Alright…So What Did I Miss

July 24, 2013

the ol dysuWell yea hey and his fabulous ho-bots Cats n’ Kittens sometimes the ol’ Unit can get pretty discouraged, there is a portion of me that, when I first started thinking of sitting back down at the Dysu keyboard that I thought why? Seriously why?

Let’s take a couple things that happened while I was gone.

Probably the things that still haunts me, still stuns me (regarding the majority of Americans reactions to it) Benghazi…I mean what the hell people? Americans allowed to be murdered, an American consulate blown up and we do nothing, wait no worse than nothing, our Government covers for them, our media supports the Govt and maybe half (?maybe more) our population just wants the news to stop talking about it so we can get back to what the latest happening with Kim Kardashian….jeez no wonder our enemies have no fear of us…

Wait I know, I know, most of you on WP think America is the bad guy here. Now that’s okay with me if you are an international blogger, I mean I think yer mistaken but what the hell, I certainly am not incensed by yer opinion…if however you are an American and you are in the camp that we had it comin well I jes want you to take a second and think about this guy

Ambassador_christopher_stevens This is United States of America Ambassador  J. Christopher Stevens. The bad thing that this guy was doin over there, trying to help the Libyan people, I’m not going to go into here, go look it up for yourselves. This guy was a pretty good guy.

I don’t know how as an American yer not furious that 1: we allowed this to happen, but and possibly even more frustrating, 2: the whole debacle that occurred following and still, no real problems for the administration, most Americans jes went on with their lives, many defending the Pres and his duplicitous cronies. Even now many of you are reaching for the mouse, clicking the back button, thinking, there was a tag here for the royal baby I want that story.

Anyway and all I don’t wanna spend the post speaking jes bout Benghazi.

Besides most of you think it’s old news.

Plus didn’t some Royals somewhere jes have a baby.  That’s way more important to talk about.

But I’m not gonna talk about it.

I of course wanna talk about race and culture. Can we jes agree on this one thing?

The genetic coding that controls a person’s skin color does not control culture. Skin Color: genetic, Culture: learned behavior. Can we agree on that?

While the two seem on first glance, at the surface, easily may seem one in the same, they are not biologically linked. Is that something we can agree on?

And Mr. President, many young men, including this young white male, were targeted when they went into stores, (or for that matter had Women clutch their purses more tightly when I was in the elevator with them) but low and behold there is a reason for this. Young men commit most of the crimes. I know I did my share.

I know, I know, minorities only commit crimes out of a reaction to the white based power system that denies them any opportunity to get ahead. And we know that message is scientifically accurate and has been thoroughly time tested because it is taught in American schools.

But I am gettin off track as usual…’Cause I don’t wanna talk ’bout race at all.

I jes wanna talk about culture.

Is this where we are headin America?  Other countries blatantly kill our ambassador and service personnel in a terrorist attack. Our “ally” in the region does nothing (perhaps some reports worse than nothing) Our Government, who had done everything it could to that point to ignore or disregard warnings, then obfuscate for weeks making excuses for those who committed the act, then get caught in the outright lie and what happens next…

…crickets chirping…

Did ya hear Johnny Depp’s gonna buy land and give it back to the natives,  Tweet me @dobieg. Did you know Native American’s had no word for war but 200 words for peace, @glinda#Green Nation

Yea okay but what about this America do you really want a culture in where we are lied to directly by our media not once but twice directly baldfacedly, I mean we have the video evid…

OH MY GOD the royals are having a BABY! Instagram the picture so I can tweet it to my followers @unicornrainbows They’re holding try out’s for America’s Next Top Singing Modidol’ Who Got Talents Ya’ll, @bostonbombershot#gonnabeastar,  Screw that I’m winnin the Lotto @dollahollabillionaire Gimme my share before I get old @sharetheweatlhOWS! Make more noise or are you gettin too old! @Rocnrolla. Too old? Try Surgery@Elective Surgeries#half off just in time for bikini season is here  have you gotten your wax@brazillianlikekim#ouch

I mean what…

THE BABY IS HERE! What the baby’s here?@unicornrainbows. The Baby’s here@NBC. The Babies are here@busy mom 8. What babies are here? @sensitive dad#babiesNo he said the babies are near.@warmncuddly. What? No the Baby is here@unicornrainbows. What Baby my dear? @unirainmoma. What the baby’s a deer? @evrybodiesacomedian. No the Baby, the royal’s Baby it is here@@unicornrainbow. Who are the Royal’s? Do they live on the block?@unirainmoma


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