The Grass is Always Greener when Somone Else Mows It

November 16, 2013

Okay so hey cats n’ kittens its me the ol Dysu and I know it’s been awhile but I’m a dysfunctional unit and there’s jes never anythe ol dysu telling with me…

Woah did I jes say I was a dysfunctional unit? Wait…

Hell, I’m The Dysfunctional Unit.

Okay yea and that’s how I roll, disfunctionally

Anyway…the dealy O is that I been a busy unit clinking and clanking along, and as well a discouraged unit, wheezing and whistling steam. We’ll get to that near the end of the post.

First jes wanted to let everyone know that my second book “The Pitcher The Crow & The Fox” is now available on Amazon fer Kindle/e-reader as well as in soft cover (that’s a book fer all you young kittens).

Getting a book up on Kindle or Createspace is a little more complicated than my Dysfunction allows. It certainly takes me more than one day to go through the whole process and I still am left with a product that is less than I always hope it will be.

The problem comes in formatting the book to have it optimal for all the different websites requirements.

Word doc. at 8×11 1/2 with 300 dpi illustrations, PDF file 6×9 illustrations better than 300 dpi, and that’s jes the interiors. The covers get even more complicated.

Now before ya start throwin out tips and hints I should let ya know of course I don’t do this work myself, I farm it out. I am jes a mad old poet, a writer, an idea man, not an editor, not a digi-tech wizard.

Anyway follow the link above if yer interested. It’s a retelling of a classic tale in the tradition of the original but with more 3D special effects fer today’s sophisticated reader.

Okay and anyway, the rest is jes…oh wait…really there are no 3D special effects…jes wanted to make sure noone took me seriously there…

Back to it.

Speak No Weirdness!

Speak No Weirdness!

See the thing is I am jes so overwhelmingly flabbergasted by what has become of our country. I mean I cannot, perhaps due to my dysfunction comprehend jes what the 40% of the people who approve of our president are thinking?

If, by now, you cannot see, you do not want and never will. But lemme run through this example fer old time sake anyway.

I’ll skip the pointless rehashing of Benghazi or my other tirades and jes focus on health care fer a minute.

But health cares still pretty wide a topic lets go  lost health insurance due to…

No wait still too broad a topic, lets simply focus on the people, millions of them who voted fer Obama either Democrat or “Independent” (L and his fabulous ol’s) who believed his goofy rhetoric about rainbow colored hope, feel good-isms, free everything fer everybody except the elusive they (in this instance the rich) & loved the idea of voting for him based on the color of his skin (racism).

It's all goin Grrreat!

It’s all goin Grrreat!

In general I am talking here to young people, mostly white, mostly woman, mostly but not all.

Here’s what I wanna say, step up to the damn plate, bite the bullet, whichever cliche ya wanna pick and buy the damn insurance.

Supporters in Theory Only

Hey you Kylie, Leslie, oh and yer ambiguously effeminate friend Stephen, remember that big rally on University campus? I know it was a year ago n all and it’s hard to remember that far back but…

You were there screaming love and support. Laughing at the image of evil rich republicans. Weeping at the brave new world you were going to help usher in.

Well here we are, ya  dance with the Piper and all that…

Oh what am I saying, this is the age of unaccountability. You kids aren’t responsible don’t worry bout it.

I'm sure all of these folks have signed up.

I’m sure all of these folks have signed up.

How bout you young professionals? I know yer facing the reality of the world, and yea it can be pretty harsh but, I mean ya supported this guy, this idea of socialized medicine. Lots of people warned you about it.

I'm rich and white and the left hates me for it.

I’m rich and white and the left hates me for it.

Oh I know they were all crazy racist, homophobic, rich white fascist republicans but ya gotta give ’em the nod on this one…

I mean don’t ya?

Oh it is to laugh of course that was rhetorical.

And that of course leads me to the discouraged unit part.

I'm rich and white but get a pass.

I’m rich and white but get a pass.

A long time very good friend of mine, some one I dearly love, (not Lil Mouse) even though they are unabashedly, unapologeticly uninformededly liberal, and I have enjoyed some fun back and forth dialogues about politics.

This person is an ardent supporter of President Obama.

As the past few weeks have unfolded I have watched in glee and wondered how her(whoops) their hutzpah and bravado in defense of the holy unifying Messiah of Fairness would hold up?

I mean I waited fer weeks into the Obamacare mess. Let the rollout stumble and fall said nary a word. Gave time fer her own (oh there I go again) insurance company to mail a “Sorry” letter. Let that sink in and settle fer a bit like the sour grape it is…

I was practically gleeful, and probably not hiding it well when I finally asked, “hey so what happened with yer insurance policy?” Her grimace told me everything I needed to know.

And now I thought fer the nail in the coffin. With an impish smile I asked “So hows that Obamacare treating you?”

Healthcare fer who?

Healthcare fer who?

Without batting an eye and with that seriously committed pissed off scrunch coming between her eyebrows she said.

“Well if weren’t for the damn republicans in the senate…”

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