Philosophical Theory Vs. Brutal Reality in Application

October 10, 2013

Can we just settle one simple argument Cats & Kittens, ya know I love to beat a dead horse but even my arms get tired after awhile.the ol dysu Ya see over and over again I find myself having to deconstruct other people statements; Arguments and proposals I hear or read that, while they are nice, simple & seemingly impossible to argue against, are so logically flawed that they cannot be successfully applied in real life.

Wow that was an opening statement heh? Well this is the Dysfunctional Unit and that’s how I roll.

I mean long rambling apparently disjointed incoherent statements.

But underneath all that shambling blusterfuge is an actual by God important point.

Here’s jes one example.  To help eliminate homeless families the Government should provide housing assistance to those at the very

Nothing to do with bad choices.

Nothing to do with bad choices.

bottom of our economic strata. Now who can argue with that. helping the poor homeless children.

In theory it is the obvious only choice to make.

In application of this theory many problems arise. For the purposes of brevity i will focus on one that I hear very little about.

As landlords who provide housing to the poor (and incur from their prospective bad risks, severely damaged units, constant and expensive roll over) have realized that the Government will pay rents with no real follow up on quality of properties, and very few questions if any, not much over sight, they have raised these rents,. This is especially true in larger cities. These properties rent at exorbitant levels, far more than the units, houses or what have you are worth per month.

DSCN1420That becomes repercussion one or effect one of this theory’s application n the real world.

Repercussion two: is when the landlords of the not quite so slummy apartments realize they are now able to charge more and do. Of course over a course of a few years this price hike climbs the ladder to exclusive rental properties ( I have over simplified this process for expedience in explanation, but it is not always as may seem suggested a rung by rung one always follows another process,  the end result however, is always the same).

Repercussion three: As all rents rise. working families and or working  young people in the economic strata just above poverty level get squeezed out.  If they can find an apartment it will be in an area dominated by public housing, areas which are proven to be, no matter which side or organization does the study, high crime, high unemployment, low prospect areas. That is if they can afford even the $800 a month bug & mold infested two bedroom. What ya need three bedroom? Make it a $1000 then.

Couldn't find a modern pic of working poor.

Couldn’t find a modern pic of working poor.

Final Repercussion:  The people who we want to help most, working people, people attempting to work their way out of poverty for themselves, their children, are dealt another blow. The speed of increase in govt benefits and there by rents, far out paces the increase they can expect in wages. Many double up, work more than one job, cut cost learn to scrape by on less. Some decide to join the ranks of people with no job, who seem to live (at least) just as well (sometimes better) with no effort at all.

 Jes try it yourself google or bing image search "working poor"

Jes try it yourself google or bing image search “working poor”

This is just one example of how a wonderfully innocent sounding theoretical social theory, an idea that can’t possibly be bad”federal housing assistance for the poor” has in practical application far reaching unintended consequences. And this is just one example of one problem with federal housing. A sub issue as it were and one I don’t think I have ever heard addressed (not that it hasn’t been jes that I haven’t heard it).

Like in this particular instance, where the hypothetical idea that started it all is:  housed individuals will be free from the stress of sheer survival (housing, food, medical)they can now concentrate on or find(mostly) work.

Wait lemme put it like this.

If I add this cash solution to this homeless base, what will happen?

If I add this cash solution to this homeless base, what will happen?

Hypothesis: Poor people struggle to earn enough money  to simply house themselves *many  being unmotivated to do so because of the stress of being homeless and trying to hold steady employment to earn enough to get the money needed to secure a residence.

This is a legitimate issue but becomes flawed science after the * . The first part is observable science. The second is not an observable phenomenon but relies on subjective description of participants based on verbal assessments of how they feel.

Theory: If we provide federal dollars to house the poorest among us they will be better suited to, and be ready to go out and work.

In practical application the outcome is exact opposite. The more free stuff you give people the more they expect for free. That’s the reality of this practical application.

The truth of it can no longer be argued.  I know I used to argue for its value.

In science if I have a theory, I test that theory through various applications.  After some period of time I have to admit my theory is wrong and scrap the whole experiment…

This ones been wrong for awhile. We just keep doublin down.

Which could be, in turn observable phenomenon to support another hypothesis Our Federal Government can’t seem to stop wasting money on useless programs.

Oh it is to laugh

My Little Dog

the little dog spins round and round,

Oh it is to laugh.


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