Apocalypse On Both Yer Houses

September 9, 2013

Okay well here we go Cats & Kittens the dog & pony show jes gets more interesting and I don’t know about you, but I am certainly sick of a: this continued involvement in the Mired East, I mean really; and b: the laughable attempts bythe ol dysu the Administration to not appear to be once again assisting our enemies.

Good Bye evil America!

So Long evil America!

I trust President Obama to handle the Syria conflict about as well as he handled Benghazi. Oh and wait…who am I, well I’m the Ol’ Dysfunctional Unit of course.

But it’s not jes the Pres now is it?

And then I'll give ya punch so hard...

And then I’ll give ya punch so hard.

We have John Kerry’s French contingent on our..oh wait, John Kerry lost the French backing didn’t he? Now he only has the secret backers that he can’t name. Wait what…Lil Mouse jes yelled that I shouldn’t write that without verifying it’s still true…but it’s all makin my Lil’ Dog spin

Checkin which way the Political winds are blowing.

Checkin which way the Political winds are blowing.

And what about John McCain he signed onto the President’s plan, and backed it then…didn’t…what? But he wasn’t the only republican.

Limited Government that defends our nation?  Now that's a good one...who put you up to this...one of thos Tea Party guys...oh you guys!

Limited Government that defends our nation? Now that’s a good one…who put you up to this…one of thos Tea Party guys…oh you guys!

Eh Tu Boehner?

Listen the last democratic President (who I voted for by the by) and our pals in UN got their ass kicked by Somali Warlords.

Hell you Democrats couldn't beat these twenty-five guy's-What makes you think you can beat the Syrian army

Hell you Democrats couldn’t beat these twenty-five guy’s-What makes you think you can beat the Syrian army

Yea we fought some recent wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. But if they were wars who won, who lost, what was accomplished, are the Iraqies or Afghani’s better off today? Have we beat the threat of terrorism back or what?

During his speeches to be reelected the Pres suggested numerous times that Al Qaeda had been scattered, was on the run, and no longer a threat to America due to his leadership. We see now he was seriously mistaken at best.

And this is the guy we are trusting to build a successful wartime strategy.

Many of his critics suggest he is simply in over his head and that this is incompetence of the highest order.

It's all goin Grrreat!

It’s all goin Grrreat!

I guess it’s either that or the shrewdest con act ever.

I myself would tend to think the latter.

I mean if he is incompetent he is incredibly lucky because what he has dreamed of happening to (white) America since he was an angry young man is taking place.

Long before he ran for office of any kind the young Barak Obama had made it clear that he believed (white) America, like Britain before her. had for too long prospered at the cost of third world nations and their peoples.

Liberal's  hate Columbus. The original "racist".

Liberal’s hate Columbus. The original “racist”.

Long before he was running for President he was learning from and associating with individuals who think like wise; that America is the “bad actor” in the world theater and has been long due her comeuppance. This is a very common liberal philosophy and one I was fond of spouting in the 70’s while railing against the man.

Why are we all so amazed when he subtly is manufacturing the “comeuppance” and personally bringing it right to our doorstep (don’t even get me started on losing the dollar as the world’s currency, jes wait fer that America.)

Well that's jes mean,of course he didn't...

Well that’s jes mean,of course he didn’t…

He was a big supporter of Arab spring, that new age of democracy sweeping the middle east back in the early 2010’s. We were told by Himself personally, as well as state run media on many occasions that it was a good thing for the people of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia etc. We were assured it would open new relations for us, and not just because they loved Obama, but because this was going to be true democracy and they would like America once again.

Little to no attention from state run media.

Little to no attention from state run media.

Tell me now, in hind sight, do you think the President was just wrong on that one, had the wrong info on the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions? Or is it possible, just possible that he knew what the end game of the “rebels” was and backed them anyway? And if that’s so, If our President knew the Muslim Brotherhood had no intention of turning Egypt into anything other than a fanatical religious state (with, some would argue, serious desire to do harm to the US) where does that put us?

But perhaps it is as some pundits suggest. Perhaps Himself is just out of His league.

Funny & Terrifying

Funny & Terrifying

Like when we were told flat out that the murder of one of our diplomats was due to outrage over a “racist” video. The President was quite clear, it was (white)America’s own deeply rooted racism that was causing us these troubles in Libya.  He sang us that tune until he couldn’t sell it anymore. But as we can see it didn’t matter. Nothing has been done. No one will be brought to account. And it would seem untoward of me to speculate that perhaps  an open attack on American citizens and an embassy that goes not only unanswered and uninvestigated seems a little suspicious.

