The Boy Pirate King 3

January 21, 2014

Okay so yea here I am having this epiphany about this personality quirk, this dysfunction abut rescuing damsels but ya know I’m nothe ol dysu white knight. I’m far too mischievous for that.

No, I got this Babe!

No, I got this Babe!

Of course I’ve always liked the idea of bein a Pirate Captain, ya know a swashbuckler, a rogue, and they still “rescue” women some times don’t they?

I mean the Pirate Captain with the heart of gold type, Erroll Flynn swinging from ship to ship to reach his kidnapped sweetie, that’s what I’m talking about here..Captain Blood

But wait there’s still a problem with that description and this is part of the epiphany, another reason both X2 and Lil’ Mouse moved on, I am still, and always will be a little boy at heart.

Take no prisoners after 8 pm.

Take no prisoners after 8 pm.

Oh sure I’ll swing on the rope, n fight the other pirates to rescue you n’ all. I’ll even get ya back where ya belong or better.

But I’m still gonna be what I am when we get there, the Boy Pirate King, who doesn’t wanna grow up ’cause that would be sooo Boooooring!

My mischievousness is not the mean spirited variety

It’s the twinkle in the eye kind.

I am not really the swarthy, dangerous, take no prisoners kind’a guy I imagine myself to be.


Have you thought of going to school on-line my dear?

I merely play at being that.

But this may be why I still tend to attract younger girls….sorry women, instead of gi…women closer to my own age.

Why even earlier today our new 24 year old (smart, funny good looking..oh crap) co-worker was telling me how cool (weird) I am, and hinting not so subtlety how, once she’s out of treatment she’ll need to find someplace to stay, maybe someone to help her through this new phase of her life. She has secret dreams of managing a business.

6 Responses to “The Boy Pirate King 3”

  1. Run DYSU! Lol. No, but seriously, what I think is most interesting about this three-part post (breaking it up into three separate posts doesn’t hide the fact that you went over your self-imposed word limit by the way 😉 ) is that usually when people are attracted to others much younger than themselves, what they need to figure out is why, but you obviously know why. You suffer from the need to be Prince Charming and let’s face it, a damsel in distress in her early 20’s is alluring; a damsel in distress at 45 is just a head case. So in a way, I think it’s a positive that you recognize budding potential and character and you want to be a part of that, but now you need to figure out why you don’t find what was once potential but now has been developed and realized and in full motion just as exciting, right? When you’re rescuing the damsel, all the attention is on the distress–hers not yours. But it seems like you’ve come so far in being comfortable in your own skin, so why are you still looking for someone to rescue?

    • Hey Sarge,
      L & his fabulous ol brothers, ya caught me in the splitting up of my posts 🙂 An as to my attractions, heck, I would love to have a woman closer to my age be interested in me.Heck-a-rooni I love women of all ages, shapes and varieties so it really boils down to who is attracted to me.
      I would love to meet a woman closer to my own age looking to make changes in her life n needin a guy like me to help her achieve them. Or even happier, a woman my age who would be my supporter/cheerleader as well….
      The last thing I want (well truthfully it is a little bit of an ego boost) is to get involved love/mentoring another girl into woman hood. I don’t think I could take it again. I can’t even imagine going through all the crap-ola I went through with Lil’ Mouse only to be told at the end “see ya later chump”.
      It’s a lot of work n I only have so many years left
      A big part of these posts is that I love having a woman in my life n’ miss there soft sweetness, but I’m not very good (apparently) at dating, so I have to rely on someone getting to know me and them wanting to be with me, to pursue me.
      Then I’ll tell them fer awhile that they should really look fer someone better. If they still are interested after a week or two of that okay ,maybe then I can trust them with my heart. Oh it is to laugh.
      As always thanks fer stoppin by, I always enjoy yer thoughtful words. Hope things arr well with you n yers. I haven’t stopped by yer site in awhile…have you started bloggin again yet? (I’ll do so after work today:).
      Anyway Sarge God Bless ya, n thanks again.

      • I see! So the trick isn’t figuring out why you’re attracted to younger women; it’s figuring out why women your own age aren’t pursuing you, but I think the problem and the answer might be the same–if you want to get to know a grown woman who is relatively healthy and well balanced (I use the term relatively loosely, lol), I’m afraid she’s probably not going to pursue you. She may have in her 20’s, but by the time she’s in her 30’s or 40’s, hopefully she’s figured out there’s never really a good reason for a woman to chase a man unless everybody’s just playing games, and who the hell wants to be playing cat and mouse games at this age? Oh no–do I sound like a chauvinist, lol? I think you probably know where I’m coming from though–didn’t you say you wrote a post about how women are happier when the men in their lives are making more money than them? Well I guess my thoughts on this subject are kind of along the same lines. Awe hang in there DYSU. From my experience, I’ve found you first have to turn down the person who fits your typical pattern before you can break the pattern (and sometimes you need to turn down two or three who fit the mold before you can open up to someone new!) After that, it’s just a matter of confidence. I know it’s cliche, but women are attracted to confidence! (Which may be why younger women are more drawn to you–you are probably more confident in yourself around them without even realizing it)

        Sadly I have not returned to my own blog yet, but thanks for asking! I’ve been meaning to respond to our last conversation in religion since you last replied, and I haven’t even been able to do that! My job is really sucking up every free minute I have right now, and I’m starting to really hate it, but I can’t hate it too much because I’m grateful to finally have a decent l
        paying one, so it is what it is. Hopefully the time suck part is temporary and things will slow down once I figure out what I’m doing! In the meantime, I hope you don’t mind my random drive-by comments on your page, lol.

  2. You are an interesting paradigm: sure that the fall of our culture is due to women becoming more equal, but expecting to be pursued by a woman for an intimate relationship? Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like the very qualities you are looking for are not found in the type of woman you seem to want….

  3. Paradigm? Hmm….make that paradox….

  4. Oh Ladies yer both so adorable-Sarge yer right that some of it has to do with confidence…I have ton o confidence in myself…I jes don’t have much confidence (right now especially) that others will see me in the same fun way I see myself…oh it is to laugh…

    Mrs howsyer…paradox is correct.

    I am a man who see the need fer us s a society to return to old fashioned values but I am bad at living them myself.

    I believe that women’s needs (as a collective group) to have more and better, to have perfect lives (what ever that means) is driving us (as a society) to ruin

    But I never treat my treat my partner as a less than equal(different yes, less than no).n’ I often argue that women are superior to men in many ways.

    I jes disagree with the common modern philosophy that being equal means we are the same.

    Women have their strengths. Men have theirs (limited as they are)

    But yea back to the paradox part n to bring Sarge back in the picture.

    I am above all like no one else you’ll ever meet so I understand that it will take a special person to find me interesting again. I guess what I’ve been trying to say is that It was nice to figure this all out n’ what ever happens…I think I’m going to be okay with it.

    Also I guess, I’m not really fond of the saying Live, Laugh, Love…I am to busy doing them to stop and talk about it 🙂

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