Beiber and I…Both Usin Our Heads

June 7, 2012

Well F-ing A Kats & Cittens it’s been a few days…near on a week, and Ya know I was sure I posted this post a few days ago as a way of explanation…but well here I am, and since i didn’t post the “Beiber and I” post lets do a little re-write finish er up and  roll with it now…

And see the thing is well, see I bashed my own head into our wall and so I…wait what?

Okay lets back up it goes like this, I think it was Friday, I was just getting done with reading and commenting on some of my favorite blogs…I think my last one specifically was Snarky Snatch, and if you haven’t read her, (or if ya stopped by and didn’t give her a chance ’cause of all the naughtiness) ya may jes want to, definitely, as she is fond of saying, the funniest blog about the Cleveland On-line dating scene ( and I’ll go so far as to say consistently and outrageously funny).

Anyway, getting done, I stood up from the computer with coffee in one hand and ashtray etc in the other and…my left foot caught on the chair leg, I stepped with my right only to come down on the cat, at this point any smart person, any functional unit would have jest fell…

I of course, not wanting to fall, not wanting to spill what was in my hands, sprang forward (as my scrambling feet finally touched floor) only to slam head first (like a linebacker making helmet to helmet contact lol) into one of our walls.

All of this I recalled later of course, at first all I knew is that I had tripped over the cat and somehow my head hurt like f and I was bleeding all over the place. I remember looking down at all the broken glass (a long with the coffee cup and a small glass serving bowl a large picture had fallen and was laying broken at my knees) and wondering if I’d somehow fallen into the broken glass and cut my head or…?

I mean I wasn’t sure, I started cleaning up etc… tried to get the bleeding under control…decided I’ d somehow hit my head (because of the tremendous amount of pain in my noggin) I knew of course that I should probably go to the ER but I mean like that of course wasn’t going to happen (mainly of course ’cause Lil’ Mouse wasn’t around to force me to go lol).

Okay so what you don’t know is though I started this on Sunday night, added to it Tuesday morning, I am jes now maybe setting back to finishing it and we aren’t even at 500 words yet lol…so whoops yea but back to it.

So I guess once the bleeding stopped. I could get a good look at it and it certainly wasn’t a cut. It was a big mushy spot with two smallish lacerations.  Every time I tried to think about what happened though my body kind’a rebeled (even now days I’m gettin the twinges). So anyway I fashioned a turban out of a t shirt and stuffed an ice pack in it and sat quietly waitin’ fer the Mouse to get home (don’t ask me why…like much of what I did in those hours[including weeding fer awhile ’cause I didn’t want the house to get bloody but also didn’t jes want to sit there bleeding] much is foggy unreliable and understandably ununderstandable). In the waiting and trying not to think about it,(trying not to think in general ’cause thinking hurt) I ended up of course continuing to think about it…that’s when I had my first sneaking suspicion s that I had actually bumped my head into the wall.

It wasn’t until Lil’ Mouse got home and I was trying to explain, re-inact the hilarity that I finally understood (with of course Mouse’s help) what fully took place. See I hate falling down, hate slipping tripping what have you and losing my feet and falling down…take it kind’a as a point of pride…(I’d say a “man” thing here but one of my other favorite blogging gals onlyspartanwomen might take umbrage) Anyway it dawned on me that I must have, like I often do in this situation, tried to spring out of the fall (years ago, toe strapped into a Cannondale bike, doing an endo after clipping the guy in the line ahead of me’s back tire, I face planted on the bike trail grinding to a halt on my face and three front teeth, because, while I was going down, I kept trying to pull out of it instead of rolling with it[hopefully that makes sense)…so see I spa-rang forward, and probably might have pulled out of it, been okay, if the wall wasn’t like a foot away and I hadn’t spa-rang into it like a rutting ram…

Anyway the end result is of course, I have a concussion, I don’t need a Doctor to tell me that, I’ve had like too many to count (really, I had like three before I was ten, two more before 15 [I remember those because they are family history and so the story has been verified as it were] but countless times I got conked in the noggin livin the rough life, I think I was just too fucked up all around and in general to ever notice the difference)…but now…okay and anyway so I got wrap this up today I swear so that ya’ll know…well hopefully you’ve noticed I haven’t been around lol I don’t wanna get a swelled head…



*Note everything above written between 6/3(ish?) and 6/6 am the rest here is added tonight wed 6/6 pm and okay maybe I jes didn’t wanna end on such a lame joke. The pic is about how bad it looked. Work (the reason I took the pic) wasn’t real impressed either so I have continued to work…(my little uncomplicated job) but that’s about all I have been able to muster fer the last few days. Today was better. I hardly said anything too weird or retarded to my co-workers, my headache is diminished to a spot jes behind my left eye, I actually sat in the sun fer about twenty minutes today, and my frustration at “every little thing” level is easing off a bit I think. I of course don’t really notice any differences in my behaviors, but Lil’ Mouse says I am having some residuals, which she says is just more of  what I usually am fergetful, cantankerous, creatively odd…so I am not sure if that is really something that has happened, or that in the physical stress of the event my carefully crafted shell of normalcy is having some problems maintaining it’s already shaky facade…

So…I promise I’ll be back after all I got this done, it’s still a thousand words (though it took four days and only has two pics)…but fer awhile I might jes visit sites, finish posting Left Turn, maybe some thing small once in awhile…my concentration abilities (never stellar) are a little on the fritz still and  my vertical holds all wonky…but as always ya…oh the f..see i almost fer got, the whole Beiber thing, see Lil’ Mouse found out that ol’ JB got a concussion also…she thinks that hilarious…

And Miss Snarks, if yer still interested I am..

No ya dirty minded bastards on me being a guest blogger (it might be a month or so) but I’d still be honored…

Anyway and Jesus…I gotta stop fer the night…it takes me ferever to write two sentences, but hell that’s better than it’s been 9praise Jay-sus and hallelujah) I’ll post LT Chapter 20 soon, thanks all fer yer…everythings and whatevers ya’ll are great and make an even more clankity and dysfunctional ol unit give a little gosh darn blush of humbleosity

5 Responses to “Beiber and I…Both Usin Our Heads”

  1. datingbitch Says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. If you accept please click below. Congrats!!

  2. Lol. Ah, DYSU, I’d never deny a man his male pride! And I’m not laughing at you so much as at the image of you running head first into the wall! (well that and the ice-pack turbin! lol!!!) But in all seriousness, that does in fact look like a pretty nasty gash, so I hope you’re alright! Hopefully you’ve gotten some rest and healed up since your accident : )

  3. Dave Says:

    Wanted to let you know that we’ve given you (and only you) a special award on our extra-special 100th Funny Names Blog post this morning. Thanks for your ongoing support. For what it’s worth, I like you a lot more than Bieber.

  4. DYSU, where have you been?! I really hope your silence is just due to life getting busy and not cause for concern (or related to this head injury in any way!) If you’re still out there, you are missed!

  5. […] time after writing this post I recieved a big blow (accidentally self inflicted see here)…among the odd after effects was the blossoming awareness of other concussions I had suffered […]

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