Arab Spring In like a Lamb Out Like a Lion

August 15, 2013

Or should it be in like a Kharoof out like an Asad, well hey either way Cats & Kittens once again it looks like  the conservative pundits and prognosticators including I the lovable old Dysu were correct and you lefties, peaceniks, andthe ol dysu every soft hearted Network News watchin suburbanite ObamaMama (last decades soccer moms) were in fact wrong when they  predicted a new age of freedom and liberty for the people of Arab countries like Libya and Egypt.

See they repeatedly likened it to the American Counter Culture Craze of the late 60’s. I mean these were kids just getting their liberty freak on.

She is serious about this "Love" thing

She is serious about this “Love” thing

American Spring: Flowers butterflies love

American Spring: Flowers butterflies love

Not so fast said many conservatives. Uh…first off these “spontaneous” protests are often organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, secondly these protests are organized by the Muslim Brotherhood. Okay well there I sound a little intolerant of Muslims, and if you’ve read anything I written you know I am only intolerant of people actively at war with the United States of….wait what?

Oh that’s right, factions of the Muslim Brotherhood are at war with the US.  I mean of course, our leaders knew it was just the friendly MB’s who were organizing this Arab Spring Fling Thing.

So are they, well serious that is.

So are they, well serious that is.

Arab Spring:Okay but where's the love?

Arab Spring:Okay but where’s the love?

So our Politicians were comfortable, as well as our news media, proclaiming this a good hopeful and democratic”Spring” for the region.

Here’s a smart lady from a well known university defining what  is an “Arab Spring”. Remember this video is made well after the fact kind’a like a historical tutelage. By the time this little video is being made it is already becoming obvious that the so called “liberty & freedom” that many of the protesters were fighting for was the “liberty” to accept Allah or or “freedom” of death (as in the case of many Christians in these nations)…Anyway lets find out what she has to say about it…

Well she’s choosing her words pretty carefully, I wonder what she would have said about it in late 2010, when the whole thing was just getting started. Still you can see that gleam in her eyes when she starts talking about this “idealistic youth vs. the military” motif. And ya see the same thing in all the media darlings eyes…and ya know what drives me crazy about that…most of them were born in the 80’s sometime…when the f are the media elite in our country let go of the failed ideological theories of the hippie generation.

Okay I’m gettin off track. ‘Cause see all I want (again) is an apology from you bastards. You don’t even have to admit that you knew the difference and you lied to us anyway. We’ll get to that one later. No jes say yer sorry now that the evidence is in…(insert imagined sounds of crickets chirping here)…

Nope nothin

But okay I already figured, just as I figure that anyone reading this who disagrees with my position will not even finish this post. But if you do (have) lemme ask ya…

The "Guilty of Being White" Trio.

The “Guilty of Being White” Trio.

Do you remember the Duke Lacrosse Scandal? What was the initial reporting on that story? How much harm was done to those young men’s lives? (I know rich young white kids deserve it ya?)crystal-magnum

Hc the molesterHow about Herman Cain? Wasn’t he a serial molester? Where did all his accusers go? You think they would want to put an end to his rapey ways.

Oh yea for something lighthearted what about thing with the cicada’s?

What? That happened? Well it wasn’t as bad as they said then. If so we get that many cicada’s in the So Dak every summer whats the big?

No Matt, no cicadapocolypse yet, but...

No Matt, no cicadapocolypse yet, but…

The there’s the whole Zimmerman/Martin thing? Like the Duke scandal above it was reported with complete disregard for the facts. Unlike the Duke scandal,this one has only gotten worse (I guess Zimmerman’s lawyers aren’t as good.)

Mural Unveiled recently in Florida State Capital.

Mural Unveiled recently in Florida State Capital.

Know I’ve already beat this horse to death so I just wanna say again where the F! is my apology.

Your job is to report the news. As a requisite part of of that job you tell me what, and just what, actually happened or is happening.

If you can’t do that, then, when it has become painfully obvious that you were and have always been wrong, (notice I didn’t say lying jes wrong)at least have the dignity to say so. At least come back and apologize.

Now I’m not a journarcissist, what I do is like opinion and crap but even I can say I’m sorry. Once in an earlier column I predicted Gabby Gifford would be Obama’s 2012 running mate. I was wrong I’m sorry, it was a wild prediction and I took a chance. She was a featured speaker at the democratic national circus though so I feel slightly vindicated, but still I was off, Obama stayed with Biden.

But still I’ll say I’m sorry, and I wasn’t even trying to mislead or sway public opinion, only prognosticatin’ as it were.

Okay well as usual I’ve gone on too long and worse yet I know not enough people notice, let alone are that incensed to force our media to make any changes to their new 21st century motto “Keep Lying Forward” .

So except for the fact that now I won’t bitch to Lil’ Mouse about it, this post would be darn near pointless.

I’ll keep talking about this BS though (I did succeed in not bringing up the Benghazi reference in this pos…doh!)’cause this is one of my major dysfunctions & Lil’ Mouse’ll suggest sweetly I do what most Americans do, ignore the news.

I could jes as easily ignore the dog that chases his tail inside my head. And we all know how well I can control him.

Oh it is to laugh

Oh it is to laugh

Okay well and anyway, God bless ya (my new sign off) and God bless America!

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