Kreative Blogger Award Pt. 3

May 4, 2012

Creativity, like pornography, is hard to quantify. What makes something or someone creative? Is there a certain number of things, a certain style? Is writing more creative than cooking? Painting more creative than photography? Well I’m the hell not gonna answer any of those questions here so…

I feel like I am ten days behind and I am determined to get this post finished. I am sure I am way off the beaten path compared to the average functional unit’s KBA post but…well you know

Regarding the above, no further up…no all the way at the top. I jes wanna make it clear, creativity is whatever I decide it is, because like pornography, it’s in the eye of the beholder….

So behold bastards my Kreative Blogger Award nominees..

BlueBird Blvd…


I think Bluebird’s one of the most talented individuals on WP, she certainly is one of the most positive and most fun. Not a lot of controverial subjects, jes mostly gettin’ yer groove on, or groovin on some excellent Kreative Bloggin Action. Bluebird has more than one post, as do I as do many of you. Five minute dance party, not to be missed if you’ve been missin it, not only helps ya expand yer musical consciousness, it will exopand yer musical knowledge as Bluebird’s musical choices range farther off the beaten path than my own, and f-in a. Cat’s and Kittens thats sayin somethin….

Now in case that isn’t impressive enough the girl writes some kick as funny, feel good posts, photography and poetry including excellent sonnets….

A Kreative Kitten and that’s why she leads off the list of nominees


Okay the next one  I’m gonna write in the form of a letter

Dear Random

I know that you like musicals and I like Ol timey American values. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find common ground, take this fer instance

See we both liked that…and ya know if you and I can find common ground here on word press why, jes think what else can be acheiv…okay well ya get it I’m sure.

Also I jes wanted to spotlight yer blog again. Love yer whole idea, the concept and am often thinking up my own random letters (usually featuring cut out magazine words pasted on lined paper). Yer posts are well written, short (I don’t even know how you do that?) and oft times feature a good measure of hilariosity, so I think ya will garner a bigger following. Hopefully me giving you this award helps (more than it hurts)



See now wasn’t that nice, okay, but I mean, I guess, why shouldn’t it be nice, were you expecting it too be mean? What? No. honestly and even if I knew all the nominees names apart from their online persona I am not sure I would reveal them. Names are kind’a private. In fact some ancient cultures use to give very specific inherent powers to names, naming, and the knowing of names. Maybe not so funny how, now we end up here at The Blog of Funny Names, where this ancient powerful art is mocked without mercy, and regularly offers up sacrifices in order to dispel the unholy power of names. The following are only a smattering of the fun and frolic available

And My Favorite

  • Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish










And okay well yea that was over the top so lets come back to down town Sweetsville, with a blog I’ve only discovered recently, but her poetry, words, art, are delicate creations. There are a lot of excellent poets on WordPress this lady happens to be one of them.

Cutpurse Flightat Redwater Ramblings

Each in bird a hive to grow,
to tell of quiets lest profound,
to make the bee-buzz brim,
waft-like swoon of beak to bulb, a brief repast,
in ground, inside; an inescapable palette
even as the white bloom of flies
in saffron beds, be bold be, of the bee
dear bird,
you swivel, darling, there above the yew;
in a field that swells with the burst of grain,
dipped and then green after a week of un-taste.
We bow,
we bow,
below we bow –
blest be you for cutpurse flight.

I saved my last nominee (yea short list wanna make sumpin of it[okay so I’m tryin not to smoke you bastards, lol, I may be a tad crankilish]) fer one of my new favorites…0nlyspartanwoman’s blog is a must read for people from all sides of the political spectrum (not that she is inherently or often annoyingly overtly political like some bloggers that we know [is he talking to me?]) But she not only writes about her and shares some of her own experiences while serving in the military, she is married to a fellow she met while serving overseas, so she can gain from and shares his points of view as well. And you’d think well hell, that’s a lot to bring to the table it’s great, I can’t wait to read it, she is giving all she can give…but, oh I mean, you’d be far from correct…So Listen Up ’cause she connects and brings other military personals viewpoints to you, she brings interesting facets of and about military life to the for front that you (and I know I) may not have considered or even known about before. And it is then that you’d think man, this kicks ass, well written informative opinion filled, topical it can’t possibly get better…well that jes shows ya don’t learn quickly brother ’cause she writes poetry and fiction as well so how do you like them rock ’em sock’ robots…

I have commented on a number of her posts and hopefully I have never said anything disrespectful or ignorant(lol I’m sure as a dysu civilian I have not succeeded in this one) as I only have the deepest respect fer anyone who has done what she and her husband have done, risked their lives  fer an ideal, it is better and closer to being truly alive and real than many of us will ever feel. Though the following seems to be debated on the net as to the “Offspring’s” original intent, I am taking it as they wrote it (and as I believed when I first heard it) a kick ass tribute song.

