Another Moving Experience

March 5, 2014

Okay n so hopefully cats and kittens the ol Unit won’t have to do any moving for awhile.

That’s right yes I moved again.

Fer those of you who have followed my various blogs over the past few years’ll know that I have moved now 3 times in the what…2 years?

That is in part the reason fer my as of late, semi absence from a lot of WP activity, yes I know…yes… some didn’t miss me and a few are sad to see me back…L and his fabulous o l brothers.

Anyway moves #1 & 2 of course were from 409 N in Soo Foo to Trippland (1) and then on to Palace City (2) some six months later.

Who put the Falls in the bop-shoo-bop Sioux Falls!

Who put the Falls in the bop-shoo-bop Shoo Falls!


Don’t let the sign fool ya…there was, at the time, 639 People living in and round Tripp.

The one n only Palace of Corn!

The one n only Palace of Corn!

Movin to Palace City and into the Capital St. house, was I had hoped, a last move fer me…fer ever.

Ah well the proverbial best laid plans as they say…

So while still unpacking I thought I’d share some recent thoughts…

I had enough of these clowns!

I had enough of these clowns!

Moving from a quite large house to smaller place I had sold, what could almost be considered, the last of the best of my collection o “junk”.

One of the kept things.  Jes on the off chance another future Ex-Mrs. Unit comes in the along.

One of the kept things. Jes on the off chance another future Ex-Mrs. Unit comes in the along.

I invited the local antique store into the house n told em to pick whatever (save a couple key items) n gimme one price fer it all.

They took pretty much everything God bless ’em…

The Ol Bikes in the ol days.

The Ol Bikes in the ol days.

Now I thought it would take some time fer them to clean n catalog such a haul but no, they had most of it out the next day, including my old 1967
“his n her” Montgomery Ward Hawthornes prominently displayed in front of their store on Main St.

The thing is Lil’ Mouse did not take my selling these items very well. Keep in mind that certainly the vast majority (including the bikes) I had owned prior to the advent of our couplehood (and the rest of course had been mine to sell as well). The Mouse wasn’t mad, jes upset that I would sell it all.

I still can’t figure women out.

Ages ago now

Ages ago now

As part of this, this minimalization I went through my boxes o writings n stuff etc. Some of this I hadn’t probably looked at fer over 15 years.

May post some of the poetry that’s never seen the glow o the computer screen yet.

Illustrations fer an early book self made on a Mac 512k. summer of '91

Illustrations fer an early book self made on a Mac 512k. summer of ’91

Once I get all settled in.

Fer those who haven’t read some of my earlier stuff I used to be a performance poet.

Read up and down the So Cal coast all through the late 80’s to the mid 90’s.

Rockin' good time!

Rockin’ good time!

409 N.

409 N.

Some of the poems will be from that period, some from when I first moved to the frozen north.

A few from when I first met x2.

And even a couple from the Lil’ Mouse, 409 N days that somehow I never got posted.



Lastly since I didn’t have a lot of time lately I had been choosing to re-post some of my earlier stuff, n try to stay up on my reading instead of writing anything new which of course takes me (with my 1,000 word posts) an inordinate amount of time.

But I really enjoy getting to read such a wide variety of writers.

All the blogs I read bring something fun and unique and or even quirky to the blog-o-sphere.

Sometimes its new opinions, sometimes it’s  simple uncomplicated humor, some are of the more cerebral nerd humor or from the young more digitally tech savvy crowd, the YouTube generation if you will…

I read some works by extraordinary poets and writers of short fiction.

Art, artists, photos…

Sometimes it’s simply getting a glimpse of places I’ll never get to go and interesting people I’ll never get to meet.

Some of those individuals are now or may regret that they once followed my blogs (the only way I find blogs to follow due to dysfunction not snobbery sorry all!) oh it is to laugh.

tcf as art 4

E Me

But if I comment or stop by yer page n you’d rather I didn’t (as some have let me know in the past as you will have to if this is the position you find yerself in.) please be aware that I am coming to be aware that I may be as inept and unaware in my social interactions on-line as I am in real life….oh it is to…and you know the rest.

I of course think that’s funny.

You might not. and again that’s okay.

Please be aware that ya don’t have to like my stuff back…it’s okay n I understand I know I am an opinionated ol’ unit, a dysfunctional cantankerous s.o.b.

You are certainly free to think I’m full o’ the ol crap-ola (I only wish you’d say so in the comments section) r believe that I’m stupid, you’d be wrong, crazy yes but stupid never …r fer instance you may not even think I’m funny…I don’t let it bother me…you shouldn’t feel bad about it either.

What'dya mean am I compensating?

What’dya mean am I compensating?

My ego is unwarrantedly  huge.

I also think that’s hilarious

I don’t write to make anyone else happy but me.

I of course like it when others do, but would never change jes to be popular.

We are all, what we are…it’s the differences that make us interesting and exciting.

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