A Lil Calm Before the Storm

April 20, 2012

Hey ho, it’s me the Ol’ Dysu and…well here’s the deal, I say a lot of shit on this page, a lot of stuff that sounds crazy on the surface, some sounds out right mean and nasty, and much of it is, I know, counter to popular notion. recently I  commented on another bloggers post…very funny, well written you should and can check it out here…as part of my reply I linked back to one of my earlier posts..lo and behold it appears he actually at least attempted to go back and read it…here is his reply to my post, ” Now Don’t You Worry Your Pretty Little head About That

Haha, it took me a while to realize that this was satire :) Once I realized that, I managed to recover from my initial shock and actually enjoyed the post.

Um…all right well ya know I am going to have to address this…I mean I love the guy’s blog, again very funny, but he is young and so I don’t blame him for his views…and I’m not mad or anything, I want to discuss this (these) issues and believe of course they need to be discussed or I wouldn’t bring them up….but I also have to make sure my point is clear…

However. before I do and everyone of my regular readers possibly stop following me ferever, I thought I’d take a little break and offer up a recent samplin’ of the kinder gentler side of the unit…(shameless self promotion I know)

Spring Rambles



Mornings with the Mouse

See…I’m not so bad…hopefully shows that I’m actually(at least semi)normal guy

Remember that now when I write my next posts…


Though I love Lil’ Mouse, find her exceptional, funny, smart,  and incredibly competent.

Though I believe that she is, in general, like most woman, better at most things, than most men.

Though I believe that woman are the glue that hold all societies together, and without them most men would be sittin’ in a dark room somewhere in dirty underwear with chips and sandwich crumbs on their chest…

I also believe that woman (unchecked as they have been)are ruining our society….(God bless yer pretty little souls)


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