Daft Shallows

May 15, 2012

Well hello all you little cat’s and Kittens out there, I know it’s been a long time since I “posted” posted. Yes I been throwing up (?lol) chapters of LT, but there has been a ton of cultural/political/social shit happening and I been silent on it all…I know, I know, well actually of course I have a f-ing huge back log and some things are so topical (and I have been so busy) that much of the “pencil” outlines, as it were never see the light of the computer screen. Ya know ’cause my little couple paragraph rants always spin out of control lol…

Ahh but this morning I am presented with something I can make quick work of…oh it is to laugh here is a quote off of one of my “friends” f-book posts





Okay well I have blocked out the names(just after the first block is the word I)…even though I don’t actually care whether or not they find out I am mocking them…if I posted something like this I guess I’d expect to be mocked also. I know (and I actually literally do know in this instance) that the people in question consider them selves green friendly(after all they buy all the “right” new products), still edgy and alternative (like all their friends), in support of many of the most liberal agendas (regular updates on hoodie issues etc) including a deep and abiding(so they say) compassion for the poor (as they and their girl friends drive by them in a new Toyota Highlander Hybrid, on their way to a movie they’re pretty sure they are not going to hate, a little tipsy from the forty dollar wine they started “girls night out” with)

And people wonder how these crap movies keep gettin made.

My New Movie Review…”well it wasn’t as bad as a kick to the crotch, I’ll give ’em that”…oh I mean it is to laugh

Anyway, that’s all this morning, runnin super late already lol. Chapter 14 coming, and I promise I’ll get to all yer groovalicious posts tonight….

Thanks all

3 Responses to “Daft Shallows”

  1. Karen Says:

    I always wait for movies I don’t expect to hate to come out on Netflix or television. And sometimes I never get around to watching them. Life is too short.

  2. John Says:

    Good post! I’m one of those people who thinks Johnny Depp should get on a plane and fly back to France. Overrated, Overpaid, and I hope just “Over” soon.

    • Like many stars who fall victim to their own hype-He has become a parody of himself-And after all the money and resources have been made to make this movie-And the stars and crew have jetted back and forth across the country, across the Ocean-And Johnny and Tim and Helen have all cashed their checks they will lecture us about being “green” and how the rich corporations are screwing over the average American….I mean the logic gymnastics it takes to swallow this BS you think would make peoples heads explode

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