When John and I were boys, a child gained self esteem by accomplishing new and ever increasingly difficult tasks, not just school work, but more importantly, the work you did to help around the house or the farm. Remember the time yer parent would not let you quit doing a job until you did it right(even if it meant till dark), an important (maybe the most) lesson to learn, and just as important it created(s) self esteem in the child.

Now fast forward to the way we parented our own children, did we use our parents  style or abandon it in favor of the new kinder gentler parenting, hovering helicopter friendly fun day parent…even if you are not, even if you are trying to instill core American work ethic values in your child, your child’s teacher is not.  Your kids teacher tells them that they are perfect(unless they are an American little boy of waspy descent). The teacher themselves may not hover but the system does; Spelling? optional. Math? new. Science? humanist religion….anyway I could keep goin on but…

Cause nothing says truth better than a stylishly made up and dressed woman, eating a cupcake while thinking about going on a diet, reading a book with sunglasses on indoors, by an author sure to impress her readers...

I think these are fine examples of the kind of crap…CRAP…that so many of you f-tards think are good ideas. I know that you do because I actually read a lot of your blogs….now to be fair most of the people who I am following are pretty funny and snarky* themselves, (even if they are a little more lib than I[and certainly more sane lol]) and there are I am sure countless blogs I have not found yet with like minded thinkers, but one of the reasons I have failed to find them yet is because I have to wade through so much Livin, Laughin, and Lovin and/or crazy New America Idealism that after awhile I snap and have to crank out some pissed off piece of post…

I mean personally I guess in the long haul, I don’t really give a shit, I’m nearing the end of my little run, I mean I f-d up a lot of it but it’s been fun, and I do understand that we meant (and you who still believe [mean]) the best…it all sounded so good, so right, so easy, but the evidence is in. It’s been fifty or so years in this grand experiment, the counter culture has become the dominant culture I should be celebrating, after all I’m one dysfunctional f-ed up piece of machinery only…the most tragic hilarity of all…I’ve come to see that society should not think like me…society needs to teach our kids that the easy way is the bad way.

The Builders of America

There is a reason that the culture that came to dominate and change  the whole world did so, and being kinder and gentler wasn’t one of them. There is a reason such a culture lifted all of it’s citizens (even the poor, minority and/or disenfranchised ones) into a higher standard (still) of living unknown in the world before then, and it wasn’t the government worrying about fairness…

Home of the Free and the Brave!

Am I saying that everything back in ‘ye old timey days was better? Is that what I said??  Read carefully, all I said is it’s time to admit that in many ways that are really important, our parents, our early American culture were right…hard work, sacrifice and long term planning will always get us ahead-don’t spend money we don’t have- judge someone by what they do, not who they are-sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us-ya can lead an f-tard to facts but they won’t see the truth-

Alright I made that last one up ’cause it was gettin a little boring, yes I know even I bore myself sometimes…what, you think I wanna keep talking about this crap…hell no…I wanna go back to being what nature and nurture seemed to want to combine to make me…irresponsible…but no…I gotta be this guy…the guy who keeps talkin’ bout personal accountability…just one more reason I’m Dysfunctional

Ya got complaints...Talk to the Chicken!!

Do ya know what that is?

It’s the sound of the crickets chirping after I asked any…any body to defend Obamacare…How about one of your friends? C’mon someone out there in wordpress land must know some one who knows someone who at least supports the idea of this idea?

I mean, okay, so I got more likes for my last post than any other, but after visiting some of these sites I am often stunned and wonder what was it about what I wrote that these individuals “liked”. Reading what they and their “followers” are saying I just can’t understand why they aren’t searching for the “hate” button…or

I have possibly a new theory, perhaps if you are following some fifty plus blogs it becomes quite a chore to actually read every post ( I know, I am following (seriously) about ten or so and am always a page (or more lol)behind in my emails, and it does become tempting somedays to just click “like” without actually reading…but ya know what? I like reading these blogs, (and commenting, hopefully not to the host’s annoyance[aww jesus here’s that dysu again lol])and only one of them is written by another cantankerous old curmudgeon bitchin’ ’bout how we’ve lost our way as a country. And though we are obviously very different we share this one thing in common…

Here is an example of fun facts that John has dug up…

  • City officials in San Francisco are seeking to make ex-convicts a “protected class,” joining blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, the disabled and transgendered, and pregnant women. Ex-cons already have the special status when applying for city government jobs, but a council of top city officials wants to extend the protection to make it illegal for landlords and private employers to ask about a person’s criminal record.

