Journihilistic Jornarcissism

August 10, 2013

Okay well you all know I am one opinionated bastard, but again I make no claims otherwise. If you have come here for the first time, lemme jes set ya straight right now. Though at times I address current events or cultural social issuesthe ol dysu of the day I am in no way acting or suggesting I am a journalist, or attempting to bring you the “news”. I am a Dysfunctional Unit, the Ol’ Dysu, and as always I am here to set ya straight.

Now I know that the term “left-wing” media gets bandied about a lot and though there are a lot of raised voices and mountains of evidence, the public at large does not see this claim as valid. The vast majority of various Journalism media reporters/writers certainly do not see themselves as “biased”…but the question can be asked how do you see yourselves?

All the news that's fit to print.

All the news that’s fit to print.


[jur-nl-ist] Show IPA



a person who practices the occupation or profession of journalism.

a person who keeps a journal, diary, or other record of daily events. (hey maybe I am a Journalist.
The Cronk

The Cronk


The Wa

The Wa

[jur-nl-iz-uhm] Show IPA



the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news or of conducting any news organization as a business.
Well okay that’s the official definition.
But I would posit this,  Journalists, at least many of them today, see themselves not as left wing mouth pieces but as saviors of humanity. The flame bearers of new progressive thinking to a reluctant and unthankful public.
Ya see the main issue here is perspective of course.
Most Journalists both print and media today, certainly all of our major network anchors, attended Universities.
At these Universities, bastions of higher learning and progressive intellectualism they learned some general facts that are, in the world of Western Academia, defacto operating truths.
Faceless Face of War

Faceless Face of War

#1 Man(kind) has an overwhelming destructive nature, an inherent destructive streak that if left unchecked will destroy all it touches. That man cannot learn to work together without a controlling force & is bound to destroy itself in the long run without guidance from an authoritarian intellectual elite.

1a The counter to this “truth” is the obvious fact that mankind’s positive qualities of  cooperation, personal sacrifice for group gain and inner desire to bond with others far outweighs it’s destructive nature can be seen
Community at it's finest.

Community at it’s finest.

in our success as a living species and our ability to colonize nearly every region of our globe.

1a.1 As a side effect of this theoretical belief that man is doomed is the belief that, not only is someone responsible for this upcoming doom, but that someone may be able to protect or even better yet, help us avert such catastrophe.
#2 That this dooming destructive nature is most exemplified in the (last 1000 yrs or so) history of Western European Imperialist cultures, and more recently the American Puritan/Capitalist culture, there by making these countries, and America most specifically, the most culpable in this eventual doom.
2a The argument is moot as we have agreed the theoretical “doom” position is hyperbole at best. Given the success of the Human race, cooperation and kindness must be the norm and that the horrific acts of malice that occur occasionally and
Americans being Americans, humans being human

Americans being Americans, humans being human

shock our communal sensibilities do so because they are rare and indeed shocking to the vast majority of us. But if I was forced to address this as a real argument, I would say that Western Culture and most specifically American culture, has given by far, by ten fold more, positive contributions to the modern day populations of all cultures across the globe than they have negative dooming consequences.

2a.1 Please note that I did not claim Western cultures have never contributed to destruction.
You are getting sleepy.

You are getting sleepy.


#3 The only path to curb this destructive nature and counter this only by the very slimmest chances can it be avoided doom is to turn the operation of the planet over to an Progressive Intellectual Elite who will start by removing all past notions of country of origin or racial identity, personal wealth or property, all will be equal, all will have equal. Doom will be averted.


3a. Again the “Doom” argument is without merit and therefore does not need a PIE to solve.
3a.1 In fact if we wanted, we could find historical examples of again and again the exact opposite occurring.
So this is what I have termed Journihilism(hopefully I am the first to coin this phrase) : reporting the news as a litany of mans inhumanity to man in order to facilitate the spread of this  “Doom” philosophy.
And stay tuned for our next exciting segment Jounarcissism, where we exam whether this trend in Reporting spells the end for life as we know it.

2 Responses to “Journihilistic Jornarcissism”

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