Kreative Blogger Award Part 1

April 30, 2012

Oh it is to laugh Cat’s & kittens…hey it’s me yer ol friend the Dysfunctional Unit…and ya know I’ d been working on this Kreative Blogger video fer about a week kept tweaking it, never quite happy, all the while, in the mean time of course, continuing to write other crap, continue to be plagued and haunted by shit I hear comin out my TV while I sit here tap, tap ,tappin away…

Anyway so I was startin a new post about some crazy ass shit…and well if you’ll bear with me let me lay it out this way…

See I’ve noticed three particular trends lately.

First separate and beyond the recent Trayvon Martin shooting there has been a tremendous amount of news lately focusing on race relations and even more so on how African Americans still deal with tremendous social pressures up to and including killings, at the hands of white people. Over the last three episodes of “Sunday Morning” on CBS, we have carefully reexamined the Rodney King LA incident (I know, I know, it was the ten year anniversary) as well as almost other news programs on all other channels, and the definite intention of all this attention has been to relate it to Trayvon and to remind white people they are inherently racist and other African Americans that whitey still wants to keep them, at best, bound to a life of abject servitude.

O-merica's Favorite Bully

Next this whole bullying phenomenon, I mean not a somehow vast increase in bullying (though I have seen studies lol)…I mean this constant discussion of bullying, the media focus, the movie, just the word repeated over and over again, bullying, bullying, bullying…Why…I mean okay I know I know, it’s fer the chil’ren, jes wanna protect the chil’ren…okay bear with me here oh most astute and diligent reader, I’ll tie it altogether in my own inimitable fashion…

Lastly and of course not leastly is the whole OWS group and their supporters, including the media which continues a relentless anti capitalist, anti corporate (which of course makes my little dog spin because aren’t media conglomerates capitalistic corporations)anti bank, gas companies, stock market, and rich white conservative, campaign…

See here’s what happens I begin to hear…inklings…random feedback comin from many different sources…..my lil dog spins round and round chasin these various “firefly” ideas yippin and yappin…it’s jes that once in awhile he catches one and comes up with somethin’

Here’s what I’ve come up with…Trayvon Martin…Rodney King…all the attention…it is to remind white American that we still are a racist bunch of bastards (and bitches excuse me ladies fer leavin you out, though most assuredly [if you are not already planning to vote for the Pres] this “campaign” is designed to sway you) , to make many of us feel guilty, maybe, jes maybe it will be enough to sway a number of middle of the road voters over to President Obama’s side in the upcoming election…

During the campaign, when ever the Presidents record or lack of accomplishments, or failure to solve the nations problems are being used against him in debates, in conservative medias, or in new countless social media forums, they are going to claim that the other side (of course I mean the mean spirited rich environment, old folk, kid, race hating republicans are just bullies…they’re all just bullies. Bullying poor President Obama, after all none of this is his fault, his or his parties fault, it is Bush, Bush and his evil henchmen that have caused so much trouble with  their illegal wars and i mean if it wasn’t fro Pres Obama, his leadership and firm guidance of course we would be so much worse off. And to suggest other wise is just bullying and you know it…

And ya know, if that doesn’t work well…I mean the whole system must be broken, if somehow a republican wins that means the banks and evil corporations have somehow rigged the election, screwing the black man once again and bullying the American people and hell if the OWS and all of their support groups are gonna take that…it will be time for action my brothers, time to take to the streets, and strike at the “man”, or any near by white person as an acceptable stand in…Rioting, looting, death and…martial law? (I readily admit that this idea is not fully, or originally mine but is a common theme in conservative media  that I have adapted in my dysfunctional way)

It is like a blue print put forward by a community organizer (activist/instigator depending I guess). Now who do we know that fits that role…Okay well I’m of course being rhetorical….but here’s where I guess it fits in with the whole kreative blogger award…

See like I was workin on somethin completely different (and not quite gettin it right due to my ideas and attempts beginning to outpace  both my abilities and the software’s lol) but this morning. hearing these three subjects addressed first on Sunday Morning, then on “Face the Nation” (Please Bob retire already) suddenly the whole picture came together in my mind and I jumped up from the computer and began to ramblerant the whole thing to Lil’ Mouse who was trying to watch the latest episode of Ricky Gervais on HBO (go Karl!).

Cr:Google Images, Ricky Gervais Show, HBO-larious

Cred:Google images

I had to get ready for work, knew I needed to at least start the draft (so I wouldn’t ferget the whole thing by the time I got home) so I was trying to give her just the basic jist of my idea…

After about two and a half minutes she looked at me and said oh so sweetly “You should use that for your kreative blogger award, ’cause it is certainly took some creative thinking to come up with.”

She, in her own special loving way meant it sarcastically of course, but to my dysfunctional brain it was like I saw the whole thing suddenly so perfectly that I sat down and wrote the meat of this post in about five minutes (usually my posts might take a day or two to compose lol).


Anyway of course, here I am now late on Sunday night, tryin like hell to wrap up what has become now ‘Part 1‘ of my Kreative Blogger Award post but still feeling positive about my strange theory on these three seemingly disparate (premeditatively generated?) social obsessions and my acknowledgement, that as Lil Mouse pointed out as far as the dysu posts are concerned, this is my most oft exhibited kreative ability…oh it is to laugh…

Remember I am not stating that I am right that this is going to happen, only that the possibility of these being linked can be logically argued given the fully acknowledged end desires and the extremely capable abilities of the President and his re-election staff, his appointees, advisers and supporters in this “game(of thrones[HBO])”.

If not for the fact that there are times I am right in these mad prognostications (one of the reasons I decide to start this blog) or for the fact that I feel pretty confident about my reasoning on at least two of the three (I’ll leave it to you to guess which)

And of course it is now early Monday, I need to be up in a little over five hours, and I will need at least an hour to relax and come down after finally gettin this posted (lolsidc) but f n’ a everyone I believe part 1 is done…

I will continue with part two where I nominate my  seven pics fer Kreative Blogger…Oh yea and reveal seven-ish things you maybe surprised to learn about me…

the Dysfunctional Unit

3 Responses to “Kreative Blogger Award Part 1”

  1. I to this day wonder if America can run without conspiraxy theories (true or false.)

    Keep up the great work mate.

    • Lol-I’d have to say true I think it fits between apple pie and baseball-Certainly it would be less fun-Glad ya enjoyed it

    • Lucia Says:

      what most parents dont rezliae is the fact that even if their kid os the bully, he will suffer consequences of this behaviour. some researches have shown that 25% of schooll bullies have been arested at least once by their 24th birtday. And not to speak of personality disorders they also develop as an emotional impact of bullying others.

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