My Little Dog

December 4, 2013

Look cants n’ kittens, I can’t help the way my brain works. Maybe the Ol Dysu has oppositional defiance disorder, I mean of coursethe ol dysu along with the ADHD and the BaPD’s & PTSD oh it is to laugh.

Here’s the thing. Every once in awhile I hear from a follower or the follower of a follower, through one way or another, that their own followers give them the ol crap-ola fer followin me (can ya follow that?).

This is almost as common asย  a follower or visitor to my page telling me they commented, but deleted the comment or that they wanted to comment on one of my posts (possibly negative?) but didn’t..

But again all my followers n’ friends I can’t help the way my little dog spins. I’m jes tryin to make sense of the world I see and find the truth of it (of course filtered through my dysfunctional little doggy lol)

Lemme give ya a good fer instance, give ya somethin to not comment on, or fer yer followers to deride ya’ fer readin’…

Almost got it! Almost got it!

Almost got it! Almost got it!

This is the kind’a thing that my brain(little dog) spits out once in awhile in an orgasmic like moment of epiphany. Then I get all excited, thinking I have discovered a nugget that will help define my mission in this messed up life and possibly sway a few opinions then I throw it on-line and…(cue the sound of crickets chirping).

Oh it is to laugh.

First lemme establish this factual groundwork.

There only so many jobs available as a percentage of a given population.1105

When you open the door to allow say women to fulfill roles that were traditionally male less of those jobs will be available to the men that use to fill them.sensitivity

I know I say things in a weird way but this is an unarguable social fact. I’m not making an opinion or judgment yet.

Here’s where I start gettin off the beaten path, a main difference between the sexes that is causing our country no end of trouble based on the above unargueable fact.

Please remember that everything I say is “in general” I know that everyone can think of a good counter example or two.

But I am speaking of “in general truths” that despite humans best attempts have followed us since we wandered from the plains into the caves.

Men like to take care of their women. It makes a man feel good to be the bread winner. If a man makes a good living, brings home the bacon as it were and he can provide in such a way that his wife can* stay home, he feels good, he feels proud.

I got this Babe!

I got this Babe!

*I know I know the old argument that this gives the man undue control, in an evil manipulative role where he controls the women through finances…but in general this was not true. Meaning in general this system functioned, more often than not to the betterment of the family or it wouldn’t have existed for more than a thousand years.

So lets get back to it shall we. Because what I am saying here is also an unarguable fact. Most men would love to be able to provide in such a way that their woman could stay home. It fufills a primal role with-in us.

Here is a truth I feel we can accept now based n empirical evidence. Women do not feel the same way. If they are the main bread winner it does not fill them with healthy pride.

But first, before we go there lets look at two arguable facts.

I’m gonna challenge these commonly accepted nueths here. And ladies please feel free to comment if you disgaree, I’ll play nice I promise.

1. Many women (like many people) don’t really wanna work.* Don’t really like the hassle of having to go to and hold a job. And

They don't call it "social" work fer nothin.

They don’t call it “social” work fer nothin.

secretly wish to meet a man rich enough to take care of them (even if they won’t admit it to their girl friends)-1a.That is why the modern work place has taken on a more “social” aspect than it has in the past. Work has become less like work and more like going to a meeting place for social interactions where you also happen to do some other stuff.

Catching up on work.

Catching up on work.

*I’m not sayin that women do not want to, or can not accomplish as much as man, I’m talking about going to the workplace.

Nor am I saying that this is true about every woman, just and again, in general.

2. Providing for their man, does not fill a woman with warmth. Unlike men women do not feel the deep seated need to provide for their man (I would and have argued the opposite that women have a genetic deep seated need to be “provided for*”[*security, protection]).ย Instead, if the women is the main, or sole provider for the family she always feels disappointed, let down in her man. Perhaps even that he is less of a man. Certainly it does not inspire warmth deep seated loin stirring warmth fer her mate. 2a This of course leads to more belittlement of his “maleness”. More undermining of the American family as a core unit. 2b The argument that a woman has to work to make ends meet in today’s modern world is a moebius strip argument, a chicken or the egg argument which we can save fer later)

And don't come out till you contribute more to our family!

And don’t come out till you contribute more to our family!

Okay arguable facts aside lets get back to the main point.

If a man has an inherent drive to provide fer his women (fact) but struggles to because in today’s modern world the job market has shrunk due in part to women entering the work force (fact) who do not feel the same inherent need as their mates (arguable but based on now years of empirical evidence hard to ignore) and are unc-content being the main provider.

I ask or pose this question, are we better off with this new system or…?

