The Nuclear Option: ‘dem Dems Go Rouge

November 23, 2013

Cats n’ kittens the ol Dysu doesn’t even know where to start on this one.I have spent three days doing research compiling facts andthe ol dysu factoids alike looking for that one tidbit of information that would, could, possibly, just maybe sweep across the net and stir the American people to rise up.

Or at the very least stop enabling, handing off responsibility for, or even worse encouraging, cheering from the sidelines while certain elements of our own government strip away all the last ragged vestiges of the founding fathers original intentions.

And yes yes, I know I’m paranoid…but it doesn’t change facts.  Annd yes I understand it does affect my interpretations of those facts, that’s why I try to do my research. Try to counter my growing madness with evidence. But sometimes it backfires.

Do I wanna believe there is something super sinister is going on, some underlying plan that we re all three steps behind on. No!

Really I mean that. I could hardly take the Bush administrations shenanigans, But what’s going on now is a different story. I don’t want to believe that our Pres, his lackeys like Ms. Sibelius, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Media Mogul supporters like Oprah I mean it feels like an all out assault, the big push. Perhaps they feel they are so close, these true believers, and with just a bit more pressure…I mean call me dysfunctional lol, but that’ the feeling I’m getting.

Leading the Choir.!

Leading the Choir.!

The conservative pundits want us to believe that President Obama is a bumbler. That Harry Reid is only using the N-word option as as a last ditch smoke screen against the Obamacares failure. I guess that all might be true

I can only hope so.

The conservative pundits, the republican politicians and prognosticators all are laughing at Harry Reid and the dems.

“You guys really blew it.” and “Just wait till it’s our turn now.” that’s what they are saying.

But have you stopped to even consider…what if yer chance at revenge (which of course trust me I believe is equally ridiculous) never comes.

It’s a long three years till November 2016. what will *America look like by then?

nuclear-blast-hiNow that they can appoint anyone, now that the road for President Obama, who himself has made numerous end runs around the constitution and willingly expanded long held traditional executive powers (in a way that resembles more of an Autocracy than any other form of poli sci system) does the system have more checks and balances or less?.

Now that the senate democrats can pass any legislation they damn well please what do you think might happen next?

They are idealouges who have realized that the American people are starting to have doubts about this brave new tomorrow.

But as we are going to see, if the majority of (white) American people are no longer supporting health care well they can go take a big flying f- at the moon.

That’s what’s coming, you will take this health care. It’s better for you. Even if it’s not. Shut you f-ing pie hole and take it.

Mmm! Crow pie.

What about Gun control issues? Amend the bill of rights by altering or removing the outdated second amendment.

Who is gonna stop them?

Immigration reform?

Military budgets?  We don’t need no stinking military!

You remember I use to be a true believer I know what the dream is…the utopian ideals they dream of instituting if only old timey conservative American’s would jes give up or die off.

Or as Oprah oh so succinctly put it…

O-merica's Favorite Bully

Die Old Racist Die!

There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.’ 

Oh I mean it is to laugh. And still I know a lot of you, many like Ex-2, whom I love, will still defend Oprah, defend President Obama, believe in this brave new America, even at the expense of their own off-spring.

President Obama,

This third world America…well I know you don’t see it that way that’s why I’m writing this darn post. But like me during the 70’s, 80’s, & most of the 90’s, I was, we are full of the best intentions I know.

Our leaders are not.

If you don’t see it by now, I’m pretty sure nothing I’ve written above will convince you to change ye mind.

I’m a crazy sexist, old school white male after all, obviously marinated, literally soaking in my own racist juices.

If only there were other sources I could turn too.

Oh wait here’s some.068b28acd7c5577cbbdd2833ef209f2d..

Benjamin-Franklin-Famous-QuotesWell there ya’ go cats, kittens that’s bout all fer me today I can’t beat anything any one of the things that these guys say.

If the Founding Fathers can’t convince ya…

Jes so it’s known that a lot of people tried to warn ya later…

Women and Gay guys I’m talking to you. Look out there at the rst of the world and tell me if China or the Muslim Brotherhood set up camp in ol D.C. wheere do ya think all yer rights will go then.

You will look back on the days when the “evil white christian conservatives” were in charge as yer rainbow unicorn picnic days.

tj quote $(KGrHqRHJ!4E8ew57Nd4BPPdEPc,Ig~~60_35God Bless ya’ll all.

I got notin else.

Benghazi, IRS, Healthcare lies, Job’s # questions, Power Grabs, Expansion of the Executive branch, roving bands of youth already silently moving through the streets striking out….Polar bear Hunting it’s called.

After they come fer people like me….(older white marinated Americans)

Well ya know what they say…

Oh wait you probably don’t. They probably don’t teach that anymore

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