I mean…umm…lololol…jumped up Jesus on a pogo stick…I mean…really? Really?

  • The state of Nevada last year denied a request for a vanity license plate that said “GOPALIN” because, in the view of the Department of Motor Vehicles, such a plate was “vulgar or obscene or expressing superiority of political affiliation.” That policy didn’t stop the agency from issuing personalized plates that said “AL GORE,” “GO OBAMA,” “GOGREEN,” “DMOCRAT,” and “KERRY.”

Another fine example of free speech and tolerance in action

  • The Omaha, Neb., public school district spent $130,000 in federal stimulus money to buy manuals to instruct teachers and school administrators on how to be culturally sensitive. The book, The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change, says that teachers need to work for social justice in order to overcome a white-privileged society. The book says racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism are forces of oppression in schools, and that institutions in America “channel wealth and power to white people.”

    Doin my homework!

This is the killer one…this has been the silent killer of America, the NEA, I know, I know sounds paranoid…okay they have been one of New America’s best propagandists…still you think that’s over the top? Consider that not only have public schools, since the late sixties (remember blue eyed/brown eyed experiment) have been teaching (white) America(boys) how evil it(they) has been(are), it has also managed to figure out how to instill a sense of self esteem and entitlement to a generation of kids who are completely incapable of the type of accomplishment such self esteem would normally spring from…

Wait what you don’t understand the last half of that sentence, okay go back and read it again I will wait…

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Spanks for the Comment

March 11, 2012

Okay so to start with hilarious, your alternative, forward thinking views are about as cutting edge today as the hippie movement, oh it is to laugh…Men(white)=violence, racism, all others blameless and victims only…now thats some kind’a radically new philosophy you’ve come up with…

Oh wait what, okay so ya don’t know but I have been honored to have a guy comment one one of my poems in GS Years

I was very excited, I’d never had a negative comment, I mean I always thought fer sure it would come on this site first, but still it was great. I told Lil Mouse first thing. She wasn’t as impressed as I was. Her only comment was, ‘Now play nice’.

Well anyway of course, like with everyone who visits, I went to visit his site…..and that’s about where you entered.  But maybe I should link him up so you can go read it fer yerself before we go any farther.

As you can imagine I had just a little to say to abandonedculture. Here is how my comment started…

‘ac-Your post is very well written and funny but your opinions lack solid intellectual merit and a cohesive interactivity as well as…so many things don’t know where to begin.’

As usual however it wasn’t the beginning I had trouble with, it was the ending, or I guess specifically simply ending. What follows is the rest…

“This next one is going to be hard …..try and imagine a world where children are afforded the same basic rights as adults,” this is just one of your hilarious statements. You think you are being edgy by suggesting this? This has

Natural selection, survival is instinctual. We must be taught to get along

been the mantra of American child rearing pop psychology since I was growing up (and that’s a long time ago now)…Do you think talking out against people using physical discipline against their children is somehow being “not p.c.”?

Let me use that same sentence still “This next one is going to be hard …..try and imagine a world where children are afforded the same basic rights as adults,” What are you trying to say? Have you yourself actually tried to imagine this?? I am assuming (and we know what they say about that word) that you do not actually have children yourself, and forgive me if I am wrong, but let me know what you think after you do.