That’s all. I see this stuff, exerience, see, feel, hear and it makes my little dog spin, chase it’s tail and then I write it here and you may say you think I’m full o’ crap ola but why?

Challenge my posited social theories.

The evil old days.

The evil old days.

Do you disagree that there is a deep seated need in nearly every woman (making room of course fer the genetic exceptions) to be cared for and protected. A man’s deep seated need to do that providing and protection.

As with much of what my generation came along and changed, we did so based on whimsical ideals, based on emp ncnothing but rainbow wishes. I’m jes the one, like the kid in the story who is pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

I know many of you disagree. that’s why I write it here.

But I challenge you here and now. If ya think so, tell me why, in a cohesive well thought out counter argument,ย  I’m full o crap. I won’t mind.

What' ya mean feminism's ruining the country?!

What’ ya mean feminism’s ruining the country?!

And who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

I’m never sayin that I’m right, jes that this is what I believe.

I used to be liberal and believe in rainbow wishes too. One day I had to wake up and look at the results of those beliefs.

The evidence did not support my claims.That is what I saw. I had been wrong.

I mean it’s not often but it does happen.

Annyway, agree with me or not, God bless ya n thanks fer stopping by.

7 Responses to “My Little Dog”

  1. I have to disagree. I believe that what is important is mutual respect and friendship. I don’t need to be looked after and I don’t need to look after some one else. I want that person to stand on their own two feet and be responsible for themself. I do agree with your opening statement that there are more people than jobs. I believe if we pay the people that don’t want to work a fair payment then everyone else can work to their hearts content. If you work hard you can retire early. If you want to play retire late. If you never work then it is staples but enough that those that have worked don’t have to have walls around them to stop others trying to take what they’ve got. And if as a woman you don’t want to cook and the man does great otherwise eat out all the time. Life should be equal for all.

    • Yer so sweet. Thanks so much fer yer thoughtful comment. Isn’t being part of a say, marriage, taking care of each other in some ways…
      In my relationships I know, though I am not really a very traditional male, there are still areas where I looked after my mates and other where they looked after me.
      I am bad at remembering to pay the bills (huh imagine that lol).
      However all that being said I stand by my original theory that men are more comfortable and more content than women being the primary bread winner.
      And I believe women are secretly more comfortable with things being that way also.
      I guess I didn’t say my point very clearly, oh it is to laugh, again imagine that…
      Maybe I’ll try again.
      Thanks IW19 I sincerely appreciate yer comments.

  2. Hey. Perhaps this is one of those gender differences. For a man it is really important to provide for his woman and so he wants to work to do this while she stays home to provide for his comfort – do the housework, prepare the meals and have his slipper and pipe ready when he walks in the door. He feels good because he is looking after her.
    This perhaps is not so important for the woman who really just wants her man to love her, make her feel as though she is the most beautiful and sexy thing in the world and that he would protect her no matter what. Who provides is irrelevant to her – its the feelings.
    You may have been born in the wrong century for your wish to come true, though I bet you are right and there are plenty of women out there that would love to stay at home and be provided for.
    Mind you I do believe the man should put the garbage out.

    • Hi IW19, thanks again fer yer thoughtful response. I’m so long winded I’ll try to be brief , cause I think this parts important.
      I’m not saying I’m like this, believe this to be true ’cause I’m jes old fashioned, or that I want women to be somehow beneath men.
      I’m jes saying that looking at American society, being a fair and impartial observer (social scientist) I believe that the evidence on this added with my own life experience* is overwhelmingly in favor of this theory…
      *In my own life I am have realized that it is my lacking certain “male qualities” or being a sensitive guy, that has caused me trouble in my relationships.
      Being a man, being around men most of my life I understand what it is (at this point) that I am lacking but I am still lacking it.
      I do make up for this lack by being extraordinarily charming and chivalrous but in the long run it has not been enough of a compensation.
      I do believe in taking out the trash ๐Ÿ™‚ doing the man dirty work ๐Ÿ™‚ but also cook clean and do laundry (except folding, hate folding)
      I’m manly and a little roguish, fun, interesting and a good listener…the only thing i have never been good at IW19 is being a provider…(all this will come out in the dating posts which are suppose to be funny, not at all a serious attempt at finding another lady)
      I’m a weirdo artist that’s it, a mad poet, and in the long run, even with all those romantic qualities above, qualities that woman say they’re looking for in a man. I have found that to be more wishful thinking than not. The best I’ve managed to make is 30k, my ex was making 60k at the time we lasted nearly ten years. It ended when I lost my job in the economic downturn of 2008. She found another man and we were divorced not long after ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have discovered if they make more than you the relationship is doomed.
      All my Ex’s still love me, they’re jes happier being with traditional males.
      Guy’s who can be a little belittling and dismissive of them at times. Guy’s who hunt and belong to bowling teams and like beer and ffotball. No museums or art galleries. Still my Ex’s love them why? Is it possible because they feel safer and more secure?

