The Dysfunction in This Unit

January 1, 2014

Hey cats an kittens, it’s jes me the Ol’ Dysu. Ya know I’ve talked a lot about my dysfunctions, talked about it from a  psychologicalthe ol dysu defect standpoint (adhd, bpd’s etc). Talked about drugs n drinking etc when I was a young unit. But today I wanna talk about those lifelong behaviors, which are also a blessing of the Lord, or what have you.

And while these personal…quirks are small and I believe inconsequential (besides I mean the embarrassment),they have possibly caused me the most amount of trouble in my life overall

And of course I mean not only fer myself personally but in the community at large, in my personal relationships, and most importantly in maintaining employment.

Why am I doing this you might ask, well lately I realized that many times in writing, a mention of my dysfunction comes in close cred:google imagesproximity to names like Dahmer, Bundy, Hitler…

I wanna make sure that no one gets the wrong idea…my dysfunction, or I guess dysfunctions are harmless to everyone but myself.

But the annoyance factor I am certainly aware that this gets spread to anybody in my vicinity, oh it is to laugh.

Also these specific dysfunctions are going to soon play into my adventures in dysfunctional dating so this’ll save me going through the whole rigamarole in those posts.

Also I talk about being responsible a lot. But then I also share that I tend not to be very successful. Here are three dysfunctions that have continued to contribute to that contradiction.

Okay so number one I guess on the list is my fergetful dog. I lose pretty much everything…constantly. It is a plague of my A Boy and His Dog 1976existence.

Once when I was a kid I went to a week long summer camp and came home with the clothes that I was wearing and one shoe. That’s how bad it can be, especially if I am under stress.

Wallet, keys, have to be chained to my body. Often when I go to visit friends or business I leave things behind and have to return minutes, hours, (sometimes) days later to embarrassingly retrieve what I left behind.

Two I’m a noisy Unit. Lil’ Mouse use to say that she never worried about finding me in a store. She jes followed the noise.

If I’m not singing out loud I’m whistling or humming. If I’m not doin any of those (which of course does happen) I still jingle and jangle every where I go due to all the keys and chains.

That summer wind Came blowin in From across the sea!

That summer wind
Came blowin in
From across the sea!

This singing especially has caused me the most trouble at various jobs. Many times coworkers or Bosses simply start referring to me as the “singing guy”.

You get lots of funny comments though, “Hey who sings that song?…Why don’t ya let them sing it” or “What’d ya do with the money?…The money yer Mom gave ya fer singing lessons.” Oh it is to laugh, I have heard the all.

Can I help singing out loud, well yes now at 54, but just barely, I have to be on constant guard against my dog (brain) who jes constantly has a song runnin through it (which brings up a quick side note I have this uncanny ability to quickly memorize lyrics, even when I was a little boy).

Three, I’m like a little kid, if I’m not interested in something, I grow bored very quickly and have difficulty forcing myself to continue whatever the particular something is.

I often wonder if this is the case with a lot of others who get labeled with adhd. It isn’t that they have trouble with attention in general, just paying attention to stuff that doesn’t interest them.

Of course, like all of these quirks I had gotten better at this as that I got older.

But in this specific instance, with this boredom issue, I have started to regress lately.

My little dog justifies this by telling me that my time is running out and I don’t have time to waste doing things I don’t wanna do.My Lil' Dog

Unfortunately my little dog doesn’t get that I still have to make some money somehow (this writing thing has never paid me the small amount of money I need to stay alive).

The fourth thing is that I ferget a lot of stuff.  No I’m jes messin with ya.

These three dysfunctions have caused me more trouble than any others.

I have never understood, especially with the singing thing, why these dysfunctions annoy other people so much.

You’d think it would be me constantly correcting their political, social & religious beliefs…

Oh wait that’s how I annoy you all.

2 Responses to “The Dysfunction in This Unit”

  1. They’re jealous that’s all. All the chains you have keeping your glasses, keys and wallet to your person have created your own orchestra to accompany your dulcet tones and their jealous of the phenomenal memory which allows you to remember more than one or two lines of the chorus. I say sing on.

  2. Really like #4! Happy New Year!

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