You seem to be confusing discipline with just plain ol violence…yes yes I know what about reason, what about reasoning with the two year old? You can discuss the many and varied reasons why he should not do…fill in the blank…and if he continues…well time out of course…

We have been doing this since the 80’s, or earlier in some cases; in bigger, more hip cities. So let me pose this question to you…Are young men less violent and out of control than they were say 50 or 60 years ago (during the hey day of white male cultural domination) or more out of control and violent…Don’t bother it’s a rhetorical question

Let’s move on to another piece of your so called “politically incorrect” diatribe “Now imagine a world where ‘black’ slaves were not given the same rights as ‘white’ people. A world where you can buy and own ‘black’ people and treat them as slaves. A world where a husband can beat his wife and that is considered pretty normal and acceptable too. And a world where hitting your kids is so commonplace it is considered a fundamental part of raising children.”  Two specific things 1. these issues have only a tentative link from a logic argument standpoint and so are tenuously tethered at best 2.You have described, in your statement, cultural norms in much of the world in the present day, except for in white American, or western European influenced cultures, the very culture you want to condemn. If you are saying we are bad because this is the way we acted well, okay…But first it’s neither, in this day and age, radically out of step with the main stream to suggest we not beat children (let alone keep slaves), nor is it the point of the gentleman whose position you have taken issue with. The MP is not advocating “violence” against children, but discipline, discipline specific to their cultural parenting style(you’re not suggesting his [mostly Africans] constituents cultural form of parenting is inferior to our[we’ll call it neo-western style] are you?) I mean that might be something I might say but you seem more culturally sensitive than that.

Reasoning with children, once they gain the ability to reason, is preferable to physical discipline. And in most cases, with most children (more often with girls than boys[more often but not always]) reason, discussion even limited sanctions are enough. But in some cases (the opposite of above more often boys than girls) the eventuality of physical corporal punishment must be applied and better for society if it is sooner than later. As a parent it is up to me to decide how, for what measures, and what judicious purposes. Are there bad parents? Yes of course, there have been, are now and will continue to be parents who capriciously beat their children, or who misuse the term discipline, but they can do that without using any physical violence sometime with much more devastating effects.

Which again brings up the question who is this post addressed to, people like me?(though I used to believe as you do when I was logically immature). If that is the case then you are saying that spanking your child, or swatting their hand is violence against children. You are following a long treasured yet now solidly proven misguided theory of “the child knows best”. It’s pop psychology theoretical dogma unsupported by reality. “You can’t hit virtue, reason or good sense into a child any more than you can hit algebra or geography into that child.” Your statement is unsupported by fact, for thousands of years this is the way the human race functioned, we did indeed, and so much more so than now, beat values, morals and even algebra into some children.

I am not making a value statement, just stating fact.

Let me end with this. When I was a boy growing up (a time of strict discipline backed by threat of violence) If a swear word left my mouth when I was, say ten, any adult within earshot could have taken by the ear and dragged me back home to dear ol ma & pa, who would not only spank me for the said offense, but for the embarrassment in the community. Fast forward to today, ten year old kids normally spout whatever language they care to, any adult who challenges is mocked or worse….

Too late

Again this is not my opinion, this is just what is.

My opinion on it is that, it is, unfortunately, a lack of discipline, (in some cases judiciously physically applied, early enough) along with a youth first culture (children’s rights?)that is one of the foundations for the problems western societies are in today….

Now ac-before you comment, reply and I sincerely hope you do, it will help you develop the foundations of your arguments if you read some of my previous work to get a flavor for who I am (as I did with you before writing this reply turned post). I will leave suggestions in your reply box as well as a link to this post.

Thanks again ac-I do indeed hope ya stop by, and that you’ve enjoyed this post you inspired, please feel free to comment, that goes for any visitors supportive or otherwise, God Bless ya, seeking the truth is as honest a past time as claiming to have found it.

I don’t claim anything other than being dysfunctional. I jes my little dog speak, it’s up to you the reader to decide whats true

And actually I don’t know why the hell I was asking…like I care what you think.

So you see these cast off units were my family.

And among the other good for nothings, among my new family, it turned out I was pretty good at turning on and dropping out.

And you have to remember that by the time we get to this point it’s now the late seventies. The generation of peace and love was making way for the kids of hate and anarchy…that was me, I was one of them.

Tune in, turn on, drop out, disrupt.

