Great Scott America

April 17, 2012

Well okay..well..I mean F ‘n A!

I’ve written a lot about the state of our Federal Government, I mean probably only  a little less than I have written about how women are ruining America…

Wait…I’m sorry what?

Look I don’t have time to go back every time and discuss every crazy thing I have ever said…go back here and look it up…today I got bigger fish on my mind…today I’m kind’a pissed off…

Look so by now if you are paying any attention at all you know that the General Services Administration or GSA just spent a whopping $8000,000 (+) on planning and vacation(s) fer 300 employee’s.

That’s the easy breezy cover girl version tryin to review all the different facets, facts in this case, well in the long run it just made me too pissed off to continue.

And then of course my little dog starts spinning and I start looking up all this info on the fed.gov websites and I read all the new age hoo doo ass bullshit and my little dog spins round and round.

Here’s where Lil’ Mouse usually tells me “to just stop lookin'” and ya know maybe she’s right

Cause I know nothin’s gonna change.

Oh some of us will get mad and blog about it, most  who do of course will do so much more professionally than the ol Dysu cats & kittens.

There will be investigations many of which will top the 800,000 price tag of the GSA Vegas Vacation.

Some individuals may lose their jobs, careers cut short, some will simply be transferred to other agencies.

The system itself however, the great and mighty machine will keep rollin along…

See ’cause ya know what else I know is that we got just a small glimpse, a peek behind the curtain as it were but thank God we did.

And  in this instance thank God fer Social Media, keep Facebook’n it up, yer shenanigans are harder to pull off when you keep posting gloating pictures of how you fleeced the marks

But of course I digress ’cause my real point is so the F what?

So what if they did?

And I’m sure ol’ smiley in the tub here is thinkin’ the same thing.

I mean it wasn’t but six months or so that we were hearin’ this story

Washington —

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is the subject of a report on the stock investments of members of Congress that is to air Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”…

I know, I know old news, the worlds movin’ to fast, to fast to keep up.

Heck there’s so only so much time in a given week and there’s all those other important things like living, and laughing and loving and I mean after all there’s all those HBO programs to keep up with, and isn’t Charlie Sheen gettin a new sitcom…

That’s what I mean by nothin’s gonna change.

And there was a brief moment a year or two back when I first heard about the Tea Party…

(now I know what many of my “new follow’rs are thinking right now but a: that’s ’cause you have prejudiced yer judgements without doing your actual due diligence  & b: the original intent of the Tea Party was that  FedGov simply balance the budget & reformed the tax code…what is wrong or so un-American about that???)

I thought, at first it was going to go somewhere but it, and here I mean the “movement” quickly was hi-jacked.

Go to their website and all you see is talk about working with-in the system to change it…oh ho ho…oh it is to laugh!

I think the idea started good, but it was co-opted by politicios.

What do I mean…Go look at their site…lot’s of talk, lot’s of calls for money for this or for that, little action…okay again I guess clarification…

Better yet…

Here’s what I propose, tax revolt, we all go into our boss, or accountant(s) and claim all the dependents we can, then when tax

Live a little! I did!

Live a little! I did!

time comes next year don’t fill out one document, let April 15th come and go without feelin’ bad or worryin. Every time you do start to feel a twang of guilt  just picture this guy again

I mean if enough of us say “Ya know what we ain’t paying anymore till you get yer crap together” well what are they gonna do, jail a million people, jail ten million people?

Now that’s a Tea Party Movement I can get behind.

Wait  I’m sorry what…What about the roads?What about old people? What about the poor?

Well what I believe is we’re Americans, we can figure it out without the help of the money wasters in Washington ( I mean not me but one of you out there, ya don’t want me in charge, I’m no better at making important decision than obviously most of our government officials).

I mean it’s coming my fellow Americans the pace of growth by our federal government is fiscally unsustainable.

I may not be good at practical application of these concepts, but I understand them quite well…and well ya know I know, and I hope I’m not throwin off yer good mood fer later when you sit down to watch “Two Broke Girls” or whatever…I mean I hate ta bring this up…

Oh no…that’s right…I love to bring this shit up

4 Responses to “Great Scott America”

  1. John Haslett Says:

    Your right on target with this. The more of us mouthbreathers that write and distribute our feelings with a little passion, the more likely it will be that other voters will be influenced. Charge . . . . . !

  2. Reblogged this on disfuctionalunit and commented:

    Okay so hey cats n kittens…though I should get a new post out in a day or two…jes thought, since we’re so close to tax time I’d re-post this from last year.
    Of course I don’t expect that anyone who read this avoided payin taxes this year.
    Also I’m pretty sure most won’t even remember these issues and/or that the IRS is still outta control…
    After all the Oscars were jes on and didn’t “The Voice” start up again. Who’s got time to worry bout how the country’s bein run.

  3. Trent Lewin Says:

    Man, your country is screwy… I’m all for the revolt, and claiming dependents…. I’m going to offer this. Claim Canada as a dependent. We pretty much are anyway. That way, the revolt is sure to succeed.

  4. I on behalf of all Americans, accept yer proposal. And as our new dependent remember yer bedtime is 10:30!

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