The Big Mac Attack Pt 2

September 23, 2013

The Big Mac Attack Pt II

There’s an terrorist hostage crisis going on in Kenya and listening to the reports I have heard repeatedly the same comment that I hear almost every time an attack like this one, inside a public shopping area, occurs “Well Jim, apparently we hear this is a protest against an influx of Western Culture….really, lets look at that idea.McFalafel

This is an idea floated by modern* sociologists and is still definitely in vogue, not jes on the left, or with liberals…but many people of all leanings, faiths, & whatever believe this to be the truth, not a truth.

But though it is only a truth, it is sold by our most powerful cultural teaching tool, Media, movies, music, then TV (you thought I was gonna say TV 1st didn’t ya)…

Alec Baldwin loves portraying evil rich white guys.

Alec Baldwin loves portraying evil rich white guys.

Here is a new truth…America, the secret right wing white supremacist (and amazingly enough somehow Zionist also) America is behind every evil plot. Even when it at first it seems to be a foreign terrorist group or a race other than Caucasian directly attacking America, or American interests, by the end of the movie or show we find out it was a rich white guy after all(dressed amazingly enough almost always in a suit, that way you know he is a Republican) .

Suspiciously like Bin Laden?

Suspiciously like Bin Laden?

To say 9 out of 10 ten political and or crime thrillers have this scenario is being kind.  It is of course part of the new fabric of American reality, brought to all of you by us, the counter culture generation. That great baby boom generation who headed to college in huge numbers and had been so spoiled at home (compared to earlier generations) They heard the college professors call to take up arms against capitalist culture. And thought “Yea Mommy n’ Daddy don’t lemme do or gimme everything I want. Damn the man and his evil ways.”

Behind every Law & Order crime was a rich white person.

Behind every Law & Order crime was a rich white person.

See here’s the truth of a deeply philosophical debate, movement, clash of cultures however you’d have it. They are debated by intellectuals but fought at the ground level by ignoramuses and dysfunctinal units like me.

The theoretical argument is interesting and provides a good sub culture of followers to maintain a proper balance in a free society.

Defenders of being poor and subjugated!

Defenders of being poor and subjugated!

But when their followers apply these concepts it is never for the loftier goals. And that’s okay ’cause the person supporting this theory, this propaganda against the west doesn’t believe the loftier goals either. It still comes back, like always, to access to resources.

That is why the instigator always talks about the rich and powerful stealing from the “us”, keeping the people from the  goods and services they so rightfully deserve.

See the foot soldiers of said revolution are operating at the basest level. I want the stuff people who work and have money have, but I don’t want, or don’t know how, or can’t quite seem to work enough to get it.

When poor was still poor.

When poor was still poor.

Oh I know some people are born poor and never have a chance right?. They not only start with this handicap but are then restricted from true success by the (republican)rich white male dominated power structure in America.

Tell that to the wave of poor European immigrants who came to America and prospered with no government handouts, or over the top socially redistributive legislation.  Was it tough for those cultures to gain a foothold in our country? Did many immigrants have to work low paying hard labor jobs for hours a day, day after day for years jes so the next generation of their families could go to college (oh it is to laugh) and the family itself would prosper?

Building a brighter tomorrow.

Building a brighter tomorrow.

Even race is not a barrier in America as through decades of hard work, family and sacrifice many races prosper.

Even race is not a barrier in America as through decades of hard work, family and sacrifice many races prosper.

Of course they are rhetorical questions…we know these are true? For the majority, these very poor people were hard working supporters and believers of the American culture & dream. And we can tell by history that they not only succeeded in aces, but helped build the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.

A generNation that defeated not one, not just two powerful European aggressors, but a third one on the opposite side of the world.

Could we have followed those wars by taking much of Europe after that. Expanding not jes our interest but, as many countries had till that point in history, our physical borders as well. We could have but that is not the American way.

Here in America we conquer with live laugh lovery. We conquer through marketing and never have to occupy.

And that’s the theoretical argument of the terrorists in Kenya. We conquer with Big Macs, with KFC, with capitalism.

But what’s our intent. What is the evil plot behind it all?

Stay tuned fer part III and we’ll delve deeper into that.

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