      Where as me, I don’t mind a women being in charge of everything (but the bedroom :)).
      Hell I’d love to be (even at this point) some rich gal’s househusband, cause in this one way I am not like other men.

      Annnyway, I know what some people think about the things I write. I feel it’s cause they don’t read them carefully (that may be cause I write such long convoluted posts lol).

      But I believe that it is this separateness, this difference in me that allows me to be an outside observer looking in.

      Helps see that the Emperor has no clothes as it were

      I hope you are enjoying this discussion as much as I am.

      You might be the first person to find out that I don’t want the stuff I say to be true, I jes see that it is.

      I jes see that our fathers and mothers and their fathers and mothers had more of an understanding of the “truth” of things than we their children could ever hope to regain.

      At least here in America we have thrown most of their wisdom away and replaced it with a shiny but hollow replica.

      Oh it is to laugh I do like to talk…
      Thanks IW 19

      • Dysu I got you pegged all wrong. Was starting to think you liked to have your women in the kitchen. Instead, here I find that you are a sensitive new age man, art galleries and poet to boot. And to think you lost out to beer swilling belittling bowling football fanciers. Our experiences certainly slant our take on life and make us see things from all different angles. Our forebears would probably be turning in their graves. I look forward to your dating posts, I know they’ll be fun, and I hope to read that you’ve found a good woman who’ll make you her househusband. Plus I like to be right. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just joking. Yes I’ve been having fun talking with Dysu. Till next time IW19

  3. I think I’m finally starting to understand. It’s the reason I have been hesitant to comment on your bog; not knowing if you believe everything you write, or are an observer to what you see.

    I am the wife of a very successful businessman, and have been fortunate to stay home for the last 16 years, raising three children and supporting my guy in ways I could never do if I worked full-time. This has allowed me to become an investor, pouring my time and energy into ministries and people over the years, without needing to be paid to do so. My guy has said all along that the work I do is so much more important than his, but I could never do it without his support. So, we are both able to do what we do best because of the support we receive from the other.

    Even though this is a good set up, it is not perfect; I have had bouts of boredom and restlessness over the years, and he lives at a high stress level almost constantly. We have three teenagers, and I would never tell them that our way is the best/only way to do life, it is ideal for us but not for all. The important thing in my opinion, is to be in a position to have options, to not put themselves in a place financially where both must work full-time to make ends meet, but to be able to pursue their passions.

    We have a daughter in college who plans to move to Africa and hold babies in an orphanage. That’s it, her passion. No idea if she will marry beforehand or ever. She believes (and I agree) that God built this into her and it is her calling. If I try to persuade her to a safe life in the suburbs like Mom, I am in direct conflict with her calling from God. No thank you.

    My point is that the life I am leading would agree with what you’re saying, but I won’t say that it is the best way for everyone. I think my comment is longer than 90% of my blog posts!

    • Mrs. HowsYer,

      Thanks so much fer the response. I agree, like most of what I say it is not “right fer everybody” as there are exceptions to every rule. But I usually mean, in general or more often than not.

      And believe me twenty years ago I would not have supported my own arguments.

      Also I truly appreciate yer honesty and willingness to respond.
      My experience has been that when I am talking one on one with a woman who is being honest she will agree with most of my points.

      Please understand that I never mean to imply that women are less than or inferior to men in anyway. Just that we are different. That the knowledge of these differences is nothing new and human society functioned quite well (fer the most part) fer quite a number of years following this pattern before my generation came along and started to reinvent the wheel in the mid-fifties.

      Annyway, again I’m so happy that you stopped by and replied, as I understand, especially on first read through, the things I am saying can seem pretty far out there and offensive.

      But I honestly believe we need to engage in this dialogue and do so without anger or malice from a position of what “the truth” is not “a truth”.

      (in general)

      A truth: women can be just as good at being the main bread winner in the family as a man can.

      The truth: she isn’t really isn’t as happy as when he is.

      (in general)

      That’s all I’m sayin

      I’m never saying this is how I want things to be.

      I’m jes sayin this is how they are.

      And we should stop pretending otherwise (partly ’cause it’s making my craziness much worse lol) because our country is not better off for it.

      Oh it is to laugh I could go on and on.

      Thanks again.

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