Help, I made Bad Choices & I can’t Get Ahead

December 18, 2013

Hey cats n kittens it’s me the ol’ Dysu and there is so much talk recently about income equality and the nations poor, heck a rooni the ol dysuthe world’s poor, and I see an echo of that in the WP universe much of it echoing the standard liberal lines.

There but for the grace of God go I. (yes but well not in the way you mean it.)

We’re all one paycheck away from the streets.

First before I get to these statements. Everyone needs to remember that I, (me, the ol Dysu) have been poor most of my life.

I was homeless from my early teens till I was twenty-nine, thirty somewhere in theresingferfood

Anyway so when I talk about the homeless, it isn’t something I heard on CBS Morning Show, or read about online, or was taught by my Sociology professor in my Urban Environment Studies Class.

Now there was a short period of my life, for about four years, (ten years ago now)where I somehow got a good work position, had my own office n everything. Doing this job working well over 50 hours a week I reached almost $30k a year. Laughable fer many of you but I felt pretty good fer a guy who had spent years sleeping in bushes.

Dizzying Heights of Success

Dizzying Heights of Success

Of course it was in Social Services (the job fer people who can’t stay employed in the competitive market lol). I taught other people how to get and maintain employment. After teaching myself I actually was pretty good at it.

Annyway after the loss of that job (topic fer another post) I have maintained employment in one low wage job or another.

So again I know what is to be poor.

It is not a theoretical argument fer me. It is reality.

And ya know what else…I have lived around the poor all my life. So again, when I talk about this issue…

The Cool Homeless

The Cool Homeless

I do not talk about the poor as a theoretical unit, but as a living breathing group of varied people who I am more familiar with than my own siblings.

There but for the grace of God go I.

We’re all one paycheck away from the streets.

These two statements mean basically the same thing. But they are only feel good statements.

Let me pose this question to my limited reading audience (and you can take it out to the wider world and ask yer friends) If you lost yer job today what would you do?

You would do what every good functioning unit does, you would go out and get another, any other job, immediately. If ya needed too you’d get more than one.

The thing is see life is about choices. For whatever reason, some of us make bad choices, we are dysfunctional units.

Not so cool homeless.

Not so cool homeless.

Adults are poor because of the choices they made when they were young.

Somebody somewhere probably told them that they should buckle down and apply themselves at some point and they blew that person off.

If irresponsibility is a disease someone please lemme know. But otherwise…

The vast majority of poor adults fit in to this poor choice category.

Yes, I understand that those born into poverty might have to be more diligent, work harder to achieve. But time and time again we have seen individuals from these circumstances rise to achieve greatness. So we know it’s possible.

And I believe that telling individuals born in to poverty that they have no chance of succeeding because the (white) man is keeping them down is not the way to encourage people to try harder.

Most of you on WP are good functioning units. Some are exceptional functioning units.

When you imagine the poor you imagine they have the same desires and dreams that you do. And you’d be right.

Where you’d be wrong is in how much effort they are willing to put out to achieve those desires.

Are you willing to work even harder to help cover the difference?

That’s all I’m asking.



3 Responses to “Help, I made Bad Choices & I can’t Get Ahead”

  1. Some people I think can’t be blamed for making poor choices due to lack of education, poor health etc. Others I think work jolly hard but are in low paid jobs and can’t get ahead. Choices made in youth – we’ve all made some bad ones. It’s where you go from there.
    Where I have problems is the people who did have well paid jobs and got ahead but made the choice to spend it as they earnt it , leaving them with nothing. Then they turn around and want what those that went without as they were earning have.
    Am I willing to work harder to help cover the difference? You have to be joking Dysu – I have well and truly retired from working life. (unless of course my manuscript gets published).

    • IW,
      Thanks as always fer yer thoughtful reply. It is very nice of you to take the time from yer busy day and formulate a rebuttal.

      As to your first point, in many ways I would agree with you but the difference I would say is that fer some people it is very difficult to keep from making bad choices but not impossible (let me acknowledge extreme mental illness or what have you here which preclude a small portion of any given population)

      So the point that I was making is that I understand this I think better than most because I am one of them, the “Dysfunctional”, and have lived for much of my life around other dysfunctional people.

      So while it may at one point have been true (and may still be true in Australia) that the majority of poor were hard workin honest folk with jes a few bad apples in the bunch that is not necessarily the case any longer. In fact I would venture to guess it’s about 70% lazy and ne’er do well’s vs 30% hard working but still poor (but I’m cynical so maybe it’s not that bad…yet).

      Anyway the problem comes down to personal accountability the foundation of both of our great countries. You are what you can make of yourself.

      There have always been those less fortunate. And in earlier times they were cared for by the community through and with over site by the Church. In that way the poor were beholden to God (a value system)for their existence.

      Now we have “killed” God and in it’s place people turn to the state for their existence. The state makes no value judgement on an individual’s behavior receiving such aid.

      Add to that the culturally accepted idea that the poor, especially minority poor have no hope in this system. That it is “impossible” for them to get ahead.

      Years of contrary evidence, that application of the tried and true principals of hard work and sacrifice as a young person paying off as an adult, no matter what your origins, are completely ignored.

      Annyway IW, as always I’m goin on far too long lol

      Thanks again and don’t be afraid ever to tell me I’m jes a cranky ol’ man full of the ol’ crap ola 🙂

  2. That is a really interesting point you have brought up. Beholden to God in the past but we have killed God off. I have to think on this. Dysu I will accept that you have probably greater knowledge on the subject – I just like to sleep safe and not have to have guns and high walls to protect me from those that have to help themselves because they are so desperate. Don’t worry – you’ll know what I think. Cheers IW 🙂

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