Adventures in Dysfunctional Dating

January 14, 2014

Well hello and a big hardy har har cats n kittens and yes I know ya don’t get the joke but…the ol dysu

bigfoot_zps2fbda403That’s because ya probably didn’t read my last damn post…I mean oh it is to laugh, I pump out one of what I think is my best posts ever, certainly one of the shortest in recent memories and yea anyway you should read that one instead…

Are you still here well, alright but there’s not much dating, I mean it. You should go read that other post…

So yea, I mean it’s been the theme of the whole series of Dysfunctional Dating and I’m sorry I know I’ve played it up like it was going to be some…well at least include some actual dating but…

Okay I’ll get to that in a minute…what? Okay, okay!

Look it was jes no big deal, and I knew when I was writing that post that I must have gone temporarily insane thinking I could go on dates. I mean with women I really don’t know that well.

Or, I guess, more specifically they don’t know me that well.

Yes, I know I’m probably making less sense than usual so lemme try again.

Did I already mention in an earlier post somewhere  that I had the realization recently that I’m probably more like a great vacation spot, lots of fun and excitement and a great place to visit. But ya wouldn’t want to live there..see…wait, what?

I am talking about dating? Okay, okay, yes I did go on a couple dates with the girl I already wrote about in the last dating post.

That was it though.

The extent of my dating.

compuageThere was a little more explororatin’ of dating sites though. Including Zoosk (umm…my most regrettable click) & again I can only plead temporary insanity.

First, the sites are all money tiered, it is laughable, painfully embarrassingly laughable how often they attempt to convince you to step up to the next tier.

There were of course, many and more women just waiting and wanting to meet me. They were 78, 86,  even 93% matches (based on their impenetrable computation method)  once I stepped up to those next “plans”

Some weren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Offering a wider distribution of my picture fer more gold “tokens” (which of course cost real cash). They guaranteed that the more tokens I spent the more popular I would become. Popularity is based on viewings.

Hmm, I wonder if they distributed my picture across more and ever widening  web browser ?markets” would I get more viewings?

In their own way, these dating sites are like the vanity poetry contest…for lonely people.

In the long run which is secondly I guess, it often jes made me depressed.

I found it sad how many lonely women there are.

I think it’s partly the result of being “liberated”, free from the bonds of matrimonial servitude. Crowning themselves Champion

Believe that all cultures, faiths and peoples are equal and that peace and love are the worlds most important commodities.
Work at Cigna Health and teach art to Special Needs Children. I volunteer every other weekend.
Belong to the Oprah book of the month club and enjoy fine dining, long walks and conversation.
Love to ride my Harley and have beer or two, play some pool and cut loose once in awhile.
I have three words I like to live by and I have stenciled them on my living room wall in big cursive letters to remind me.
They are Live, Laugh and of course Love.
Looking for LTR with my BFF,/SMF
Send me 8 Winks
4 Red Rose
So we can inst-e-chat

How’s that workin’ out fer ya’ll.

So anyway 99.9 % of them I know jes by looking at their pic.

I’m not the guy fer them.

The truth is though, I told the last three women in my life the same thing sometimes fer weeks. And besides Lil’ Mouse who I was only with five years the other two lasted close to ten so what the hell do I know.

But those three women were around me fer awhile first, near me, got to know me and fer whatever reason were intent on making me theirs.

Well truth be told all women I work around, wait, most women I work around at least find me (mildly) charming, fun to talk to and a good listener, though they won’t always say it (and many of those chickee-babes wanna sleep with me.)

What can I say I’m jes one o’ those guys with a twinkle in my eye.

Okay as usual I’m gettin of track, so why don’t we stop fer a minute here and switch trains .

We’ll pick er up next time with the conclusion to Adventures in Dysfunctional Dating.

One Response to “Adventures in Dysfunctional Dating”

  1. When people do not read a post you are proud of, hold your blog hostage…

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