The Maximum Minimum and is Fox News readin My Blog Again?

December 6, 2013

Hey cats n kittens it’s me that ol cranky throw back caveman chauvinist racist Dysfunctional Unit.the ol dysu

Oh it is to laugh, I’m not sure why it’s so hard to get across that I didn’t want to believe this stuff I talk about, that I used to be a fan and big supporter of the feminist ( I still love the feminine just not the movement), the environmentalists (still love nature…oh you get the picture) etc etc…

The problem is after over 50 years of war on traditional American Values, after 50 years of the war on poverty (and trust me I have issues with conservatives war on drugs also) we can read the evidence, the results of enacting these cultural shifts and it is not good.

And remember I am talking about being not good for America as a country.

Our country is not better, not stronger than it was 50 years ago.

It’s busier, faster, has a lot of shine, but very little substance.

In this Christmas season I guess I can relate it to a pretty ornament we hang on a tree.

Whiff the SwiffBut it works best if I compare it to a Swiffer Mop, it promise its newness will be better (each time there’s a new one lol)and make our lives easier and even safer, but the promise is always hollow.

The only way to really clean my kitchen is the old way, the way my mom, and her mom, and all mom’s down the line did it. By hand.

Anything we want to get done, anything we want to achieve takes hard work. To become something in life takes sacrifice, hard work and careful planning.

But that’s the old boring way. For the last fifty years, growing exponentially, there are a group of Americans who have bought into the idea of “play now, pay later” I know. I was (am) one of them.

Now that many of the latest crop of these young adults are moving into full adulthood having planned for nothing, worked for 2013-09-14-11-50-21-Minimum wage protestnothing better, they are stuck working jobs which cannot support them and their (sometimes) growing brood.

Which of course leads me to today’s subject of minimum wage, or more specifically raising the minimum wage.

Now you might be thinking I’m against it well you would be wrong.

cashIn point of fact I’ve decided I’m for it, all the way in fact, I’m willing to go all in on this issue and say we  just raise the minimum wage to the max…Let’s make minimum wage $50.00 an hour.

I mean why the heck not. Let’s just get this pony show on the road.

With this new Obamacare doctors will be making about the same wage and so now the dream is realized.

Double yee-haw and point me toward the Walmart Breadline.0806-31breadline

See now I’ll be popular cause I’m on board the right train.

Not like my last post, when I was suggesting that women possibly do better with a high paid  man in the house. That they need the man to be the main bread winner in the household to be truly happy.

Which leads me to my next point,  some Fox News babe blogged nearly the same thing yesterday basically copied my whole theme (of course in a more sensitive and well written manner)…they’re talking about it all morning on Fox N Friends.  Fox-News

Now I’m not looking fer credit or anything, it’s jes nice to see the issue bein discussed on a national level yet still, here I am Lil’ Ol’ Dysfunctional Unit me, if nothing else still beating national pundits to the heart of key social issues.

The little dog spins and I say what it tells me. Oh it is to laugh.



One Response to “The Maximum Minimum and is Fox News readin My Blog Again?”

  1. Dysu You are a trend setter if Fox News is following.
    I almost agree with everything you say except that I swear by my magic kitchen glove- still use the hands but no effort at all. The kitchen is the only place I agree no effort should be used for I agree that hard work is the only way. I look at these young kids coming up offering you a life of ease if only you pay them to tell you how. Why don’t they go and get a proper job. I worked dashed hard for my money and I’m not giving it away to lifestyle changers or financial advisors. I am happy though to pay taxes so that all members of the country (would love it if it was the world) had a reasonable basic lifestyle. I agree with obamacare (the principal at least as not being an American I haven’t kept up on the specifics) and a reasonable minimum wage and also a reasonable unemployment payment. I do think we all have rights in these basic regards but there is a selfish reason as well – I want to be able to sleep in my bed at night without the fear that some poor, sick starving person has the need to take from me just to obtain what should be a basic human right. If that was the case then Americans would not need guns to protect themselves and then these dreadful shootings by the deranged would not be a problem for you. (and I’m only to the cleaning of the kitchen. Dysu you think you can talk.
    Saving money is an unknown thing these days and sacrifice is even less well known. I did both of these when younger and managed to retire early. Now some people want what I’ve got. It’s like the vestal virgins and the lamps. Those that used their light wanted to share in the one that conserved hers.

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