Thanks for the History lesson.

November 27, 2013

This morning when I got up, gettin the coffee ready standing bleary eyed at the kitchen sink I looked out my kitchen into the the ol dysubackyard.

kitchen windowThe kitchen window is a big window with lots of small square panes. Every pane had a web of sparkling frost in the lower right corner spreading across the glass in fantastic and beautiful patterns.

But there was still more. Outside, beyond the window, it was becoming first light and, as sometimes happens at sunrise, the world was a soft glowing pink, a gentle rose blush colored every surface including the frost on my window.

I filled the coffee pot and started ‘er up. I watched as it the color slowly warmed from rose, to peach to flame orange. Watching this show I thought “Thanks God!” It was a nice little show, a beautiful moment.

I have always been good that way, enjoying these small everyday miracles.

Standing there I also gave thanks to the Lord for my eyes that get to observe, quantify, name and internally interpret the nuances of color He put here, in part, fer my enjoyment.

I also gave thanks fer my ability to smell the coffee brewing.

Then I realized what I needed to write about today.  About giving thanks. What that means to me.

And first I guess I need to acknowledge that there’s gonna be some stuff in here counter to what you probably have been taught and believe (like that’s any news).

And second I am gonna mention God (before ya get yer underthings in a bunch go read what I’ve written in earlier posts bout my belief in God or more specifically about the benefit to a societies culture with a solid belief in God).

But let’s start at the beginning shall we.

Lets get rid of the bull or I guess in this case Turkey-sh*t shall we.

When I was a wee lad, I was taught how great the Pilgrims were an that we came here and struggled at first but with some assistancefirst_thanksgiving from the Native peoples, who we had begun trading with. Eventually the country that was to become America began to flourish and take hold in this great land. After this first truly bountiful harvest the pilgrims sat down with their new native brethren and broke bread and gave thanks to God for their plentiful bounty. (This of course was an oversimplified version, leaving out much of the uglier truths, and focusing on a simple message of pride of country for young citizens of said country).

Fast forward just a couple of years. I was now being taught a new version of Thanksgiving. The pilgrims actually were not going to survive without the help of the native peoples. On the verge of starvation the native peoples took pity on The First Thanksgivingthem and rescued them and that during this gifted feast they gave “thanks” to their native friends for their donated food. (this was one of the earliest salvos in this war on American culture.) This nueth (remember new truth=nueth) was, we were told, a more realistic interpretation of the facts of the first thanksgiving, stripped of the evil propaganda filled lies of the early pro American education system. Bringing a true understanding that Thanksgiving had nothing to do with God.

Fast forward a few more years and we learn that not only did the native’s save our a** in those first couple years, but that many white pilgrim settlers never did truly give thanks to the natives, but that were secretly duplicitous and held ne’er do well intentions pequot_war1637-1_247fer the peaceful and ecological sensitive Native Peoples. And that our Thanksgiving meal was only a sham, a pretense to give us the God given right to destroy all that was good and right in this untouched Eden.

I know I used to believe that also. The problem is that, like much of what the new left taught us is in no way, wait…IN NO WAY…related to the truth.

The earliest lessons I learned, which while not 100% true were far closer to the truth than the last.

I’m not going to get into the whole story here, others have already done it fer me, better than me & that’s probably a benefit to us both cause I’m already closin in on a thousand words. ( I don’t know how you two hundred word people do it…oh probably by not RushThanksgiving2011typing that thought out as part of the post would be a start)…

See this is, this theme of today’s post, is in direct relation to everything I wanna say.

These nueths that I latched onto, that we all (almost) have embraced, that Pilgrims were evil religious zealots who re payed native American’s life saving assistance with betrayal death and disease (on purpose some would argue) are no more real than the idea that women can handle more pain than men, or that the new and improved Swiffer Mop is gonna make yer house stay cleaner.

I’m sorry. But the facts, the evidence of this first Thanksgiving are available, numerous, and undeniably steeped in an open and honest Thanksgiving to the Creator of Everything. To God.

If you scoff, if yer a scoffer, go look it up fer yerself.

I bet ya won’t though, that’s the thing about bein a lefty. Most of ya are jes doin it ’cause ya don’t like the boring old churchy ways of old time America. Most of ya’ don’t like the idea of a God makin ya feel guilty ’bout the weird selfish things ya wanna do. The last thing ya’ wanna do is go look up boring ol’ facts. (As fer the ret of you on the left, you already know yer lyin’, ya jes don’t care ’cause the ends justify the means. That’s why I stopped being a democrat. The reason yer lyin doesn’t excuse yer lyin.)Metal heads

Look I’m not sayin I’m better than you, hell I often say the opposite and it’s probably true. I lived most of my life flaunting my free will doin whatever the heck-a-rooni I felt like and damn the consequences, and am living the consequences and am in some ways damned…oh it is to laugh

So what the heck am I tryin to say.

Jes that this Thanksgiving I wanna ferget all the things, all the turkey sh*t, the overwhelming and often times maddening things I am unthankful for (which seems to be my way oh cats n kittens).

And remember God’s small gifts, His instant messages as it were.thanksgiving-family-dinner

Looking out the window this morning was one of those small pleasures.

Chasin the crazy life, living wild n free, living rich n large,  doin what I wanted when I wanted brought me lots of pleasures to be sure but, pleasures which when over felt hollow and  unfufilling, often leave left me bitter n disappointed. It is black-fridaynever enough to fill that hole. But…

Picture from web. Not actual photo of my window.

Picture from web. Not actual photo of my window.

The smile and laughter of my kids, the taste of bacon, the smell of coffee brewing, the sight of early morning frost on my window momentarily glowing a heavenly pink. Just typing the words here fill me with a peaceful warmth.

Whatever that feeling is, whatever it is that instills in us with the love of the quiet blessing of ordinary moments. I give thanks to God fer it. It makes me feel better.

I give thanks to God (whatever that may be) fer those things which in the midst of what often seems like hell, remind me that there is also Heaven.

3 Responses to “Thanks for the History lesson.”

  1. Beth Says:

    You’ve said what most of us want to scream at the top of our lungs! Thanksgiving is solely an American holiday which no one else can take credit for. All citizens should respect and honor this one day of the year-and leave it be as it was written!

  2. Thanksgiving means nothing to me as I’m not an American. Knowing what is important, what gives you lasting peace, (god aside) heaven and hell is wonderful.

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