And now from the मूंगफली गैलरी

February 11, 2014

Oh it is to laugh cats n kittens I had two different separate past femquaintemces contact me recently and both said basically the sametcf as sadhu thing in regards to this whole what I’m like to live with from the female side, though both unaware of the other.

Okay well only one of them used the specific word Sadhu (she was not being kind mind you, though I took it as a compliment once I went and searched out jes what a Sadhu was).

smokey pete

Did not appear on my career aptitude test.

The other meant it complimentary, though she said somethin more like, yer “like one of those pot smoking holy dudes in India. Only an American Version.

Once I had read what a Sadhu was I realized that the second, God Bless her cute lil soul, had meant the same as the first.

Now I’m not saying specifically that I endorse or support any sort of mind altering substances fer anyone…

In fact I have come to believe that it is not fer everyone, and would advise against much and most to many and all…

Get it , got it, good.

But in a free damn country and home of the brave etc…

Sadhu w/ Savoir Faire


Well, I mean, to each their own thine self be true and all that.

I mean I do like the look.

But more importantly I get to sit on a corner smoking pot and talking religious-socio cultural ranticological tangentitries…I mean Iwould be phoilsophizin the hell outta those topics.

And people bring them fruit n spicy random meats on a stick, n flowers n stuff.

The more I read, the more I understood their, the gals mentioned above, comments n thought, ya know…

I mean not really, it was nice (or nasty depending), I mean but what if n only…

I’ve never been interested (driven) after material gains, serious monetary gain, possessing of things as a n element of the “I AM” security of being by owning.

This is another failure of mine in relationships (and what gal #1 was eluding too.)

I have often tried, but definitely without a reason (woman) to push harder, I am quite content to live jes at sustenance level.

How Sadhus become Happyhus.

How Sadhus become Happyhus.

Gimme a couple small meals a day of spinach leaves, spicy meat, fresh fruit, about half ounce of Orange Chronic or Lemon Kush n time to jes think and talk about stuff n I would definitely be better than good fer the day….

Now specifically, again, I’m not sayin I’m gonna do that…(or possibly live an almost version of that now oh it is to laugh)

But this could’a been my possible lifetime achievement award employment situation (if’n only I was 20 somethin)

Since, I mean at this point I’m sure I’m  far too old & way behind the tangential curve (ya I actually know what it is) on the ol’ wak-a-doo American movin to India to take up career choice #1 fer every half baked hippie to proselytizing poet to suferrin scam-a-tash I thought I saw a pot-ty cat….

I don’t know what that last one means but by Vishnu, Rhama & Krishna you get the picture.

Well, in truth you may not, but don’t let that stop you from sending strawberries or a nice case of peaches my way.

Hey'dya bring my Peaches!

Psst!  Hey’dya bring my peaches man!

7 Responses to “And now from the मूंगफली गैलरी”

  1. Trent Lewin Says:

    Namaste, senior. I will send you the box of peaches, but you have to send me something in return. Altering the mind… well we’re not doing great as it is, so maybe if we dwell on a different plane of existence, things would improve. One hopes.

    • That was suppose to come with an actual reply, but hit post too soon…

      One of the ideas I had fer a series of posts on another blog I have was too ask people to send me random useless or odd items and then I would write about whatever they sent be it a used sponge mop head or old assorted teeth in a jar (Both real items donated to a thrift store I once worked at).

      I would then pick some odd thing from my collection of junk and mail it to them.

      Lil Mouse was (as only a woman can be 🙂 ) adamantly against me jes willy nilly asking people I don’t know to mail me things…

      As to the alteration of our mental state and the desire to explore the varied external and internal universes.

      Like I said I know longer think it’s fer everybody…Jes the everybodies I find I enjoy knowing

      Thanks as always Trent,

  2. Dave Says:

    Wow, I’ve never had anyone write me to tell me about what I’m like to live with from the female side. Thanks for introducing me to the word sadhu too… I’ve never heard that one before.

  3. Well actually Chickee # 1 called and I encouraged her to share her thoughts on the issue, full knowing that’d be somethin’ fun I could work with…

    Chickee #2 was relating in person after having read my other dating posts.

    & yea, I was stunned ya think it would’a been knowledge I’d already encountered…somewhere a long the way lol…the old proverbial learn somethin new…I did know that in some Hindi sects the use of cannabis was quite prevalent and upon seeing the pics knew I had seen such before…I jes had no idea of the whole Sadhu thing…

    And since I have, in the past, annoyed all my stoner friends by wanting to discuss God(s) etc ad nauseum when and after imbibification upon reflection it would’a been prob my best fit.

    Instead I was just a freaky, weirdo, stoner, poetarist, homeless bum.

    Oh and as always it is to laugh

    Thanks D fer stoppin by and hoped ya had fun. 🙂

  4. thycriticman Says:

    Interesting write-up. Learned a new from it! I am twenty one, and never lived with my girlfriend, but I could only imagine the insults that would come out of her mouth if we did. Cannot say I would be efficient in cleaning or cooking, although I would like to be in the latter….

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