Go And Sin Some More

December 20, 2013

Wait that’s not how it goes now is it cats n kittens. It is of course Go and Sin No Morethe ol dysu

Ya know, I know a lot of readers give my blog the once over think I’m some crazy right wing Christian nut job and well…yea. but not in the way they think.

I jes wanna touch base on this subject again real quick though I know I must have done so before in some earlier post but…the issue came up while I was reading another blog I follow and since I still deal with it from time to time in my own life and it’s an issue dear to my heart let’s talk about sin fer a minute.

Table of SinMore particularly, or specifically I wanna talk about sin to my “Christian” brethren.

Here is what Jesus, the guy you claim to follow, says about sin in the Bible, the book you claim to take literally, word for word, end to end (I have and will discuss that again)…he says thinking a sin is the same as doing a sin.

He also insinuates that, in this process, sin, whether it is murder or the fore mentioned lying, is all equal in the eyes of God, the Father Almighty…

You Kids do what you want. No really.

You Kids do what you want. No really go to town.

Now yer not tryin’ to convince me (though so many of you do oh it is to laugh) that you never even think a little white lie are you?

Or think a nasty thought when that jerk pulls into your parking space at the mall during a blizzard…c’mon I mean even if you can somehow fool me, do ya think ya can fool God?

Do you think by using the Bible as some sort of guidebook in a holier than thou competition you’ll get a better condo in Heaven or what?…Jes what is it?

Do you really believe God needs you as his gatekeeper?

Okay yea, no answer yet, well lets move on shall we…

The next thing I wanna address on this issue is another comment by Jesus, yea that guy again, that “my relationship with God is jes between me n Him” and only God knows whats in my heart…I mean ya can’t get much clearer than that.

Lastly of course that leads me to my politically active Christian faithful friends…if God thought man could be trusted with free will, why are you so anxious to use the government to outlaw it.

Dysu as art 2I mean I’m jes a sin soaked dysfunctional unit so you’ll have to explain that to me…was there a group G-mail I missed or what?

Anyway, I am a believer in that Thing, the Great Mystery…I call it God cause I grew up a Christian as a kid and it shortens the whole process.

I also believe, wait, I know that some of the worst people I have known on the outside, had some of the best and true child like hearts full of faith when you peeled back the cynical world weary layers…and vice versa as well.

The great mystery is that from our limited and foggy eyed perspective good and evil intentions often ’cause opposite effects so the surest course is to simply live our lives the best each of us can and pray to be of use, a good tool for the purpose for which we were created.

He apparently needs wildly naughty sinning tools, and weird questioning dysfunctional tools jes as much as he needs stick up theDysu as art 3 ass holier than thou priggish tools or he wouldn’t have created so many of us.

I mean of course, that’s jes my opinion. But what they hey, I’m a Dysfunctional Unit.

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