The Big Mac Attack

September 23, 2013

Well Mr’haba Cats & Kittens it’s me the ol’ Dysu, more dysfunctional than ever of course and tryin’ to  brush on my the ol dysuArabic jes a little in case I’m still alive in ten years…

Oh it is to laugh.

Good Bye Lil’ Mouse

First and foremost you should all be informed that my Lil’ Mouse has moved on to a new life. I knew it was coming…we were having troubles before I bashed my head last year (the trouble being; me telling her she was ready to move on, and her telling me I was being mean and, yes she still wanted to stay with me [ in hindsight of course she still did need me at that time for emotional support oh and to help her (pay for) move twice last year] but it wasn’t my first rodeo and knew she was done (emotionally anyway) with our little…fling.

And so she had gotten where she had dreamed of going. She’s a young vibrant professional, a librarian, in a not too big and yet not too little library. She’s playing Cello for the universities orchestra. I bought her a  better (used still wasn’t cheap lol) Cello jes last year so she could play to her abilities. She has become what her fondest hopes, what she never really believed would come true has, the pinnacle of all young Lil’ Mouse’s dreams. So at only 27, what should she do settle in and drift? Not my Lil’ Mouse. She was ready for a new dream.

Lil' Mouse

Lil’ Mouse

I’ve told her for years that I would understand and be supportive when it became time for her to go (some day not too long from now I will be in my 60’s, Lil’ Mouse will only be in her 30’s). And more recently of course, I have told her “yer ready to go honey” (I always know when because my flaws become more annoying then I can compensate for with endearingly roguish Irish charm) .

But since we had gone through this last year and made it out the other side I was feeling more confident about her desire to still be with this crazy old man.

And though we had taken long separate vacations this summer, we seemed to be communicating better than ever. so again I felt more positive about our relationship than I had in awhile as we headed into this fall.

I’d even bought her a ring…oh it is to laugh. At least she didn’t let me buy the really expensive ring I  wanted to get her.

There's Yer Good Bye

There’s Yer Good Bye

Aaanyway I’ll address that all more later. I jes thought you should know cause it, this change, is of course bound to bring changes to my blogs, besides the obvious sudden absence of Lil Mouse I mean.

cred:google images

Writing a Dysu post.

Here at dysu.com, the changes won’t be as noticeable. I rarely had the Mouse review these posts as she often freaked out about the things, the opinions I was voicing. I mean she knew I thought this way, hell it was her being tired of hearing me rant at the TV that was the genesis, impetus of dysu.com. But she was worried from the start that someone she knew would see these pages…

I know, I know, but I never held it against her, the truth can be really scary to people…What? I’m sorry what?

What truth’s?

Like, how about maybe western culture really isn’t such a great evil after all.

Okay well why don’t we look at that statement more in depth in Big Mac Attack pt.2

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