But maybe it’s as some pundits suggest. Perhaps Himself is just out of His league.  I mean I hope so, but am too crazily paranoid and suspicious to jes let it go at that.

And so now here we are in Syria.

Here is our Commander in Chief making threats. Getting backing for those threats. Backing down. Announcing plans, changing plans. Saying I never made a threat, it was the worlds threat, it was congress’s threat. It was your threat, Himself said, the American peoples threat.

It was anyone of course but Him.

And the cries of outrage in Washington are…

Very limited and confined to the fringe of both parties. Are you all that Ballless wait I made that one word. Are you all that Ball-less?

Incompetent or (calculatingly)shrewd this President is overseeing the weakifying of America and while  I hear lots of bluster coming from my Sunday News folks, pundits and politicians alike, we get no action.

You can’t fix our economy, you can’t fix our taxes, you can’t invigorate the job market, can’t pass a budget or even a single piece of legislation that will get America moving forward, and now you prove again that yer most important and simple task, to protect the people of the United States of America is also beyond your abilities…

We do see that you can fly around in jets, can eat at fancy restaurants, hang with celebrities and sports stars at all the cool spots. We do see you can laugh, yucking it up in on our TV’s with the news reporters, that is after you have expressed grave concern over the issue at hand. We’ve seen that you can cheat and lie and deceive even those closet to you without remorse until yer caught. Then we see you become even more of a celebrity for cheating.

Apocalypse on Both Yer House

Apocalypse on Both Yer House

We see you at $10,000 dollar a plate fund raisers as we eat our Macaroni & Cheese with sliced hot dogs and know that you say you can understand our issues.

I tell ya what, jes do this one thing right. Get out there and make our country safe from those who don’t like Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s (White America’s weapon of choice). That’s all we really want from ya anyway

If not…oh wait, what am I saying…Americans won’t do a thing.

I’m betting very few people even read this blog based on it’s tags, if they do, certainly not to the end. To boring and way to many words.  And not one mention of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus.

Who America Wants Answers About.(?)

Who America Wants Answers About.(?)

Who I, as an American want answers about.

Who I, as an American want answers about.

6 Responses to “Apocalypse On Both Yer Houses”

  1. Alright, first of all, WTF DYSU?! I seriously thought you cracked your noggin and died in your sleep! I mean, a little, “oh, no, don’t worry OSW, I’m still alive, just in hiding,” would have sufficed!

    Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out (I’m still mad at you though), I’m sorry to hear about your mom. We lost my pops in May, and it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life, so truly, from my heart, I am sorry for your loss.

    Lastly, Zombie and I may be the only two reading right now, but keep writing. I pray it is merely incompetence, but I fear the alternative. You and I both once spouted the radical narrative, so we may see things a little differently than the average person on either side of the party lines, but the average person needs to be let in on the undercurrents no one is talking about, so please, keep writing.

    • My oh so kind Mrs. OSW,
      Thanks so much fer replyin, yea well, I haven’t written to much about this but it’s been a wild (good & bad) year since the conc. I had a lot of residual difficulties concentrating, shorter temper, a lot of trouble trying to put together any extended writing (and yes that means even worse than usual). But I also realized (God inspired through head injury?) that I didn’t want to post my older violent nasty prose no matter how important I believed the social moral message at the end.
      Of course my Ma passed, but my siblings and I have gotten closer.
      We moved twice, I might have written that in a post somewhere
      I live an hour closer to the west & I love that but I live an hour away from my kids now and that’s rough.
      I got a Jeep! That’s big news. I started a new blog jeepinitreal.org..
      Due to recent events though some big changes coming to all my blogs.
      Don’t wanna give away all the juicy details but it should be exciting.
      Anyway M, hey you weren’t a Sgt. by any chance were ya ’cause it would be shorter and maybe cooler if I could jes call ya Sarge…
      And on that Note I will say I will try to get by and say hi but I have been bad at that as of late. The upcoming post(s) may help explain why.
      All my unconventional bloggers respect to you and yers

      • Gosh I’m sorry to hear about the ill effects of the accident, and of course your mother, but I’m glad to hear it sounds like things are looking up for you. I can’t be too hard on you for being away. As you can see, I barely come around my blog anymore either. I think 2013 has been a completely jinxed year for a lot of folks! Our new living situation has been interesting, to say the least, but it seems we will be moving once again, so I probably won’t have too much time for the blog until things settle. On the bright side, things finally seem to be taking a turn for us, so our journey through purgatory may finally be coming to an end! (fingers crossed, say a prayer please!!!) I am very excited to see the new changes to your blog. I was curious where the story was going, but I hear you about wanting to work on something a little less violent and nasty. So anyway, sorry it took me so long to respond. I was, as a matter of fact, a sergeant, so yes, you may call me Sarge if like, lol. Give my best to Lil Mouse!