Fer Her and all the others I offer this up as a tribute,

Camouflage and guns,
Risk my life
To keep my people from harm

Vested in me
I sacrifice
With my brothers in arms

Through this doorway,
What’s on the other side?
Never knowing
Exactly what I’ll find
Locked and loaded
Voices screaming
Let’s go!
Come on do it!
Here we go

I’ll take a life
That others may live
Oh that’s just the way it goes
I’ll shut my eyes
It hammers in my head
Where it’ll end
Nobody knows

I’ll take a life
That others may live
Oh that’s just the way it goes
It’s playing over and over in my head
Where it’ll end
Nobody knows

Stay the course
Reasonable force
I believe I serve a greater good

Smoke and dust
Enemies are crushed
Nothing left
Where a man once stood
Through this doorway,
What’s on the other side?
Never knowing
Exactly what I’ll find
Locked and loaded,
Voices screaming
Let’s go
I’m just doing what I’m told

I’ll take a life
That others may live
Oh that’s just the way it goes
Shut my eyes
It hammers in my head
Where it’ll end
Nobody knows

I’ll take this life
Ten others may live
Oh that’s just the way it goes
It’s playing over and over in my head
Where it begins
And where it’ll end
Nobody knows

Bang, bang, It hammers in my head!
Bang, bang, It hammers in my head!
Bang, bang, It hammers in my head!
In my head
In my head

Yea though I walk to the through the valley of the
Shadow of death, I will fear no evil:
For Thou art with me

Locked and loaded
Gonna find my truth now
I’m busting through
All hell breaks loose

And you can all hide behind your desks now
And you can cry ‘teacher come help me! ‘
Through you all
My aim is true!

My aim is true!
My aim is true!

9 Responses to “Kreative Blogger Award Pt. 3”

  1. You truly are a funny dysfunctional unit mate. Be proud.

  2. Dysu! This is bad ass! I’ve never been nominated for an award before–thank you! You’ve always been very respectful in your comments, and I very much appreciate all of your questions. Most people are curious about veterans and women who have served in the military, but they don’t really know what questions to ask or maybe aren’t real comfortable asking, so thank you for just coming out with it! You’ve never said anything ignorant on my blog, so no worries there. (Your last comment about women having feelings did have me scratching my head a little bit, but no, I wasn’t offended–I’ve been trying to reply back, but I’ve been mostly offline, so please forgive my slow response 🙂 As soon as I get back to my blog, I will proudly accept and brag about my nomination for the KBA to all 3 of my followers (kidding–I think I may actually be up to a whole couple dozen now!) Thank you very much for including me–I will be back when my other life (the one with more gravity and a lot less creativity) slows down for a second! Until then …

  3. Dysu–what are the rules on the KBA? I was going to put something on my blog about it, but am I supposed to nominate others, tell 7 things about myself, etc., etc.,? Sorry it’s taking me so long–the folks are in town, but only for a couple weeks, and seeing as we are “occupying” their space, we are morally, practically, emotionally, and in pretty much every other conceivable way obligated to rearrange certain routines while they’re here. Sadly, blogging is the first thing that must go on the back burner, but my hiatus will be over soon, and I promise I will catch up on Left Turn when I return!

    • No worries at all about time related issues…my life has been crazy so I understand…and thanks fer the above also…no one who has not been in a life threatening situation can understand the complex range of emotions it can generate. I just never wanna come off as suggesting that I, or any one who hasn’t served in a hostile foreign country, can truly understand either the bad(the stress, the regret or remorse, the death and destruction) The good(the fraternal([is that word still okay to use?…cqtm :)] fellowship, rebirth and rebuilding)…oh it is to laugh…I should try writing this shit out in a more readable fashion lol…which reminds me cqtm don’t know if anyone else ever uses it but it means “chuckling quietly to myself” or there’s always lolsidc which I use a lot and well you know the lol part but the rest is “so I don’t cry”…so anyway…can’t wait to read more…but as to the KBA post I was hoping it would attract ya some new followers i think yer writing definitely deserves more attention. But yea, there’s a little patch find and post(the original was a Danish or Scandinavian lady and she crafted it together and awarded it out to crafters(as far as I could discern)it’s kinda taken on a life of its own though obviously, which is coolie o…Anyway, bla, bla, bla it’s late and of course I’m rambling along when i should be sleeping…but yes to answer yer question…(and I obviously did a crap job o explaining this in my posts…sorry everyone) post seven things about yerself that yer readers might not know, then nominate seven(or however many, the numbers vary widely). Put up the KBA patch(or you can make an original) Also yer s’pose to link back to the blogger who nominated you(which I’m suddenly thinking I never did with my own posts and the always funny Dumb Workers Blog)…hope that answers some o yer questions…as always God Bless the Spartans.

  4. Dave Says:

    Awesome! I just saw this. Thanks for the nomination for our Funny Names Blog! And thank you for being such a good, long-term fan of ours! I really appreciate it!

    • No problem the concept is hilarious and executed with an equal amount of hilariosity so you guys deserve all the ‘name’ recognition I can pass along …I did not do a great job of explaining the award and yer part in being a nominee..so I posted a reply to osw above which you may wanna peruse…and again you and the entire staff of BoFN deserve it!

  5. […] I  especially need to apologize to Dysfunctional Unit, who was good enough to nominate me for the Kreativ Blogger Award right before I fell entirely off the grid!  I feel like a complete ass because I never even got a […]

  6. […] Disfunctional Unit for The Kreative Blogger Award […]

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