Adventures in Dysfunctional Dating

January 18, 2014

And so okay back on track…the ol dysu

Oh sure I could get more dates, pay more money to the dating site and get even more dates..but why?

Dating Sites: $20+ Monthly each

Dates: Restaurant: $50+ per, Movie $40+

Gas misc $10+

I mean okay the local economy gets a tiny uptick.

A few girls, women, ladies get some free meals and an interesting dining partner. Maybe a movie or two but what’s in it fer the Ol’ Unit

And yea I could, may still be able to get laid this way, but as square and old fashioned as this sounds I wanna get to know a girl enough that I can feel that she is interested in me, past the ya know, physicality of the rouge in me…and like the little nerd boy inside, be trusted with my eccentricities.

That makes the whole process, dating & dating sites simply a waste of my resources.

‘Cause I’m not gonna find that dating. I’d go broke first

See like the last three women in my life, I would try to talk any woman out of considering a long term relationship with me.

As I would’ve tried to talk the Artist (my one date’ee) out of us continuing to date if she hadn’t come to the same conclusion.

She wasn’t into me. It seemed like so at first. But by the third date. I could tell she was looking for me to do or be something I wasn’t.

And maybe it was my not just jumpin her, ya know trying to do her right away. Kiss me Deadly

I mean part of me wanted to…but ya know this is weird fer a guy I know, but, I only wanna be with someone if that person wants to be with me.

And trust me as a guy, I know how that sounds, makes me sound…well I better jes say lame.

But that’s not it at all.

I wanna live “right”…I mean, I still wanna be naughty…jes in the “right” way

Sleeping with a lot of miscellaneous gi….women, chicks, babes, doll faces whatever, well I kind’a feel bad fer that now.

Like maybe a life of lecherously depraved and drug fueled deviant behavior needs to be made up for…

At least curtailed to one woman. At a time.

That’s what I tried to do the last two times (truthfully I was a charmingly terrible husband fer ex 1 so we can’t count her here)…But again

All the stuff from the earlier dating posts like noise and memory and music etc, being the poet, the lover, one of Peter Pan’s lost boys.

All of it’s I guess charming to some women at first, but my charming wears thin.DSCN1051

I think that’s what Ex 2 and Lil’ Mouse would say.

But I’m really f-ing top of the line that first year.

Once, whoever the next gir…woman is to fight past the oddness and opinions, I’ll be the best…well at least one of the most 100%interesting and rewarding men they’ll ever spend time with. I could almost slap a hundred percent guarantee on that.

At least until we both get bored.

And yea, I think I can come to terms with that.

I do like my alone time.

max-bygraves-don-t-you-worry-your-pretty-little-head-1423-pMaybe I’ll lease myself out on a short term basis.

I come with excellent recommendations.

Oh it is to laugh, that’s about it fer my dating posts, I might add one more about my impulsive need to “rescue” women from themselves and how idiotic that is (guys!).

Just another dysfunction in the ol’ Unit cats n’ kittens

2 Responses to “Adventures in Dysfunctional Dating”

  1. frugoal Says:

    Awesome post! I have several friends on dating sites who need to read this post.

  2. Thanks glad ya enjoyed it (though this may be the only time…I have other wp sites where I’m not so..curmudgeonly, oh it is to laugh).
    Yes my time on d. sites was short lived, but they may work fer some, :).
    Thanks also fer stoppin by and even more commenting :). I’ll make sure to stop by and take the old gander at yer site.

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