a pilgrimage home to see my family.

During a lovely So Cal patio brunch thrown by my sister and brother in law, my oldest brother El Revolutio, started to throw out the big R word…

”Racist” El started ranting “My little brother’s a racist”

I tried to gently correct him.  “You can call me a culturalist if you..”

“Racist” He squawked in his drug addled “Larry Flynt” voice again” Racist! Racist!”

Alright so I jumped right into it with-out much intro.

And already most of you are probably thinking (and may very well still be thinking after reading this post) that my brother was right and that I am indeed a racist. But I’m not.

I’m the Dysu, and this cats & kittens is my blog and…

View original post 730 more words

Big Mac Attack Pt 4

September 23, 2013

Pt 4

It’s my kids I feel sorry for. I’ve tried to teach them from my example. America was, is and can be a great country only

God, Guts n' Glory

God, Guts n’ Glory

if and when we remember that being great isn’t easy, it takes hard work and sacrifice, when her citizens all, each and everyone strive, sacrifice, sweat for personal greatness, America became great.

Once we were great, we kids who were born into “greatness”, and all the succeeding generations of even greater children, have done, accomplished less and less but been assured in newer and more intensely narcissistic ways that they are indeed getting greater.

Absolutely Opposite of true. It is what you do that says who you are.

Absolutely Opposite of true. It is what you do that says who you are.

Until now every child is special no matter if they don’t contribute a thing to the world.

Yer jes special because yer you,,,

What does this all have to do with the attack in Kenya you’re probably asking by now?

Well how about if I  suggest that our liberal left is culpable by not only supporting the enemies of America by lending validity to their false argument theory of victimhood, and through that support give a sense of righteous justification to their cause and entitle them to act in any way they see fit to right these wrongs.

But that through the eventual entitling of the lowest in members American culture to believe that they are equal to the doer’s, the producers and that they deserve the equal mount of resources is only going to expand.

If we add to that a collapsing economy, a loss of the dollar as the worlds currency, a growing sense of blood in the water by our enemies, an impotent legislative branch, and a President presiding over it all promising to do more, saying we still haven’t done enough.

And it doesn’t make sense until you realize he’s talking about pushing America, that ol ‘Amurica, he hates so much all the way over the cliff.

He’s not lying when he says he loves America. He just means his America, Obmerica. Where we all get Obamacare, and use Obamaphones. Drive my Obamacar to the Obamabmart….

Of course the right to free cell phones was in the constitution!

Of course the right to free cell phones was in the constitution!

Big Mac Attack Pt 3

September 23, 2013


Americans, I’m pretty sure even the greedy corporate (white) rich guys who are building the offensive “Long Johns Silvers” in the former downtown open goat market, have no more evil intentions than making money. If the locals don’t want to take advantage of 2 fish & chips with a large soda for $10 no one will make them.

American Propaganda

American Propaganda

As a counter though, the men making these theoretical arguments in Kenya (and Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Somalia etc on and on) do believe in convert or die philosophy. If they were to enter American culture in force there would be beheadings in every downtown across the nation. It would be televised and justified.

Next time you will take the fries.

Next time you will take the fries.

So from a theoretical standpoint their argument as to a threat to their culture, is only in reference to them maintaining a type of control over their rank and file population. The truth is they do not want Mrs Sahib to have a chance to buy a Swiffer, her having more free time can only lead to trouble.Whiff the Swiff

But what about all the screaming rabble whipped into a frenzy demanding the Big Mac go home.

Well once again we can see that the argument is that the introduction of McDonald’s not only ruins the culture, but is a example of the rich west coming in and stealing from the local peoples. And the lowest level denominator comes out to take back what they so rightfully deserve.

8 out of the 10 who show up to protest would most likely not be so antsy to kick McDonald’s out, if they could afford to eat there themselves. But its all those rich western types who get to eat there. It’s no fair, so yea…Yea! What that guy said about the culture! Revolution! Revolution & Free Plasma TV’s!

The theoretical  argument of America’s desire to do evil by Big Mac, while it is a false argument, put forth by people who are afraid of America’s freedom catching on in their population, is understandable given their position.

The support our liberal left, the media industry included, gives to their bogus arguments is not.

The Smug & Smarmy

“I am against rich white guys having power, especially Jewish ones.” says the rich white powerful Jew

How can a rich white corporate type like say Bill Maher, truly support a culture that would fire him at best if they were to somehow seize control over the US.

