From the War to End All Wars to the Never Ending War

September 2, 2013

Oh my little Cats & Kittens the world is such an amusing place. It’s me the ol’ Dysu with another blog about the stuff that makes my little dog spin. the ol dysu

Look I know that there are a few other old timers like myself writing blogs, but for the most part yer a bunch of twenty to thirty somethin’s and jes in case ya don’t know lemme fill ya in on a little known secret…Wars aren’t suppose to go on forever. I mean there are probably young kids writing blogs on word press today that have lived their entire life at war as it were.

Of course I want what's best for America...cue evil laughter

Of course I want what’s best for America…cue evil laughter

Okay wait, lemme split a hair or two here. Yes I know we aren’t technically at war with a specific nation at this time (though we may let Syria whip our ass soon. Go Prez O!) And I also know that much of what we have done in the region has been deemed operations not wars…but and okay, I mean when the bullets and bombs start flying…Whats the old saying? If it looks like a duck…

Linked this so you can reaqd the article

Oh I’m sure we can find a compromise.

Besides of course, they, I mean the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, The Taliban and more, all declared war on us a decade or more ago now. I don’t mean in just a theoretical sense like when they bombed us. No they actually have declared war on America. It’s in their recruitment brochures and everything. So before ya get all defensive and yer peacenik panties get all steamed up about the next stuff I’m about to say, jes think on that fer a minute.


Jes fer fun

Jes fer fun

Also a little caveat here, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this opinion, and I’m also sure somewhere in my Dysu posts I have said it before, but it’s so important I’m gonna say it again.

Any middle ground here?

Any middle ground here?

Ya can’t fight a war half ass. It’s either be fully committed or jes stay home.

Since the libs have taken over the (I’m talkin fifty years or so now) the idea has been that we either should not fight wars at all, or if we do, to fight them “nicely” (my word). The new theory is that we go to war not looking to hurt our enemy…oh wait in this new war we don’t call them the enemy, that word is too harsh…


Word choice is important. This headline suggests the problem is America's. Is our racist  tendencies angering the Muslim world?

Word choice is important. This headline suggests the problem is America’s. Is our racist tendencies angering the Muslim world?

And I guess that pretty much sums up the whole problem right there doesn’t it. Kind’a hard to win a armed conflict against an opponent intent on killing you if you’re worried about even yer language sounding too mean and hurtful.

The thing I find most hilarious is that this “softer” war philosophy only makes the suffering and killing etc drag on much longer and in the long run end with no clear defined balance of profit to loss…I mean c’mon, even you can see this right?

Hmmm, maybe start the talking with someone else.

Hmmm, maybe start the talking with someone else.

Anyway, lemme tell ya the Dysu theory, like Teddy, speak softly etc.

Now please understand I’m not sayin we should go to war with what once was a great ally in the region (this Admin has quietly* assisted the overthrow and disassembly of all our Allies in the region and helped our enemy gain primary control of country after country in the Middle East which again is the ultimate plan for Syria). What I am asking is given our current national philosophy once we have helped “free” Syria, and the Middle East is now (save poor Israel) a united group of fanatical Muslim states can we really hope to hold out when there next objective is attempted?

You do understand that their ultimate goal (like those horrible Christians of the crusades) is (still after all these years) to convert the world to Islam? You do understand that right?

Okay well, not you that's fer sure.

Okay well, not you that’s fer sure.

I know, I know, ridiculous. Here is where (as far as Lil’ Mouse and I’m sure many others are concerned) my theories go from amusing to paranoid, but jes go to their websites and see for yourself. Infidels that’s you n me (well me fer sure) are to be converted or killed.

Again the headline suggests it's all America & American's fault. I mean even this Kid hates us...

Again the headline suggests it’s all America & American’s fault. I mean even this Kid hates us…

And ya know if it ain’t Allah your kids are gonna be prayin to, it’s Chinese their gonna be speakin, and all because we (Americans) jes wanna prove to the world that our hippie forefathers were right “Love” conquers all…oh it is to laugh.

Well anyway, (look Mouse, under a thousand words and I’m almost done)…oh wait…yer waitin fer me to say what I would do aren’t ya.

Regarding Syria specifically I don’t know, but in general here’s my solution fer the whole damn mess we been in since Vietnam (remember I used to be super lib and believed the whole love conquers all mantra too) but now well…

Even the ladies?

Even the ladies?

Lemme jes put it this way, the first country or region that started to mess with Americans or American interest I would bring down the boot, stomp that country flat.  Say in this instance, the next time Pres Ahmadinejad of Iran made a casual threat I would drop our entire armed force in his country, tanks, soldiers, artillery, planes, naval support the whole shebang and just turn the country to rubble. Is it over the top sure but Americans would be safe anywhere in the world again and we’d have (suddenly and amazing like) new allies, not jes throughout the region but all over the globe.

Nothing protects better than fear of consequences. Nothing emboldens those who would do our country harm than weakness to act.

I don’t think this is real. But the link is. Go there and see some of this guy’s “truth”. He explains clearly why Muslims hate Americans….Oh it is too laugh…Make sure to check out his “about me” page…I wonder where he was educated? Yes Yes America has been and continues to be the most evil greedy racist nation in the history of man…we understand now…yer jes an angry liberal with a bomb

The truth is that may of you (American) bloggers on WP view America as the enemy of the world.  Many of you suggest with your language the idea that America should be come america will be a good thing for the world.

Only a very few of you are really serious, seriously vehemently (however, like I once was,misguided you are) believe what you are propagandizing (won’t you be sorry when some far more restrictive regime takes over [what’s that line from “Nazi Punks F*ck Off” …oh yea “in the real 4th reich you’ll be the first to go”]).

No the vast majority of you are jes sheep, bleating the party line. Most of you are probably female, big supporters of her majesty Mz. Hillary Clinton (who coincidentally loves the Chinese) and believe in some future one world village female dominated government where no child gets left behind hungry and peace reigns because everyone is forced to…Wait okay that’s my bit at the end. No they believe that rainbows will fall from the sky and Unicorns will ride them down proclaiming the age of  “Live, Laugh, Loverey” has begun.

Okay well, that leaves out the next generation...The new Egyptian Early Childhood Education program

Okay well, that leaves out the next generation…The new Egyptian Early Childhood Education program

Damn over a thousand words again.

Okay and lemme just be a little preemptive to my WP buddy who’s stuff I jes mocked, I know all about evil America, I used to be young and an intellectual but ignorant  liberal jes like you. I too believed America was responsible for all the wrongs in the world.

But of course, then I matured and realized we have built far more than bombed, defended far more than attacked, rescued far, far (and one more) far more people than we have ever “terrorized”.

Flag Burnin! Catch the Fever!

That the culture you call superior to ours still punishes (many times by horrible mutilations or death) it’s citizen’s for behaviors or acts which are if not openly accepted here in Evil racist hate filled America, at least hands, limbs and heads don’t start a flyin’.

Oh I know, I know, that comment is of course offensive and hurtful. That’s why I wrote it.

But I don’t claim to be some super intellectual educated man…I’m jes the old Dysu




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