That could have been the new motto.

F-em all was easier to say.

Okay so this is what I had become, by seventeen a completely dysfunctional unit.

As much able to support myself as a thread bare bra supports a 60 year old stripper.

I like to think that this was not my original destiny, what God had in store when he formed me in the womb, or for you humanists, what genetics had in store for me.

But that of course brings nature vs nurture into question now doesn’t it and I don’t know if I wanna go down that long road in this post.

Because in the long run it doesn’t matter what made me dysfunctional, just that I became that way.

Its just that the process of this becoming seemed a lot like life.

I, for all I knew, was simply tryin to survive, but in that surviving I became this…this…well again, dysfunctional unit.

Okay, there I was fully fledged and malfunctioning on all cylinders.

I’m a year out of High School.

It’s the year of our Lord 1978

Those I interacted with were also, for the most part, dysfunctionally operating units of their own variety.

I felt no real kinship no connection with most of them. And they were operating in the same way toward me.

These early years were filled with other stoners, drunks, thieves, dealers,  n’er do wells of many stripes.

Even those I considered “friends” often times (in hindsitlical examination)only kept me around, cause I was always hanging around. I filled the “oh shit it’s that f-ing crazy guy” spot  that every group of friends needs.

The one common trait of course was partying, drugs etc.

Living on the fringes of regular society and taking the rich scraps that often fall (or are sometimes taken) from the banquet table of the functional.

But after a few years I knew these people weren’t like me, they weren’t my real family.

I dressed in crazy thrift store get ups. Cut my own hair with whatever implement was on hand, giving me…as one person put it…a concentration camp look.

I carried notebooks everywhere I went and was often mocked or had to fight some guy at a party for bein…umm…not manly.

Now it’s also important to know I and the people I hung with were mostly speed people…

Okay wait, yea we drank, smoked pot, acid, shrooms, pcp, cannabinol, etc(remember this is the s’70’s).

But for those who aren’t big in the drug culture let me clue ya into something…yer either n upper person or a downer person, a fan of speed, meth, coke etc, or a fan of barbitutes, heroin, opiates etc…

Anyway back to it…

I am and hung with speed people.

But I always knew, like I said above, I was not truly one of them and was treated as, a unit apart. (I was yet to find other mad poets, that was still nearly a decade away…0h it is to laugh).

So I will skip the next ten years or so of drug crazed, alcohol hazed, fornicating, crime doin, people usin, notebook scribblin, mountain ramblin, bush sleepin, drunk a-hole, trouble causin hilarity; maybe I will post some of the high and low lights some day.

(As of this re-blogging I have actually done so…3 posts featuring my 3 worst “dates” or the 3 I specifically remember as being outstanding for their hilarity.”)

But this is my declaration and and there is one more becoming to discuss. And fer now you’ll have to be happy with what madness I’ve shared.

Once I realized that I had, through an unconscious procedure become one thing…

I began to consider that perhaps through a conscience process I could become something different.

Of course,  I never do anything half way.

And I swear I’m gonna explain it in hundred words or less.

This second becoming wasn’t an easy process. It took about ten years of trial and error and in the long run the only real world applicable difference is the stuff I write about in this blog.

Most of the differences are merely theoretical.

My blog itself is a description of these theoretical differences between what I first believed entering the big world (all the liberal peace corps, new age, anarchistic monkey wrenchin, beyond war, crystal, hoo-doo socialistic bull crap) and what real life has forced me to believe and accept as truth, dysfunctional or not…

You are only as good as your components, only as good as your soft and hard ware, so figure out what kind of unit you are, make the best of it, and stop cryin…

Some of us are designed to be Oprahs or Shaqs,  some of us are designed to flip burgers or sweep floors, some of us are designed simply to be dysfunctional in all sorts of random and unexpected ways.

So crazed ultra revolutionary drug addled socialist became crazed ultra independent drug addled separatist.

The Unit I am today, and my own new particular brand of dysfunction was born.

And that’s me chasin’ my tail sayin God Bless America Cats & Kittens until next time on the ol’ Dysu ranch

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