Merry Christmas Cats N’ Kittens

December 24, 2013

Ya know I was thinking what could I possibly give all my WP friends and followers for Christmas. the ol dysu

I mean even if I had decided months ago to whip out some kind of cool craft (which suddenly I think will become my goal for next year) how could I get those gifts to any and all who wanted them….(Hmm I’m sure by next year I can think of a way).

Anyway in lieu of a physical gift or a card I came up with another, I think, brilliant gift for most of you.

My top three complaints against my fellow Conservatives/Republicans

Okay so here goes…in no particular order

1. Mexico-United States Barrier (also known as the Border Wall)Borderbeachtj

The Border fence…I mean I don’t even know how to address this one. This is America, the land of the Free. I lost respect for so many (even nationally known) conservatives over this issue.

We cannot fence in the land of the free. If yer for this idea, you are standing for the opposite of liberty.

The ends never justify the means.

2. The War on Drugs

captain america drugsThe liberals have their poor and the war on poverty, the conservatives have their own version of this idiocy in the war on drugs. Government needs o get out of the social engineering business all together and that includes this mockery of a travesty of a sham we call the WoD.

The abolishment of these two institutionalized financial black holes might just be enough to save this damn country.

Plus from a logic standpoint I don’t know how you can argue that; a gun, being an object, is not deadly, just the person using it then fail to apply that same argument to drugs.

Drugs are not evil. Though some people using them commit evil. Just like guns.mexican_war_on_drugs

3. The Restrictive Right

Guess what, the Government is not here to make us do right. People have to want to do right.

The Libs want the Government to be a Lenient Wicca Mommy, the Repubs want it to be a strict Christian Daddy.

Listen I already made this argument in the last post so I won’t readdress it here I jes wanna say enough..

I mean what is it you don’t understand about Liberty.240px-Truth_Truck_OSU

Yes the country was founded on Christian ethics, morals, but they purposefully made the Government separate. The Federal Government was limited to governing its business.

The Individual, the Family unit, the Church was responsible for governing the morals of the populace.

Okay so that, I know is over simplifying, but it’s funnier, or at least less boring.

And so okay cats…wait a minute

…Now I feel like Monty Python ’cause there’s four.

Four things I can’t stand about the Republican party.

  4. Neo-Con’s

2255883106_john_mccain_xlargeBig Conservative Government is no more desirable than Big Liberal Government (okay well maybe a little more desirable).

Listen I mean doesn’t it seem funny to any one else that we are just trading off eight year administrations. One steers us a little left, one steers us a little right, but none seem to be correcting enough to keep us from going over the cliff that’s just ahead.

Neo Con’s have their own pet programs that are helping to drive this country to financial ruin.

Neo cons love globalization just as much as the extreme left does.

And I know my dysfunction can border on paranoid but, the term New World Order does not necessarily lend itself to gentle thoughts of peaceful transition.

Okay well before I comfy chair myself again, let’s call it good and I will leave any other issues for another day.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little present as much as I (as always) enjoyed writing it.

God bless ya’ll and a Merry Christmas from the Ol’ Dysu!

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