And what about every liberal woman in any power position, be it news anchor, movie star or politicess, at best you’ll be wearing a burqa. And yet, again and again the language choices you use, the speeches you deliver or movies you make suggest that America (old racist bad Amurica) is the evil actor here and that, like our own American poor (OWS anybody) these Muslims are peaceful innocent victims who only occasionally and with the greatest regret strike out in near useless frustration against the evil western capitalist machine.

Okay well a burka in some cases might not be so bad.

Okay well a burqa in some cases might not be so bad.

Oh it is to laugh, have I said that enough through these posts.

The Big Mac Attack Pt 2

September 23, 2013

The Big Mac Attack Pt II

There’s an terrorist hostage crisis going on in Kenya and listening to the reports I have heard repeatedly the same comment that I hear almost every time an attack like this one, inside a public shopping area, occurs “Well Jim, apparently we hear this is a protest against an influx of Western Culture….really, lets look at that idea.McFalafel

This is an idea floated by modern* sociologists and is still definitely in vogue, not jes on the left, or with liberals…but many people of all leanings, faiths, & whatever believe this to be the truth, not a truth.

But though it is only a truth, it is sold by our most powerful cultural teaching tool, Media, movies, music, then TV (you thought I was gonna say TV 1st didn’t ya)…

Alec Baldwin loves portraying evil rich white guys.

Alec Baldwin loves portraying evil rich white guys.

Here is a new truth…America, the secret right wing white supremacist (and amazingly enough somehow Zionist also) America is behind every evil plot. Even when it at first it seems to be a foreign terrorist group or a race other than Caucasian directly attacking America, or American interests, by the end of the movie or show we find out it was a rich white guy after all(dressed amazingly enough almost always in a suit, that way you know he is a Republican) .

Suspiciously like Bin Laden?

Suspiciously like Bin Laden?

To say 9 out of 10 ten political and or crime thrillers have this scenario is being kind.  It is of course part of the new fabric of American reality, brought to all of you by us, the counter culture generation. That great baby boom generation who headed to college in huge numbers and had been so spoiled at home (compared to earlier generations) They heard the college professors call to take up arms against capitalist culture. And thought “Yea Mommy n’ Daddy don’t lemme do or gimme everything I want. Damn the man and his evil ways.”

Behind every Law & Order crime was a rich white person.

Behind every Law & Order crime was a rich white person.

See here’s the truth of a deeply philosophical debate, movement, clash of cultures however you’d have it. They are debated by intellectuals but fought at the ground level by ignoramuses and dysfunctinal units like me.

The theoretical argument is interesting and provides a good sub culture of followers to maintain a proper balance in a free society.

Defenders of being poor and subjugated!

Defenders of being poor and subjugated!

But when their followers apply these concepts it is never for the loftier goals. And that’s okay ’cause the person supporting this theory, this propaganda against the west doesn’t believe the loftier goals either. It still comes back, like always, to access to resources.

That is why the instigator always talks about the rich and powerful stealing from the “us”, keeping the people from the  goods and services they so rightfully deserve.

See the foot soldiers of said revolution are operating at the basest level. I want the stuff people who work and have money have, but I don’t want, or don’t know how, or can’t quite seem to work enough to get it.

When poor was still poor.

When poor was still poor.

Oh I know some people are born poor and never have a chance right?. They not only start with this handicap but are then restricted from true success by the (republican)rich white male dominated power structure in America.

Tell that to the wave of poor European immigrants who came to America and prospered with no government handouts, or over the top socially redistributive legislation.  Was it tough for those cultures to gain a foothold in our country? Did many immigrants have to work low paying hard labor jobs for hours a day, day after day for years jes so the next generation of their families could go to college (oh it is to laugh) and the family itself would prosper?

Building a brighter tomorrow.

Building a brighter tomorrow.

Even race is not a barrier in America as through decades of hard work, family and sacrifice many races prosper.

Even race is not a barrier in America as through decades of hard work, family and sacrifice many races prosper.

Of course they are rhetorical questions…we know these are true? For the majority, these very poor people were hard working supporters and believers of the American culture & dream. And we can tell by history that they not only succeeded in aces, but helped build the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.

A generNation that defeated not one, not just two powerful European aggressors, but a third one on the opposite side of the world.

Could we have followed those wars by taking much of Europe after that. Expanding not jes our interest but, as many countries had till that point in history, our physical borders as well. We could have but that is not the American way.

Here in America we conquer with live laugh lovery. We conquer through marketing and never have to occupy.

And that’s the theoretical argument of the terrorists in Kenya. We conquer with Big Macs, with KFC, with capitalism.

But what’s our intent. What is the evil plot behind it all?

Stay tuned fer part III and we’ll delve deeper into that.

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