The Boy Pirate King

January 21, 2014

Hey cats n’ kittens, it’s me the ol’ Dysu. Despite the fanciful title to this post it’s really jes a continuation of my dating posts.the ol dysu

Don’t worry I’ll make the connection here comin’ up.

Anyway see it’s like this, at least fer me…I don’t know how these things work fer others…but I get a lot of self analysis as I do these posts.

Take the the dating series, as I was finishing up the last one, looking back over not jes the series of posts, but the whole dating fiasco as well as my last two relationship I came to an important selfpiphany.

Wait, I should add right here that as I was finishing Adv. Dys, Dating I was also reading a posts from a blogger I follow and she was (as she often does) also talking about dating.

Reading her posts I was struck by a feeling of sadness (as I often am) with her plight of trying to find a man who would treat her like the amazing human being she apparently is.

You can read some of her hilariosity here, but be warned her blog can be extremely adult themed and not fer the prude or faint of heart…don’t say I didn’t  warn you).

Hungry Fer Adult Size Fun!

Hungry Fer Adult Size Fun!

Anyway no matter what ya think, I enjoy reading her words. She’s funny, incredibly (sometimes painfully so) honest in sharing; her own dating and life miseries, the constant ridiculousness she subjects herself to by engaging in such blogging activities, her analysis of the men who participate and most amazing fer a women, honest in her own self analysis.

But mostly I enjoy her blog ’cause She’s funny as heck.

Okay now where was I…

Oh yea anyway, reading her posts here, while I was finishing up my last dating posts (reading n’ writing as I often do) my heart went out to her fer the types of responses men send her (granted often she asks fer it lol, more on that coming)that reduce this amazingly stunning human unit into a one trick pony so to speak, and do so in terms that even a sick ol’ unit like me struggles to find sexy or alluring in anyway.

The thing is I start getting this crazy idea and go and send her a nice message…retarded…but ya know as I did it I realized I have a

Chivalry or Chauvinism

Chivalry or Chauvinism

problem with tryin to rescue “damsels in distress”…

Stick with me on this n’ I’ll explain.


2 Responses to “The Boy Pirate King”

  1. snarkysnatch Says:

    Wow. This post made my week sweetness. Thank you for your support not only today but also for the last few years. I think you are the last of true gents and adore you mucho much! Not sure I am worthy of your gracious words but they melted me like a green M&M. Edible but spreadable.

  2. Grrrowil, thanks Miss S, ya know how to stroke a guy’s ego that’s fer sure.

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