If Only General Motors had Been in Charge at Benghazi

April 3, 2014

Oh…oh it is to laugh cats n kittens…I tell ya’ sometimes…I mean I’m flabbergasted.

I’m watchin my usual NBC (the only channel I get) morning show this morning n fer the fourth day in a row (maybe) one of  the lead news stories is the grilling on

Mary Barra

Mary Barra Bares GM Burdens Under Burgeoning Backlash

Now wait okay, lets get somethin out of the way before we begin…

The design flaw, continued production, lies n cover up by GM are bad. People were injured. People died.  Families still grieve…I get it.

This post is not to make lite of these tragedies.

That being said, the Countries security, this Nations interest were never at stake.

And yet everyone of these Senators and Congresspersons save a couple, are far more visibly upset and grilling fer answers more aggresively than they ever were over Benghazi, an issue were National interests were at stake.

Yes I know, fer them it’s an easy target, a way to look tough fer their constituents, to look concerned fer the “people” and they get to attack a big bad corporation, winner winner chicken dinner.

N again I don’t wanna make lite of the victims of GM’s killing spree, but c’mon politico’s where was the fire in yer belly to get answers over Benghazi.

While these individuals who died in GM involved accidents were important to family, friends, a community, they weren’t busy doing the work of America & our interests abroad, which makes them part of our larger family, the community of Americans, a fact that should have made the deaths at Benghazi (at least as) important to us all.

GM Announces Huge Losses And Another Round Of Buyouts

Headquarters, General Murderers Inc.

And while I do understand the outrage that General Motors (a for profit corporation) got caught lying to consumers and putting many an American driver at risk. at least it wasn’t the very Government that we entrust with all of our safety and well being 24/7 as they say, getting caught lying to it’s…no wait they did get caught bald faced lying to us all, even the media, if’n ya believe it so you’d think they’d be maddest of all…

Annnyway so while yes I do understand the outrage, I wonder at it’s national news power as compared to say Benghazi…

Okay well no, that’s probably not a true statement, I don’t wonder at all.

I already know why or…believe I know why…

It’s ’cause the above mentioned News people choose to make it important.

They talk about it every morning using inflammatory language and suggest many Americans are outraged….n maybe they are. But I think there’s a bit of the chicken and the egg goin on here as well.

NBC savannah guthrie

“Don’t be silly! Of course we don’t tell you what to think! We jes tell you what other Americans are thinking so you know what to think…get it?.”

Anyway, John n Jane Regular hear this as they’re getting ready in the morning n feel that they also should be outraged because they want to be good Americans and of course it is outrageous.

That poor girl died. Someone should be held accountble!

Mr. & Mrs. Regular’s head to their respective jobs n express their outrage to others who also watched their favorite morning show and were also informed that they should be outraged.

And they all agree it’s outrageous. Second of course to the outrage is the “demand to have answers” and to hold “someone accountable”.

Counter that with the lack of outrage n demand fer answers etc from the Morning Shows regarding Benghazi…

Oh wait…that’s right there was outrage at first.

Outrage, we were told, over a video on YouTube…

Oh…I’m sorry…hold on.

Oh really it’s jes so hilarious…it’s hard fer me to take this stuff seriously anymore.

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

Darn almost got it! Darn almost got it!

I know that I’m jes the ol’ Unit with a lil’ dog spinning round n round in his head, but if I could ask any of the various big name Newsies a question it would be “Do you ever feel embarrassed, ashamed and/or guilty?”

And ya know what else!…

Back when NBC was a tool of the right.

Back when NBC was a tool of the right.

What happened to my supposed generation? (I’m officially a tail end BB’r, but never have identified with that subgroup) weren’t we the group who clamored fer a free press, scolded the media of the day fer being a  propaganda machine, tool of the right wing military industrial complex, lying to us about Vietnam…yea I’m pretty sure that was “us”, the free-spirited, freedom loving left, the same left that now has firm control of our media…our culture…

What happened to us?

Yes of course we should feel…outrage (sorry they said it like a bunch a times this morning) about these General Motor’s Murders and following actions and cover-up by the company…and indeed the families deserve answers.

But how much more then should we the American family be…you know what, over Benghazi, and where is the call, the demand fer answers, or fer someone to be held accountable (except of course from the far fringe kooky right, right Media)?

And that is no wonder…fer the network media has dismissed Benghazi, has told us all, (since after the early outraged YouTube weeks anyway)that this was all too confusing with too many factors fer Mr. & Mrs. Regular to grasp and besides nothing really to see there folks…

In the media portrayal of the world people who want answers to General Motors are lauded as heroes, people who call fer answers to Benghazi are anti-Hilary (against women gettin too big fer their britches) or after President Obama (racist).

…Sigh…you should go read what happened to Ambassador Stevens in his last hour of life…

Yea, I know that’s not funny…

But the fact that hardly any of the people sreamin ’bout GM, few of  any who are demanding accountability, typing their comments into Yahoo news stories or GM’s Facebook page ever bothered, or will ever bother to get very worked up over Benghazi…

"Don't be silly of course we know best!"

“Like I care, I got a sweet gig goin, Baby! Gettin all hard core vestigative journalist ain’t my style & besides goin against this gravy train would jes be pointless careericide.”

The fact that my News people, Matt n you to Savannah, can be so worked up over GM’s betrayal, be so outr…oh you know, and not use yer talents and position to call, demand, dig fer answers over a far bigger betrayal, a far larger cover-up…in Benghazi

And still say yer not biased and or should be taken seriously…now that’s funny…

Oh n it’s not like we don’t know why, after all, the people who died at Benghazi were the military, or close enough anyway, and we know how the left feels about anything involved with the military or other “shady” activities in any country (other than our own as long & as it’s against “righties”).

Oh if’n only there was something to suggest that Ambassador Stevens was killed by a run away GM vehicle, then we’d get answers.





3 Responses to “If Only General Motors had Been in Charge at Benghazi”

  1. Trent Lewin Says:

    I try never to underestimate the hypocrisy of the world. It’s like a wave, a tsunami. Made of jello. And pollution. GM sucks. The whole Benghazi thing sucked even more. Powerful and rich people get away with murder.

  2. thycriticman Says:

    Interesting. You taught me something new! I never heard of these deaths and I have now found out that it would have cost a mere 57 cents to install the missing piece in which would have prevented the deaths. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

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