A Year of Dysfunctional Blogging 2013

January 1, 2014

Well here we are cats n kittens another year behind us, 2014 blossoming with endless possibilities.the ol dysu

I’m sure there have been lots of reviewing the year, looking back posts, this isn’t going to be one of those.

Well not officially, not some big review of all the top stories of the year, or the best blogs I visited. or even my best posts.

But I am gonna take this opportunity to examine and share one interesting tidbit of information I recently gleaned from the 2013 WordPress annual report of my blog.

Maybe other Word Press bloggers can help me out here.

How did they find you?

(Okay so my top referring site was Yahoo mail. That’s a little confusing but it’s nothing compared to what’s comin…)

Some visitors came searching, mostly for poet, preteen anal, cook explorer, dysfunctional unit, and “ogden edsel” blogspot.

Did ya notice? Did ya catch it?

“Preteen anal”?!?

I mean what the…

capt cookOkay so then there’s also “cook explorer” but at least that makes sense (kind’a) ’cause in one of my posts I once briefly mentioned Capt. Cook the explorer, once, briefly.

But it was a little confusing the way it’s listed “cook explorer” as if that’s a thing.

But okay at least I could find an explanation, some way to make it make sense to my little dog.

But I’m pretty sure I have never mentioned  the words “preteen anal” not briefly, not in passing, not even in a mocking attack.

I know for certain I have never typed anything remotely close as a tag

And while admittedly I’m not super up on how the old internet thing works, but I believe what this is telling me is that the second compuagelargest group of readers who visited my blog  found me by typing “preteen anal” into the search bar…

Again what the f..I have tried to wrap my mind around this and jes keep comin up blank.

So, I’m throwin it out to the WP world, anyone have any ideas?

I’d certainly like, I mean by next year, to have humor, or perhaps even politics show up on this list before…

Well you get the picture, I don’t need to type it again.

Annyway, everyone I wanna say thanks to everyone who did visit my blog last year. And I hope, though you may have come lookin fer…whatever, you enjoyed what ya found.

Dysu as art 3

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