  2. Hey Sarge!
    Oh yea see that’s much better. I’m so sorry to hear you have been going through a rough time. I hope things are okay with health and family. And now that you mention it it is 20″13″ isn’t it. Ooo-wee-ooo, okay that doesn’t translate in written form as well as I’d hoped. Okay well anyway, lemme know if my crazy old advice can be any good to ya.
    I am excellent at being a life coach fer everyone but myself lol, like the old saying those who can’t do teach.
    Lets see, well ya Lil’ Mouse moved out, so…
    I knew it was coming but…okay well I jes wrote and erased a bunch a crap haha suffice to say she was young and decided to moved on I guess.
    That was the big change I ws talking about, at least so far. I guess I made it sound better than it was which is my way. It is going to have further implications on my life. Once I figure out which way I’m going.
    There are definite benefits to her leaving. I did a lot of care taking with LM. She was umm…high maintenance (in a good way)
    But (and of course now I think stupidly) I did most of the dishes cooking cleaning etc. So God bless that’s done.
    Plus I can move back to Sioux Falls now and be closer to my kids. Both my ex’s want me to move back as well…I wonder why lol
    Okay that’s inappropriate, true but not appropriate.
    I’m sad that you haven’t had time to write, I missed writing when I was gone. But I’m glad then tat I haven’t missed much.
    I’ve been terrible, no am still being terrible, struggling with doing a lot of reading of others blogs since I bashed my head a year ago…I don’t know why. I thought when I started writing again it would get better. But I only read those that come directly to my email and some how yers doesn’t anymore..lame of me that I haven’t fixed that yet.
    here is where I’d normally say “Honey..?”
    Computer stuff, an area that I will miss LM the most.
    But oh ya jes have to laugh huh Sarge!
    God bless ya fer enjoyin these rambling exchanges.
    Hey you should write a bitterly funny blog about yer life troubles…it always cheers me up…and I mean writing about my troubles, not reading about yers,,,jes to clear up any confusion..
    Lemme know if ya do. Its always great reading yer work.
    Anyway and as always Sarge,
    God bless You& Yers

    • So I was just reading your comment here again, and first let me apologize for being such a bad responder! Anyhow, I am sorry to hear that things didn’t work out with you and LM. Age differences can be tough. On the topic of writing a bitterly funny blog about my life, if I ever get back to writing, I would seriously like to do a joint project with you sometime. Don’t ask me what or how exactly. (Or when. God only knows when.) When it comes to writing, I’ve never worked with anyone else before, but I think we have a lot of similar ideas and it would be very cool to put our heads together (gently. No more lumps on the noggin for you!)

      • Sarge,
        No worry’s yer probably my best er second best responder lol.
        On LM, yea well it had been coming. I jes wish she would’a handled it differently…I feel like I deserve…well I’m bein a woman here whining about it…don’t ever wanna talk about the emotional stuff lol it’s done & that’s that 🙂 no matter how much I wish it had been different.
        And if you think of some project my personal dysfunction 🙂 can be of some assistance to you I think that would be rockin;
        I do have two books I have self published recently (self pub ahh!). I’m hopng to do a whole series called Fables & Tales For a New Century. The first book is the “The Grasshopper & the Ants” the second is “The Crow, The Pitcher & The Fox”
        They are both available on Amazon (both e book and hard copy…as always I recommend the hard copy :).
        I have a third hopefully coming out asap “The Great Race” (Tortoise & The Hare) as soon as I can decide if it needs an epilogue or a little more at the end (and; come across a free formatter (sp?), I hope to get it up also.
        I had an artist/digital formatter (sp?) work with me on the last two, but he lost enthusiasm fer the project when I ran out of cash to pay him with…imagine that.
        Anyway I promised to keep this short.
        Again and as always thanks fer…jes thanks fer bein.
        God Bless you n yers.
        Oh n I really wanna hear more about that mma stuff

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