Journihilistic Jornarcissism Pt 2

August 13, 2013

Welcome back Cats n’ Kittens (I missed that last time didn’t I)to our exploratory series, Journihilistic Jornarcissism, where we dare to ask the tough questions. What exactly is Journihilistic Jornarcissism, where did it com from, and why the ol dysuare the American people up in arms about this new phenomenon? (okay they’re not really, I made that part up.)

Anyway so I defined the term Journihilism in the last post as the follows: reporting the news as a litany of mans inhumanity to man in order to facilitate the spread of this  “Doom” philosophy.

But what about  Journarcissism?

Do you feel you have been called upon to help set the world on this progressive path to enlightenment and  peace?

Have you been told  you are a special forward thinking person and it is up to you and the others like you to convince the old timey hangers on, the bitter clingers and backward thinkers to join this new(old)march to pastoral prosperity wouldn’t it be only natural to start to feel elite, separate and above the common citizen?

Do you also happen you work in print or media news?

Then yer probably a Journarcissist

As just one example among many hundreds I give you Matt Lauer. I mean okay wait…

Matt "The Man" Lauer

Matt “The Man” Lauer

Lemme preface this by saying, where we live in Palace City we only get NBC, (if you haven’t read yet we don’t have cable) so when I start bitching remember, if I wanna watch TV news I only got Matt & his Co-Horts to choose from…

Matt, Matt, Matt, again and again you and Miss Guthrie try to convince me that the country/world is on the verge of imminent implosion due to racial, cultural, wealth/resource distribution, even and constantly our disregard for Gaia (oh it is too laugh) and only by following your/their/whomever or whichever’s advice will we get through this depressipocolypse together

Savannah "Bubbles" Guthrie

Savannah “Bubbles” Guthrie

Matt do you really believe that passing further gun regulations restricting law abiding American citizens right to carry firearms will make Americans safer.  Savannah do you really believe  that as an older white American male  I am against our President simply based on race.

I mean Matt, yer a well spoken, obviously highly educated, individual. You are obviously intricately connected to high level people and information, as well as celebrities and trend setters. Matt, you are also an outspoken and often aggressively so proponent of almost every cliche left wing agenda and a true believer (?) in this “Doom” philosophy…

Let’s take global warming, a subject I have seen you get quite passionate over in interviews. Do you believe that, through and because of man made (mostly corporate American) causes the world is  on the verge of doom and destruction? And that secondarily man can fix this destined doom if only we act fast enough?

Because that is often the impression that you give, and while maybe most of America buys yer act, I’m not thoroughly convinced. Do you truly believe it, or are jes a good soldier in New Progressive Army looking to get bumped up the ranks?

I mean either way Matt I’ll debate you on the topic.  I’m none of those things that you are, hell I’m about as close to a high school drop out as you can get and still walk away with a diploma (mailed years later). I have neither money or influence or connections with secret files, but I will gladly engage you in verbal banter over just this one facet of the “Doom” philosophy.

From Edward Murrow, to Kronkite, to these two...

From Edward Murrow, to Kronkite, to these two…

But, I don’t mean to obsess over just my NBC personalities. I mean the vast majority of print and media journalists today. There is a sense in everything they do of their aboveness, of their call to a sacred duty, a duty spreading the gospel of progressive thinking.

Hell our news anchors have throngs outside their studio chanting their names in adoration

As they sit in their high tech cathedrals of information dispensing what news they deem we should know, at the appropriate time we should know it.

The Never Ending Story

Welcome to Today’s Sunday World Week Panel. The panels focus this morning is on Benghazi. The White house first assured us all it was just a spontaneous riot in reaction to an Anti-Muslim video a YouTube . The White house next said they believe it was a spontaneous riot about a YouTube video. When evidence began to surface suggesting otherwise the White House said it sticking by its story that it may have been about a YouTube video, while some facts taken in the wrong context may point to a well planned attack, the President assured us that intelligence reports he’s received certainly say it is in all likelihood a spontaneous riot.

Then President Obama also said that he will put the full weight of the federal government in tracking down the gentleman or gentlemen who made this highly offensive video. The President then reiterated that his statement was that he would find the individuals who attacked the embassy, and that whether they were reacting to a video or not, the gentlemen who made the video should still be located and held accountable for causing this mess over in Libya.

The White house also defended President Obama saying the statements regarding the Benghazi riots were in keeping with the reports they got from both  the CIA and the State Departments. They also claimed that Conservative efforts to pin blame on President Obama were political trickery at best, racism at worst.

So lets turn to our panel and ask the most important burning question… is racism still a problem in the United States?”

Sometimes I wonder if i can sue one of you “News” Corporations over this for a breach of public trust

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